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Hey Folks & Rock lovers! Save this date:
// MAY 18th at 9:30 PM //
We're playing at the great venue 93 Feet East in Brick Lane, #LONDON!
Join us for a memorable ROCK NIGHT along with King Villain, ZUU, Chris Wareham. Support us! Bring your friends, let's shake the room & make some serious noise! Doors open at 7pm, we jump on stage at 9:30! Rock on!

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Sorry, London.

I moved out of you in 2001. I never thought I'd be coming back on my birthday with a new band to spread noise, mess and balloons all over the shop.

We are The PapaShangos. Once we've touched you, you'll never be alone again. We're like musical herpes. Our fans say we're 'odd but great'. Our rivals call us 'mediocre punk crap'.

Whatever the case, we're in you this Friday, bringing our brand of garage cabaret chaos to N5 Live at The Gunners. Two other great bands are sharing the stage: Electricity Comes from Other Planets are opening the show and the incredible PollyPikPocketz are closing it.

We're in the middle, like some kind of spicy Shango sandwich...

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''One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain''

'Tighten up' to a vibrant night of live music next Thursday. From reggae, soul, blues, pop, rock Come along and enjoy local acts playing original and cover songs

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For our next gig we are headlining the O2 Academy Islington on the 17th of April, we've got the tickets to hand and they're £7.50, which includes free entry to our post gig after party at The Ladybird Bar just down the road which they've hired out for us, gonna be a sick night, get involved everyone!!!

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25th April 2013 @ The Bulls Head, Barnes The Brainchild      
Never The Bride will not be performing at this event

Unfortunately we won't be back from Cape Town in time for this gig. Instead we have organised you a great band called "The Brainchild" put together by our dear friend Count Dominic Bon de Sousa Pernes, 5 piece Rock/Reggie/Blockheads etc with original material from their album and everything else a music lover would LOVE.

The Brainchild one of East Ends own, bring a catchy London orientated track ‘Me & My Mate’ a self penned biographical song of East End life - from a council estate walking down the Seven Sisters Road! The track is taken from their stunning first album entitled ‘Conversational Tennis’ which nostalgically reflects the writer’s life experiences in the East End as cockney youngster. 

As a very young boy, lead singer, guitarist and front man Chris Dowling, nicknamed ‘The Human Juke Box’, was taught the guitar by none other than the legendary Marc Bolan. At the age of 15 he performed his first professional gig supporting Sparks in front of 10000 people. Over the years he has performed with some great artistes and supported stars such as Tina Turner, Queen & Rod Stewart.
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