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CAROTENOIDS - The Eye & Skin Boosters

The global carotenoids market is expected to reach USD 1.74 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The growing application in human food, animal feed, #dietarysupplements, medicines, and cosmetic application owing to the presence of essential #nutrients and vitamins in carotenoids will drive growth over the upcoming years. Furthermore, the increasing demand for these applications on account of population growth, increasing consumer surplus, and health awareness will aid in the industry expansion. #health #food #nutritiousfood #nutrition #fitness #healthyfood

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Носите ли си храна от дома в офиса? Кутиите за храна Laptop Lunches са висококачествени, запазват храната, практични -компактни и разпределенихс отделения и многа функционални! Балансирай своя обяд! Виж как на
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-People are turning towards healthy #food that fulfills the requirement of essential #nutrients in the body

 -#Bioactive #ingredients market is segmented into
#North America,
and ROW.
Asia-Pacific has proven to be the dominant market with largest market share and highest growth rate for the next five years.

#Bioactive #ingredients market By Type
#Amino acids, peptides & proteins
#Omega 3 & structured lipids
#Phytochemicals & plant extracts
#Fibers & specialty carbohydrates
@Carotenoids& antioxidants
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Три великие космические силы. Пять основных элементов нашей планеты

The next  level / type of horticulture/agriculture Biological: it take’s the best of as many ideas / system, with well proven core science of soil microbiology, soil agronomy, physics, plant physiology, integrate independent science and gives us an even bigger tool box.  All of this is in the books but because of: business, political, other agendas, habits, and our own laziness, are we better than 50 years ago ?   The USDA and UK Ministry of Agriculture statistics show that food grown today has from 30 to 70 percent less nutritional value than the same foods grown 50 years ago  = Hollow Food, Quick Food, Cheat Food.   It Uses: environmentally friendly amendments, tools and practices to balance the Soil to produce Healthy Plants - Nutrient Dense food and proves it with: Test Weight, High Brix and many other ways.    It will cost nearly that of organic. Your body wants to heal itself,  but with what ?    “ Let us Try Quality ”    Any interest here ?

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 Weight Loss Tips For Womens :

If you want to learn how to lose weight and better your health you have come to the right place. Below I am going to share with you three simple tips you can use to start losing weight and get in the best shape of your life now.

1) Move around , You now know...
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 Proactive Suggestions For Abdominal Weight Loss :

A significant amount of people around the world are now focused on trying to achieve a higher level of fitness and general well being. Dieting and fat loss goals are often among the most challenging to strive toward while also balancing the daily stresses and requirements that people face which are often the main catalysts of being unhealthy. People that are dealing with this particular wellness goals should understand the most common and effective suggestions for abdominal weight loss.

Stomach fat issues are the most prevalent among consumers that are considered as being overweight. This is the area of the body where fat...

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