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Name: Cindy
Last name: McAlister
Age: 14
Wand: 13 inches, Holly wood, Dragon heartstring solid black with a contoured grip
Year: 4
Patronis: Sea turtle
Bio: Cindy McAllister is the child of a middle class pure blood family who has drilled into her head that blood status is everything she had met harry potter and his friends and didn't like them one bit she preferred to stay by Draco as if she where his sister
Personality: Cold, Calculating, (semi friendly), Ruthless, and flirty
Blood status: Pure blood
Relationships: Draco Malfoy (friend), Gine Roberts (mother, alive) and Thomas McAlister (Father, Alive)
Pets: Western screech owl named russet
Where you live: McAlister manor

(Face claim: My cousin Nichole)

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Name: Cedar
Last Name: Waywood
Age: 14
Wand: Cypress wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
Year: 4th year (transfer student from ilvermorney)
Patronus: Granian winged horse
Animagus (Optional): Egyptian Mau
Bio: Cedar was born an raised in new york. at the age of twelve, she was accepted into ilvermorney, and sorted into wampus. though, at the end of her 3rd year, her family decided to move to England, so she and her little brother could go to Hogwarts. She is now entering her 4th year of wizarding school, but her first in Hogwarts.
Personality: Cedar is usually calm with a blank expression. but that can easily change if you make her laugh, or mad. She is also very sarcastic and witty, so insulting her will backfire on you.
Appearance: She is usually mistaken for a boy, for she has a handsome fave and short black hair. though honestly, she doesnt care if people think shes a boy or a girl. She usually wears different unique sweaters, with a black tank top, leggings, and converse.
Blood Status: unknown. her parents adopted her when she was a baby. it was honestly a coincidence that she had magic blood. her mother is pure-blood, while her father is half-blood. her little brother is also adopted and happens to also have magic.
Relationships: mother, father, brother, aunt, grandmother
Pet: A Japanese common toad named Frey.
Others: -
Where you Live: Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

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Name: Rania
Last Name: Daron
Age: 11
Blood Status: Pure.
Appearance: Reference to the Picture.
Wand: Um, Blackthorn with unicorn hair core...
Patronus: Dragon!
Pet: A male calico cat named Muddy!
Animagus: A black cat!
Personality: Sarcastic, Nice, Really Smart.
Relationships: Due to having no friends, and hating her only family, she dare not do relationships currently, but she is single.
Lives: Kesington, England (But doesn't have a British accent...)
Bio: Rania has spent her life alone, due to being an only child. She hoped that going to Hogwarts would make her feel belonged. She spends her time singing, drawing, or studying. She is afraid of love since she never was loved. She is extremely good at Charms and Potions, but awful at Herboligy and Broom Riding.
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Wand:11 inches, Ash wood, Unicorn hair core
Pure blood, mud blood:Mud blood
Wight:85 pounds
Crush, lover:none at the moment
Likes:reading, working to get good grades, flying and Transfiguration
Dislikes:social interaction and rude people
Personality:comes off as rude sometimes, can be scary sometimes, is
Fear:she'll embarrass her self in public, everyone will hate her
Favorite teacher:Severus Snape
Friends:none at the moment
Bio:Lilith comes from bridge wood orphanage after her parents died her grandparents had to take care of her once they found out that she was a wizard they left her at the orphanage when she was 6 
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Quote: "Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side."- Sherlock Holmes, from "Sherlock BBC"

Melissa (Mel) Ayers


Hawthorn wood with an Unicorn hair core, 10", Hard flexibility


Russian Blue Cat

The Ayers family had a very difficult past - many family members were murdered, especially at the dark times of Voldemort - and so was Melissa's muggle-mother, when Melissa was a little child.

The memory of this incident is still very painful for her (and her father) - probably that's a reason, why her character is quite introverted.

The family line included muggles, but also some successful and famous witches and wizards, who all fought (and still fight) for the bright side of magic.

Melissa is a self-confident, very smart, astute and calm girl. On the first look people would maybe describe her as ignorant and impolite - maybe that's a reason, why she has only few friends - but in real she is a really polite and friendly human... Well, to those who deserve it.
She often has her head in the clouds, thinks about many things and she loves the mysterious. Melissa stands brave towards challenges and new things and hates it, to show weakness.

Blood Status:

Just amicably. Love is in her opinion, just a useless and distracting feature.

Kneazle cat

Where you Live:
London, Mayflower Road 113

{The picture is not mine.}

name: Mikaela
last name: Makarov
gender: male
age: 15
bio: i moved here from England and have a strong British accent
personality: careless
appearance: brown hair 5,8" red eyes, rectangular glasses
relationships: younger brother of Kai Makarov the actor

isabelle walked through the doors of the great hall. it was a saturday and she had gotten up early so not many people were there. she walked up to the hufflepuff table and sat down. she reached to get something when someone sat down next to her. she turned to look at who it was just as s/he said "hi". it was......


((Open and I don't mind short responses but no text talk like Lol or Hbu or Tbh))

Skylar Gets up onto the train and starts looking for an open Compartment Where is one? where is one? She Finds an open one with only one person and opens the door "May I sit here?" The train starts and she falls down into the middle of the compartment

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Name Raven Monticero
Gender Female
Age 15
Year 4'th
Sexuality Bisexual
Blood Status Pureblood
Likes Studying, quidditch, Swimming, The Forbidden Forest, Not being around her family, Listening to music.
Dislikes Ignorant People, Her family's Pureblood antics, The dark
Wand Elm/Unicorn Core/10 3/4"
Patronus Eagle
Personality Raven's pretty arrogant and a tiny bit selfish. Yet she is brave and loyal to her friends. She has a few anger issues and trust problems. She is very sarcastic but deep down she is loving and kind.
Height 5' 6"
Hair Long/Red
Eyes Green
Pet Brown and White Barn Owl
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush None at the moment.
Broom Siberian Arrow
From Where Toronto Ontario, Canada
Bio Raven tried reasoning with everyone all her life, but they still ignored her. So, to prove her point of being different from the Death Eater's that she was raised by, she dyed her hair red and protected a few Muggleborns, which lead to a talking-to from Professor McGonagall. Even in her 4th year, she still wants to make a few loyal friends and prove that she is not a Pureblood freak.
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