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I was in you... How can you forget?
you are in me... You are my soulmate

I still remember how you cuddled me
taking in your arms how you pampered me

we walked hands in hands,
and no miles we ever took count
talked all night,
and laughed without amount

with every smile of mine,
you gave a kiss so sweet as you
with all your kiss I was
blushing like a rose

you used to hug me tightly
and loved me immensely
nothing could stop you
from kissing me passionately

now where did this moment passed?
what happened to those feelings?
why did you turn away your back?
and to talk you are searching for reasons...?

with each day passing
with every tickling clock
I see at the wall
and the mirror that broke

there hung our hearts now
with all emotions dried up
it swung to all the breeze that arose
and I feared someday it would fly off

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