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The paragon pay-per-view
Match line up

Main event
EWE Universal Championship
In side of a steel cage match
Shawn Michael vs Kurt Angle

EWE US Championship
Ladder match
? VS ?

EWE Intercontinental Champship
Normal match
? VS ?

EWE 24/7 Extreme Hardcore
Hardcore Match
Kevin Nash VS ?

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Can I be Kevin Nash

Need to know ever one characters

The Pentagon PPV is coming but if we don't lest have meany people it can be cancel.all so all champships will be on the line. So to make a good PPV we need more people. If u guys can help thank u. U decide if I should make matches right now for the Pentagon pay-per-view for the frist of next month.

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Ever one here new to pick a wwe superstar to rp ass now btw shane is my rp superstar. Pick your superstar fast be for some one eals do. People lol some need to stay ative in cuding me too

* my theme song come on and u walk put to the ring with a mix in my hand* I'm ready to fight and seens there not me superstars in the back I'm challenge Jeff hardy in a hardcore match for the EWE Universal Championship do u except

Btw ever one that a champion is strip now

Hi superstar sorry I'm not on like I shoud be but I'm thinking ad out making someone the GM. If u guys think this a good idea give me a HELL YA!!!!!!

Im sorry. I have been busy latly so I have not been on like i should be so I'm sorry and thank u for staying in this community one more time sorry

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New EWE Superstar +Roman Reigns​ vs +Nick Möller
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