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Name: Nichole
Last Name: Carriere
Age: 11
Wand: Laurel wood with a Dragon heartstring core 9' 3/4" and Unyielding flexibility
Year: 1
Patronus: Peacock
Animagus: Phoenix
Personality: KInd and loving Smart and quick weak when in stress but strong otherwise
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Pet: Northern Pygmy Owl
Address: 7777 West Hogsmead


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Name: Morgan

Last name: Jackson

Age: 11

Wand: Ash wood with dragon heartstring core 13"

Year: 1st

Patronus: Lion

Animagus: Pigeon

Bio: She was born in raised to be a witch, she never really knew anything else. But she didn't want this to be her life, she didn't see any practical applications for it. Yet once she was sorted into Slytherin her life changed. She needs the school more than ever because her parents being Gryffendors disowned her.

Personality: sassy, resourceful, patient, sarcastic, lovely, tough, good with mechanics, gentle, understanding.

Blood status: pure blood

Relationships: she has a few muggle ex's here and there.

Pet: fluffy black cat

House: Slytherin

Where you live: Liverpool, in apartment 28A first room to the left next to the kitchen that after all these years still gives off a weird scent.
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lily lovegood

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((Open RP))
((Please, for the sake of experienced RPers, have at least a 4+ sentence response. With short responses, I can't rp properly and my responses sound quite childish. So please, a 4+ response is all I ask for.))

The sound of the bustling train station was enough to make Aurore smile. She was excited, to plainly explain; she was going to a different school.
She turned, facing her family. They wore looks of disgust on their faces, as they were Beauxbaton graduates, unfamiliar with the name "Hogwarts". However, Aurore grinned, her pale hand clenching the handle of her owl's cage excitedly. "Well, mère, père, I'm here! No worries, right?" She glanced from her mother and father's face as she spoke, the wide smile on her face still intact.
When they didn't respond, her face fell blank. She hugged them tightly instead, which sent her parents out of their disgusted trance. "Oh, mon petit bijou!" Her mother cried, holding Aurore tightly in an embrace, "Vous serez très bien sans nous, non?"
"Mum, English!" Aurore laughed "But yes, I'll be fine on my own."
She turned to her father, who had tears running silently down his face.
"Père?" She said softly. He didn't respond, only gazing at his daughter with softness clearly visible in his eyes. Aurore smiled lightly, her eyebrows turned upwards and her sky-blue eyes watering slightly. She hugged him more tightly, her eyes now shut. Tears seeped through her long lashes, but the smile still graced her lips. "Je vais bien, père. Il est pas comme je pars pour toujours." She said soothingly in French "Et même si je suis loin, vous devriez toujours savoir que Je t'aime. Je vous aime tous."
She then let go, her expression then changing to a playful one. "Now, now! No tears! C'est ridicule!" She smoothed down her parents' outfits and wiped away their tears with a handkerchief. "There! You're fine, I'm fine, we can go back to the task at hand.
"I'll be off now, the train can't leave moi behind!" Aurore bounded up to her parents and gave them both a swift kiss to the cheek. She gathered up her things and took a few steps away, before stopping and turning to face her parents for the last and final time. "And whatever you do, don't forget to owl!"

((Unfamiliar on what to do next? Just come up with a situation to interact with my OC and the rest will follow. Sorry if it's long, it's just how I roll~ >w<))


Benedict was excited to go for his first year in Hogwarts. He came on board of the train.. He was looking around for some empty compartment but no luck. He then found one with just one kid. He opened the door and asked May I? Everywhere else is full

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Alrighty! It's high time that I update my form. So... Here you go!

Name: Daisy
Last Name: Peters
Wand: 12 1/4 inches, Hazel, Phoenix Feather, Slightly Springy
Age: 12
Year: Second
Patronus: Lamb
Personality: Intellegent, Observant, Can be energetic, Loves to laugh and smile, Values kindness and strives to be kind to all, Very Optimistic, Very Empathetic (When someone else is sad, she will also be sad for them. Same for happy and other emotions), and gets energy from being around people (Total exrovert!). She also has FOMO (Fear of missing out) and will become very upset if anyone is having fun without her.
Blood Status: Half Blood
Bio: Her mother is a witch, but her father is a muggle. She was homeschooled before Hogwarts and grew up in America (Illinois to be specific), but since her mother grew up in England and went to Hogwarts, she preferred that Daisy would go to Hogwarts rather than to an American school. Just before she was to start at Hogwarts, her family moved backto England, where they now live in one big house with her mother's parents, her mother's brother (along with his wife and three children), and her father's parents (who did not wish to stay in America without their only son). All three of her cousins are purebloods and also attend Hogwarts.
Appearance: Shoulder-length blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, average height for her age, and fairly skinny. (Sorry if pic is not exact)
Likes: Animals and bugs(Yes, dangerous ones too, but not as extreme as Hagrid), England(More than America), Flying, Quidditch, Acting, Singing, Dancing, sunshine, Being outside, Her friends, Gardening
Dislikes: Bullies, Running without purpose, Forests at night, Jerk teenage wizards(And witches too), Being lost, Being alone(Biggest fear),
Fav Classes: Charms (But she can't wait until next year when she can take Care of Magical Creatures)
Least Fav Class: None. She loves them all!
Pet: Eurasian Eagle Owl named Archimedes
House: Hufflepuff
Relationship: Not an interest whatsoever
Home: Somewhere in the countryside of England

I haven't got my letter from hogwarts so what should I do I have given my form also

Name : shikhar
age : 11
Wand : 12 1/2 phenol feather and cheselnut wood
patronus: deer
animagus: Hungarian horntail
blood status : pure wizard blood
personally: friendly, handsome,intell

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Name: Theresa (Tessa) Highchase
Age: 11
Wand: 12 1/2 inches Phoenix feather and chestnut wood
Patronus: Horse
Animagus: Panther
Bio: Tessa is the daughter of Anna and Callum Highchase, and has two older brothers, James, who is in his fourth year, and Liam, who is in his third year.
Personality: Friendly, stubborn, bookworm
Appearance: (See pictures below)
Relationship: Single at the moment
Height: 5'1
Blood status: Half-Blood
Pet: An owl named Flash
Where you live: 22 River Ave, London, England 
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