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I've created a Google Plus "Page" for announcements and polls for both versions of the app.  Please follow that page if you want to be notified of such posts.  As always, email me for support for the app.

I just pushed BatteryBot Pro 10.0.0-beta1 to the beta channel. This is a small update as far as features, but it adds support for Android Marshmallow and Android N, as well as many under-the-hood enhancements. Things should be running more smoothly and efficiently than ever, but because of the magnitude of the technical changes, I'm starting with a brief beta release.

That's where you come in: please let me know if you run into any problems with the beta update. Thanks!

Good battery channel

Pro channel

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I'm considering a minor redesign of the main screen, and I'd like to pull the disable-lockscreen feature out as something that doesn't really belong in a battery app.  (And it takes up space I'd like to use for more battery-related info.)  I'd probably release a separate screenlock-block app with a beefed up interface (disable from the notification, for example).

How would you feel about the disable-lockscreen  feature leaving BatteryBot?
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I don't use it or wouldn't miss it
Okay if new lockblock app released first
Please don't remove it from BatteryBot

I've been getting constant crashes with a class cast exception, on nexus 5, android 4.4.3

Need a PC windows 8 version please.
My dell windows 8 tablet could really do with a similar program to stop over charging can you help me?

Does the pro version allow you to change the background color?  Or is it always a black background.


Battery Bot Pro 8.1.2-beta1 has just been released to the Beta channel; it should show up in Google Play for beta testers in the next few hours.

This beta release adds a second widget type: a 4x1 (resizeable to 3x1) widget inspired by the main screen of the app.  It could use a little more polish, and I still need to create a preview image for the widget selection menu.  Otherwise it seems to be working properly for me, so it's time for you to try it out and let me know if you notice any problems.


I've just pushed a beta build to give you all a taste of the basic 1x1 widget I'm working on.  There's at least a little left to do before this is ready for a full release, and a lot left to do after that, over the next few releases.

I intend the Pro version to have several configuration options and to be resizable on newer versions of Android that support resizable widgets.

The Pro version, and possibly also the free version, will also have larger widgets containing the battery icon, time-remaining estimates, etc.

I'm keeping things simple and starting with this basic 1x1 circle widget for now, however.  Please let me know if you have any issues.

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