Alright guys Im gonna give this community away because im just not into it anymore so coment down below these things,
-Activity on google+ 1-10
-Activity on animal crossing 1-10
-Why do you think you should get the community (minimum of 1 paragraph, preferably 2.)
-Why do you think I should give you the community over other canidates? (minimum of one paragraph, preferably 2.)

+llJaydenll Can you help me out?

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Can you guess this reference? I'll give you a clue... Miyazaki! ;)
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If anyone has normal saplings or hydrangea starts I would love them if you aren't using them! Thanks :)

I've finally got my perfect town! (And a Jacobs Ladder with it!) Woo! Anyone want to come over and help with my town hall renovation? :3 lol

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So if you guys saw the update and if not it's right down there for y'all ⬇️ I put 6 names into a randomizer and these are the lovely people I got!
+Jennifer Jackson
+Taylor Orla
+Sidney yancy
+boy frisk
+Mintie Mellow
+Maria A
You guys can pick a prize and let me know what it is you want :D
[UPDATE] So I've been slammed with assignments lately because my teachers hate me so I'm gonna save this giveaway for another time and just throw everyone's name in a randomized and the 6 names I get win (I added in one more place to win cause I feel bad this didn't go as planned)
Have a good day everyone!
Hi everyone me and the mods have chosen to host a giveaway if your interested just keep reading!
[rules and explanation]
1. Comment your Friend Code & Town Name.
2. I will reply to you when I am ready for you to come through.
3. You will get 10 wrapped gifts that you may keep.
4. However, with the 10 gifts, please comment again with what you have received after opening them.
5. Along with the 10 gifts, whoever has the special item (which we will announce later), will receive additional prizes! There will be 5 of these special items.

The Mayors who hold the special item will get to choose ONE of the following:
- 20 hybrids & 1mil bells.
- A furniture set of their choice & 1mil bells.
- 5mil bells.

If there are not enough participants, and no one happens to receive the special item, everyone's names will be put into a random generator to win the prizes said above. There will be 5 winners.

What would be awesome is help designing my town lol that stuff takes forever! XD haha

Hey anyone have a crown I could have to complete my look? lol at least on my head that is haha

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Hey all! Add me and ill add you back! ☺️

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So much drama today 😩

Fellow mods and I have agreed to delete previous posts about what had happened today. We also ask everyone to put a stop to any comments or posts about it as we are all tired and would just like to move on.

These posts and comments can actually be held liable in court, and we do not wish that upon anyone!
1. Now on a happier note, +ValentineKassa is now an joint owner of another new community with her friend! (I have attached the link.) Do join in and support them!

2. We still have an ongoing Giveaway held by Owner +llJaydenll, and applications will end soon! Sorry if you had waited a while for this, we wanted to keep the opportunity opened for any late participants!

3. We also have a newly made Dreamie Service, where you can apply once per week to get any villager you want to adopt!

Keep an eye out for any future giveaways and services! Also, welcome all new members! Have a nice day everyone.
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