Hey all, I am a psychiatrist. So I might be very quickly banned from the discussion.
This is my thought on psychiatry. It's a profession within medicine that is only 100 years old--at least in terms of people recognizing there was an unconscious. And the first psychiatric medications were discovered in the 1950s.
We know SOOOO little about the brain. It is thousands of times more complex than any other organ system, and as I stated, it is by far the least studied in terms of ways to try to decrease suffering that occurs in so many peoples lives.

These days, when I look at psychiatry, I feel like 25% of the time it does real harm, and 20% of the time the goods and bads are about equal. I know if someone has seen those two pieces of psychiatry, of course they would be apt to see the whole of psychiatry in one way. But that just isn't the only reality.

You may not believe it.....but I have seen amazing things. People who were so very crushed by 'depression' (because we don't fully understand what depression even is), who could not leave thier home, finally able to get themselves to rejoin the world, to rejoin their families. And yes, when medications are used in the right way, it can do these thing. I've seen patients who suffer from Schizophrenia--as real and terrible a thing to have as any--go from being unable to put together organized thoughts, and who were filled with intense fears they had chips implanted inside them, to someone being able to discuss what they are thinking, and what they want, because those medications did--though we still don't quite know how--correct what seems to be a dysfunctional ability to process sensory information.

Let me say it like this. It is not 'Psychiatry' that is the problem. It is two things...

--First, like I said, 'psychiatry' is far too young to be able to be anywhere near as good as people deserve it to be.

But what is a psychiatrist like myself to do? Sit in any office with me and you will see REAL SUFFERING. Should I say "hey, you know, I don't FULLLY understand the brain, so I don't want to mess with anything.....you're on your own". Or....should I try my hardest to take every tool at my disposal, while also acknowledging how much we don't know, and TELLING the person in front of me this, and both of us embark on trying to have that person life the life they want to live with the tools that I do have available to me.

-Second, it isn't psychiatry--even with it's lack of knowledge--but how it is applied. I am always shocked at how much misdiagnosis goes on in psychiatry. It is horrible. Truly. It angers me to the core. Everyone diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when what is real is that they have suffered traumatic experiences that lead to certain behaviors, but they are then given a diagnosis which means they will be put on very powerful medications with powerful side effects. I see it EVERY day. And it breaks my heart.

Psychiatrists are doctors. Doctors tend to only look at the 'evidence' and be unable to utilize things like 'intuition' to form a more holistic picture of what is going on. So they utilize some questionnaire and just like that come up with a diagnosis. It's ridiculous. Every one of those questions needs 4 or 5 follow up questions. To get at the nuance of what the question is intending to ask. Even thinking about psychiatry on a critical level is a more 'holistic and intuitive' thing than I think most doctors end up doing....because medical schools want scientists, first and foremost. In psychiatry, you need to be that scientist....but you also in a way need to be that philosopher, looking at this bigger picture and saying "wait, some questionnaire says this.....but what does my gut tell me? Would I want to take these medications? Do the goods I think they will have outweigh the bad?".

You might be wondering about big pharma. Why haven' I put them in here?Everyone bashes pharmaceutical industries and psychiatrists alike, as if somehow we are in their pockets. Wow. These days, pharma isn't even allowed to speak to us in general. Which is a good thing. But this idea that somehow we are all in league with one another. Maybe 20 years ago. But by the time I was in medical school, 2001-2005, interactions between pharma and us were STRICTLY controlled.

But here is the rub. Lots of times, it ISN'T psychiatrists that are pushing the 'over-medicating' that people often feel is going on. People inherently want things to be easier. I mean who wouldn't. But in the area of psychiatry, this means that people would rather have a 'pill' than do the work--often psychotheraputic--that would also begin to lessen the suffering that the person has. Psychtherapy is again another area of psychiatry that I think is useless only to the extent it is not done the way it should be.......but make no mistake, it is something HUGELY powerful when done correctly. But that is an aside. The main point is that people don't WANT to have to 'work on themselves'....they don't have time, or whatever. And so they want the pill. Because yes, in lots of cases those pills have done amazing things. But people want them to be their answer far more than they should be the answer.

Why would a psychiatrist then be willing to prescribe? When a psychiatrist has about 15 minutes to see a person, with all their complexities, with a brain not fully understood, it is very hard to spend the entire 15 minutes arguing that they really need psychotherapy. So you have to forgive psychiatrists for at times saying "Ok, fine, we will try this particular medication though I really think therapy is the answer".

Forced psychiatric treatment. I am a FIRM protector of patients rights above all other things. I will agree with you overall that forced psychiatric treatment is abhorent. I live in California, where we cannot hold someone against their will for more than 5 days without needing to explain to a judge why we are doing so.

And still, understand that there are cases---overall pretty rare in comparison to the number of people who see psychiatrists--where either the person does pose a risk of hurting themselves and who LIKELY IF KEPT AWAY FROM MEANS TO HARM THEMSELVES in a week would look at things differently. Because MOST suicides are impulsive, not some well thought out decision.

I also know that psychiatrists get blamed no matter what decison they make. I am strongly against forced psych treatment. So when I am evaluating whether to 'admit the person' to the inpatient unit, I very rarely do....because I have to be in my mind perhaps at least 75% certain that in the next 1-3 days they will either hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or just be unable to care for basic needs. And that is a pretty high bar, so I refuse to put people onto inpatient units. But here is the problem. One of these days I will be wrong. Because everyone is wrong sometimes. And no one can predict the future. And I will be sued for not putting that person on the inpatient unit. For not giving 'forced treatment'. Because they will say "but Dr., the person yelled at you, clearly they were dangerous and you should have known from that one conversation where they got mad at you once that they were a present threat to the community". And, well, attorneys are very good at making things look a certain way.

You don't get sued for putting someone in involuntary treatment when they shouldn't be. You do if you don't put them there. You don't get sued if you put a person on medications they may not need because of your 'questioannaire' you gave---even if that person does something violent to themselves or others, because you can say "yes, that is why we were treating them". But what happens when someone like me, who refuses to do that, changes to a more proper diagnosis and thus takes those medications off, saying that the risks outweigh any benefits of them, and that what is needed is a more complex treatment involving psychotherapy, the involvement of family, ect. When the person engages in that same violence, then it can be pinned on something--me. Even if the person did the same things before that change was made.......just by 'reducing' the psychiatric interventions being taken, you always are opening yourself up to risk--risk which involves shame among your colleagues even when you did nothing wrong, having to explain on EVERY application you make to work anywhere all about what happened, even threatening your license--because you tried to do the right thing.

And let's not forget another more important factor. You don't know what it is like to find out that a patient who you DIDN'T put in 'involuntary treatment'.....and to find out something terrible happened to them. You keep looking at the patients records saying 'what did I miss? Should I have been able to prevent this? Is this my fault, the blood being on my hands?". When you take the stance that I take, which is very militant on protecting patients rights, you also know that you will inevitably have a situation where you have to ask those questions of yourself--because no one is perfect, and human behavior is unpredictable.

Believe me, those reading this, it is very very easy for you to say "well that's your job!". But what I might suggest is presuming to judge a profession without having that conversation, trying to fully understand why those people called psychiatrists do what they do, is making the same mistake as those psychiatrists who seem to throw powerful medications at people with little or no thought because they don't have to deal with the side effects, or who don't give
thought to the fact they wouldn't want to be held against their will.

I don't think that these thoughts will be welcomed.......but know they come from someone who is a psychiatrist, who supports so much of what psychiatry has the POTENTIAL to offer, is excited every day as I learn that we understand a little more about the brain and so that potential grows, and still is angered and horrified each day at how it fails to live up to that potential.

It is not a you vs. them thing. Or a you vs. me thing. I always say that every interaction with a person I am trying to help is a partnership. Sure, I have the theoretical knowledge. But they are in their bodies, and they are the ones who live with thier minds. And so the two have to be in sync--my energy towards helping and their willingness to discuss the pain in their bodies or minds, and how certain things affect that pain. In the same way, it isn't about 'occupying psychiatry'. It is about 'Changing Psychiatry'. So that the voices of those who have suffered from psychiatry are heard---but not from the standpoint of a call to destroy all of psychiatry, seeing it as some huge malignant force. I at least want and need to hear your voices. No matter how much anyone deserves their anger at psychiatry.......it is only by engaging, not occupying.....that the change that every patient needs, and every psychiatrist deep down inside wants, can happen.

Thank you for your time,
Dave Schatz, MD

Psychiatric Survivers

Please know that you are not alone there are many of us who have endured misdiagnosis, forced medication, and abuse at the hands of the most misinformed individuals in our healthcare industry today: psychiatrists.

Unfortunately, today in the Western world we are dealing with a mid-evil type of treatment that is still being inflicted upon those of us who suffer from so-called mental health problems.
The lobotomy of today comes in the form of a bottle of pills pushed on a naïve and innocent sector of society, and adds up countless victims to the tune of a minimum of 200,000 deaths per year just in the United States alone.
Not to mention the countless adverse health effects inflicted on mental health consumers in the hundreds of thousands per year.
Many adverse effects are life long even after stopping the medications.

Psychiatrists do not inform their patients of the potential side effects, in fact, many psychiatrists minimize the ill effects. Patients are sold on the idea that the side effects are listed if just one in a million patients experienced even one of the side effects. This is a terrible lie. The side effects are direct effects of the medications and are to be expected by most consumers.

Many normal behaviors of yesterday are today's designer mental illnesses and for these normal behaviors of yesterday, there are droves of psychotropic medications to treat them.
I am not minimizing the suffering of millions of people around the world I have personally been there and suffered from the best of the best. But instead of taking what I was being told as science and truth, I decided to do research for myself.

My diagnosis started out as schizophrenia then turned into bipolar and not schizophrenia, then on another occasion it was ADD and yet on another occasion it was schizoaffective. I became very suspicious that the mental health institution in and of itself was not based on science and in fact, had no way of knowing what an individual was suffering from simply by listening to them for a few minutes. Besides, it was pretty obvious, they couldn't even keep my diagnosis straight.
There were no blood tests, no brain scans, nothing at all to show evidence of what I had. The numerous changes to my diagnosis and the many contradictions in my case set off a serious red flag for me. I decided to trust my instincts that told me that I was dealing with doctors, but that I was dealing with charlatans that at best did guesswork and at worst just labeled me for billing purposes.
I began to study and research and study and research until I began to understand that not only is there a plethora of vitamin deficiencies that can lead to states of mania, depression, and psychosis, but there were also numerous food allergies that can lead to these very same symptoms.
When I would bring these things up to my psychiatrist that I was studying and learning, he would look at me with a cold confused glare in his eyes. He seriously did not know about any of this. It became painfully obvious that I was better read and researched than both my psychiatrist and my therapist. It was time to take my health into my own hands. I began reading stories of personal accounts of recovery from individuals that had used nutritional approaches and were able to stop taking medication and live symptom-free.
When I became well enough studied to know beyond any reasonable doubt that there was no evidence whatsoever for a chemical imbalance I knew that I was dealing with uneducated liars.

Psychiatrists literally lie to their patients in order to keep their clientele, make their house payments, and fill up their bank accounts.

Two years ago I found out that I am allergic to caffeine and was having a psychotic allergic reaction to it. Had I known that 28 years earlier I would not have suffered 28 years of my life as a victim of psychiatry? If psychiatrists were actually doctors in any sense then they would have had a medical workup done on me which would have revealed my caffeine allergy and saved me 28 years of their abuse.
It wasn't one psychiatrist that got it wrong with me it was many of them and many misdiagnoses. How is this a medical science? If a psychiatrist cannot tell the difference between an allergy and a mental disorder we have serious problems within the profession.
A simple test for food allergies would have been the end of my psychiatric treatment and the beginning of a perfectly normal life. The failure of the mental health industry to do even the simplest of medical tests literally destroyed my life.
What really amazes me is that there are articles written by psychiatrists dated as far back as 1936 and even earlier of accounts of caffeine allergic individuals manifesting with delirium, psychosis, mania, and depression. Once these patients were taken off of caffeine all symptoms disappeared and the patients returned to normal. This information has been known and has either been ignorantly ignored or suppressed. The average psychiatrist has absolutely no knowledge of issues that can arise due to vitamin deficiencies, such as vitamin D deficiency causing depression and psychosis, or a vitamin B12 deficiency causing anything from depression, mania, to psychosis. Not to mention the numerous biological disorders that can also manifest as mental health issues.

Psychiatrists are trained into a system of cult-like thinking and brainwashed into a false theory that has no scientific merit whatsoever, 'the chemical imbalance theory.' Psychiatrists of today are nothing more than drug pressures for big Pharma and are not curing anyone but are harming many.

There are many natural ways to improve mental health; nutritional approaches that are proven sound and healthy; reduce or eliminate caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy and meats which contain antibiotics; add fruits, vegetables, vitamin supplements, Omega 3 and 6, add a good vitamin B complex;. switch to Himalayan salt which contains lithium L, and add a good probiotic.

Recent scientific findings have linked gut problems to psychiatric illnesses which is a huge step forward into a modern world where mental health issues will be treated as what they really are physical illnesses either derived from digestive disorders such as malabsorption of vitamins and nutrients and or food allergies.

Psychiatrists of today must either change and adapt or cease and desist because we the people demand treatment and cures, not their barbaric outdated methods based on pseudoscience.

Written by
Katrina Margaret Mccolloch

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‪#‎Addiction‬ Psychiatry
The problems and consequences of illicit drug use and excessive alcohol use are an apparently universal and persistent source of concern for the media and public. Within addiction psychiatry you will work with individuals who have a range of addictions as well as, commonly, mental illness. It is a medical subspecialty within psychiatry that focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of people who are suffering from one or more disorders related to addiction. This may include disorders involving legal and illegal drugs, gambling, sex, food, and other impulse control disorders.
For more information: http://www.omicsonline.com/open-a…/journal-of-psychiatry.php

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After the successful completion of our Euro ‪#‎Psychiatry‬ -2015 we are pleased to welcome you to our next ‪#‎conference‬ at the magnificent city of Amsterdam for the 3rd Euro ‪#‎Psychiatrists‬ Meeting on Psychiatry, during September 07-09, 2016. The theme of the conference is based on “Achieving mental wellness by understanding human mind through‪#‎Psychiatric‬ approaches ”. Come join us and share your research.

There are ever deeper ways to look into the crisis that is affecting our psyches and other species' and the land and seas, waters, EVEN the waters under the earth (as is happening with 'fracking'. NOWHERE is safe seemingly from the escalating insanity!)
I personally have found that one of the biggest taboos, regarding trying to encourage people to discuss about it, is sharing with others the growing realization that the ruling elite are into occultism and use it as forms of mindcontrol/sorcery and to try and establish their so-called 'new world order'. I have been met with almost total silence!
This is all quite complex, because I have discovered that most, if not all of the mostly-male online researchers are either Christians or into the so-called New Age. So what is wrong with that?

Well to understand this it needs must to look deep into past, into mythology. What I have found is that a real root OF our crisis is the patriarchy! And this patriarchy maintains itself via different MASKS, but when you scratch the surface of these different belief systems we find they all are into dividing and controlling. Dividing us from our own nature, and the natural world and others.
Example: in Christian's history we were/are made to feel 'paranoid' about our nature ('born in sin') and the natural world which it is claimed is 'fallen'
With the New Age they variously believe that nature and the self are illusory, and posit some idealized spiritual destiny. So see how BOTH belief systems make one distrust ones own being and nature? Yet they will point finger at the occult elite as being evil when really it is the pot calling the kettle black. They all share the same dualistic roots!

So, I am saying that in order to get to the roots of this and un-cover how all the masks of the patriarchy interconnect, and present false choices, we need to understand original Goddess mythology and its MEANING, because the patriarchal belief systems all suppress this mythos. This is because anciently the natural world, and emotion. soul, have been connected with the Goddess, the feminine. So in this current myth of scientism, understanding this mythological past we can see, hopefully more swiftly how this current myth --with its biomedical psychiatric priests--ALSO suppress natural emotions, this time with drugs etc! And what is driving the insane ecocide.

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Come and Join us at Euro ‪#‎PsychiatrySummit‬- 2015 at Barcelona, Spain during July 20-22nd, 2015 to avail opportunities to meet eminent researchers in the field of Psychiatry. Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff, University of Miami, USA will be conducting a symposium on “Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry: a look at the future”, the session will be co chaired by Dr. Thomas E. Schlaepfer, University of Bonn, Germany.

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Come and Join us at Euro ‪#‎PsychiatrySummit‬- 2015 at Barcelona, Spain during July 20-22nd, 2015 to avail opportunities to meet eminent researchers in the field of Psychiatry. Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff, University of Miami, USA will be conducting a symposium on “Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry: a look at the future”, the session will be co chaired by Dr. Thomas E. Schlaepfer, University of Bonn, Germany.

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If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on greatest problems of life, and has found solutions of some of them which well deserve the attention of those who have studied Plato and Kant, - I should point to India.

And if I were to ask myself from what literature we, here in Europe, who have been nurtured almost exclusively on the thoughts of Greeks and Romans, and of one semitic race, may draw that corrective which is most wanted in order to make our inner life more perfect, more comprehensive, more universal, in fact more truly human, a life, not for this life only, but a transfigured and eternal life, again - I should point to India.
F. Max Muller
India, What Can It Teach US
Cambridge University Lectures, 1882

Reincarnation Research Centre published New Doctrine on mental diseases.
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