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「Fujiki★Yūsaku」藤木☆遊作 ✘ 財前❀葵「Zaizen✿Aõi」
「ブルー♡エンジェル」Blue❤Angel ✘ Playmaker「プレイメーカー」
Description of The Reason Why The Couple of
Yūsaku ✘ Aõi is called: ❝BlueCherryBlossomShipping❞

The name of ❝Aõi❞ japanese word in its original language means ❝Blue❞, plus that Zaizen Aõi in
The World of Cyberspace the name or alias of His Avatar is ❝Blue Angel❞, Its Appearance Is Cute, Tender, Sweet,
Innocent, Adorable and Feminine, Her Garments of Color ❝Blue❞, White and Pink,
His Hair Dyed ❝Sky Blue❞, makes an excellent reference the meaning of Shipping
in succession to Zaizen Aõi its Virtual Aspect, The Color of His Hair and The Meaning of His Name;
In Addition to that The Natural Hair Color of Yūsaku is ❝Blue❞.
Another point is half the meaning of the Name of ❝Yūsaku❞, ❝Saku/Sakura❞ japanese word
in his translation means ❝Petal of Cherry or Cherry Blossom❞, A Flower of Pink Color, In Addition to that
Half of The Lines of Yūsaku's Hair Tuft they are ❝Lavender Roses❞ just the same
that ❝The Petal of Cherry❞, there another reference to The Name and Meaning of Shipping; ❝BlueCherryBlossomShipping❞.
Descripción de La Razón del porqué El Couple de
Yūsaku ✘ Aõi se llama: ❝BlueCherryBlossomShipping❞

El nombre de ❝Aõi❞ palabra japonesa en su lengua nativa significa ❝Azul❞, además de que Zaizen Aõi en
El Mundo del Cyberspace el nombre ó alías de Su Avatar es ❝Blue Angel❞, Su Aspecto Es Lindo, Tierno, Dulce,
Inocente, Adorable y Femenino, Sus Prendas de Color ❝Azul❞, Blanco y Rosa,
Su Cabello Teñido de ❝Azul Celeste❞, hace una referencia excelente al significado del Shipping
en sucesión a Zaizen Aõi su Aspecto Virtual, El Color de Su Cabello y El Significado de Su Nombre;
Además de que El Color de Cabello Natural de Yūsaku es ❝Azul❞.
Otro punto es la mitad del significado del Nombre de ❝Yūsaku❞, ❝Saku/Sakura❞ palabra japonesa
en su traducción significa ❝Pétalo de Cerezo ó Flor de Cerezo❞, Una Flor de Color Rosa, Además de que
la mitad de Los Alineamentos del Mechon de Cabello de Yūsaku son ❝Rosas Lavanda❞ al igual
que ❝El Pétalo de Cerezo❞, allí otra referencia Al Nombre y Significado del Shipping; ❝BlueCherryBlossomShipping❞.

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What do you all think of my female Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist

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There's something that's been bothering me lately it's about the yugioh arc-v dimension wars synchro saga. have you noticed that doing the turbo duels in yugioh 5d's they had speed counters so they can use speed spells but doing the arc-v saga they didn't use speed counters or spells so what's up with that shit yo that's what i would like to know 
yu-gi-oh arc v theory
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I found this crazy new yu-gi-oh nintendo 3ds game you need to check this game out trust me you'll love it


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Now hear this now hear this today's announcement says somebody actually made a working yu-gi-oh duel disk with real hologram working technology 
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