Looking for an obedient female slaves that is good with breathplay and asphyxiation rp scenarios and doesn't mind my other fetishes

Fetishes: https://www.f-list.net/c/faolne

Any dominant female mistress wants to rp me ill be the male slave please be domatant and or switch at times bit be domatant at first don't be nice all the time I prefer dominant mistress mostly

I am your slave. Rp with me. dominant girls or guys

Anyone interested in roleplaying with me? It can be more than one person. pp me if interested.

I am looking for a girl to rp with just pm me and we can rp mainly a girl who is dominate

I'm looking for a dominant mistress to rp with and talk with.
Only things she needs is to be okay with me being her human toilet and fart cushion.
And leave in comments if your interested in it.
My kik is jackfrost22blue...

Do you have to make a profile before rp?

Anyone looking for a female slave

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Name: Edward
Age: 1025
Gender: male
Abilities: dark black eyes, immortal, resurrect, absorbs life energy, drinks blood to get stronger
Weapon: Dragon Layer Sword
Powers: all dark magic, resurrect powerfull undead minions, restraint, body suffocating, illusion, mind control
Likes: giving kawaii girls pleasure
Dislikes:when people mess with me
Bio: a hero a noble knight put one day when his wife was killed he turn to the dark side give his soul for power put didn't know that doing that would change him for ever after giving his soul he became the new god of darkness ho killed millions of enocent people whit out mersey now he just lives in his castle whit alone whit sexy maids and slaves thinking about what to do

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Name: Lilith

Job: slave/maid

Height: 5" 4

Weight: 8" 5

Likes: pleasing my master or mistress, bending, chains, wipes,cameras, handcuffed to the bed, attention from my master or mistress, being treated with respect

Dislikes: not being able to please my mistress or master, doing everything wrong,

Bio: I was looking for a job that I can be good at something until I stumbled on to a maid offer, so I took that offer and now I work here and I am also immortal

Speices: demon

Age: 19 -20 but its unknown
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