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Mark Prior

Discussion  - 
So I think these: will sound the death knell for the rocki. They are cheaper, backed by Google, already support many more services and when they say multi room sync is coming, somehow I believe them more then the rocki guys. So much for the ride, I really was backing you guys to deliver, but consistently failing to deliver will only bring you so many followers :(

One quick example of the lack of care the rocki guys have shown, it is super simple to get a root shell on these devices, it was reported many months ago, yet nothing. They haven't even renamed the file in a lame attempt to hide it, it's simply still there :(

Next example the api info was only just released, 2 years after being promised. So many reports of volume issues but nothing delivered to attempt to fix this (like some form of volume control).

And still the one thing I got two of these devices for is not working, the multi room sync. I wanted it for my local music (not Spotify) and here I am no closer with the rocki then I was when I got them, well I am in the regard that I rolled my own solution.

Anyway I think these things for $35 are really the device I have been after:
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I have to agree. Local music with multiroom sync is why I bought 3 of these... and I have not really seen progress on that front after all this time. Google isn't giving me all I want, but it sure is a lot closer
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Can Gokce

Discussion  - 
Hi,i bought Rocki for using in my car with spotify, i received it today and tried to use recommended setups at Rocki guides page. First i updated latest firmware, but i cannot use neither Rocki's hotspot nor phone's hotspot. i make guides steps with no problem but in Rockie's hotspot mode spotify connect icon appears but nothing happens when i press, in phone's hotspot mode, there is no spotify connect icon appears. i tried in home network and i can use smoothly but i cannot use it with phone in my car. My phone is Sony Xperia V. i need support. Thank you. 
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Mark Prior

Discussion  - 
So doing a tear down of my rocki in an attempt to get a modern Linux running on there, as it's not much use for me as it currently is.
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Will do, although will be slow for a few. Weeks, am on leave. Although hearing rumours of the Google audio chromecast dongle being released sounds promising.
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Diego Quiroga

Discussion  - 
Firmware Notes
I just heard my Rocki upgraded its firmware.
Do you guys know if  there is a place where you can find firmware notes, what changed, etc?
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I'm quite disappointed at them, keeping your supporters up to date should be a priority for any startup. He was quite responsive through LinkedIn though.
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Can anyone on this forum direct me to where I might find help on making the rocki work with Spotify Premium connect? I've looked everywhere and done all the pertinent troubleshooting and still no love!!
I can stream local files, Deezer and but no luck with Spotify Premium. Any thoughts? 
ROCKI's profile photo
Spotify Connect works straight from the Spotify app, when you go to the Now Playing screen and press on the Connect button lower right and select the Rocki to play to. 
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Mark Prior

Discussion  - 
So I am sure others have found the huge security hole in rocki, but I thought I would let the closed group know, did not want to post it on the forum. You should normally be ok from this if your home network uses private IPs, but if your rocki runs a real IP address get it off that range asap.

Hit up http://[yourrockiip]/shell.html and instantly you will have root access to your rocki. I would prefer having SSH open for the devs rather then this unprotected root shell.

I am poking around to see what can be fixed as an outsider, but they have opted to use such old software for everything, i.e the web server was last updated in 2007 or 2008 (it is no longer developed), same with other software on there.
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thanks for pointing it out, I've alerted our devs
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Dan Matiesanu

Discussion  - 
any clue if rocki will ever implement Google's Cast for Audio?
Eduardo Veras's profile photo
...looking at the current state of a few years :)
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Adrien Be

Discussion  - 
ROCKI android app still very buggy & the users testify: 81 "I hate it" & 36 "i dislike it" out of 266 reviews.

Please improve the app!
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Every previous firmware or android release was anouncing some major improvements & fixes. Every time it was a disappointement for me. So manage your expectations!
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There are plans to support Google cast?
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Sanjay Shirke

Discussion  - 
Can't get the Rocki to connect to my simple Verizon MI424WR 2.4 GHz modem using WEP credentials.
And is it true I'm not going to be able to play from one phone to multiple rockis in multiple rooms?
Eduardo Veras's profile photo
sad but true....
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Created by

About this community

ROCKI is an open platform for wifi multiroom music. Based on an open UPnP / DLNA, it ensures ROCKI works with all existing apps / software & equipment. However when UPnP/DLNA was designed, they didn't quite think of multiroom, multiuser wasn't. So we designed a ROCKI API to work along side UPnP/DLNA and have best of both wordls. The ROCKI API will be available in Jan 2014 to members of this community. Meanwhile feel free to share ideas and chat with each other as well as with our developers. Have fun!


Discussion  - 
Hey Guys,

I've had some questions from users about the ROCKI API. The ROCKI API isn't that hard and good to use for most of you.

We always recommend to use UPnP to play / pause / change volume etc and besides that you can control LED's, WiFi Settings and Name / Color of your ROCKI in the files. 

For more information about UPnP and the possibilities with the ROCKI with UPnP we always recommend installing

Have fun if you have any questions just paste them below I will keep an eye on this post.  
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Any API calls available for grouping for Spotify connect in the beta firmware?
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Hello everyone , I am very pleased to join the community, I love my Rocki , but I'm looking for the API to control the system from a crestron MC3 . where can I get it?
Thank you in advance.
Martijn de Jong's profile photo
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Martijn de Jong

Discussion  - 
Recently I bought a rocki play and I must say I'm impressed,
I managed to include it into my fibaro home centre ( home automation ) so I can simply play radio streams on my rocki by pressing a single key in my domotica system.
But..... Is there a way to adjust the volume through a command ?

To play a radio stream I use the CGI " commands" like ... :59:59.999 and to stop the stream 

If anybody is interested in the virtual device I found and adjusted for my fibaro HC2 to control the rock play just let me know.
It's no rocket science but quite nice to play a stream just by pressing a single button ( or by a created scene in the HC2 )
A simular command to set or adjust the volume would be great !!

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Trevor Phillips

Discussion  - 
I've just received a couple of Rocki's, and they're working great with Spotify. However, I'd like to explore other ways of using it. A lot of the posts here refer to Forum posts, that seem to no longer exist, and the replacement "support" seems rather sparse...

So  my two immediate questions are:

How do you stream to Rocki from a PC? All the Support says is: "Do you have a phone, a tablet or a computer? Great! You can stream music to ROCKI. " - it doesn't give any clue as to HOW to do it. I've tried Win 10 "Cast to Device", and get "Device did not respond". I've also tried foobar2000 with a upnp plugin - also no luck.

Is there any API that we can write our own apps to control/stream to a Rocki?

Diego Quiroga's profile photo
I've been using Tuneblade to channel audio from my PC. Sometimes you have to reset the Rocki for it to be detected. Hope it helps!
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Mark Prior

Discussion  - 
I posted some of this to the forums, but thought it might get some more attention or interest in here (feel free to chime in with more).

It has the following open ports:
80/tcp open http Boa HTTPd 0.94.13
1234/tcp open hotline?
1337/tcp open waste?
5000/tcp open upnp?
5002/tcp open rfe?
49152/tcp open unknown
49153/tcp open upnp Portable SDK for UPnP 1.6.6 (Linux; UPnP 1.0)

Port 80 appears to be Boa httpd (from 2005)

Port 1234 - Unsure
Port 1337 - Not sure if this is the Nullsoft waste system, I could not connect to it, but it could be a modified port.

Port 49152 is running uShare which is the DLNA server (it does not look to have been updated since 2007 and was rerplaced by miniDLNA - itself replaced by ReadMedia, although still released as miniDLNA), I am lookign at this one because I want to remove the last 3 sections of the mac address from displaying in the Rocki name :) important stuff.

Port 5002 the avahi service
Port 5000 seems to be for Spotify connect (seemingly confirmed by http://ROCKIIP:5000/goform/spotifyConnect
49153 seems to also be an RTSP port (49153 is used by the Rocki radio app by Roy Tanck:

Linux kernel

Other software running on the Rocki: Shairport, GMediaRenderer, dnsmasq, udhcpc.
Auto updates come from ftp (not sftp) and via an IP address (58.241..)

if you want to learn to program in C: http://ROCKIIP/cgic.html  :D

Processor is an ARM processor, I think the ARM926EJ-S rev E

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 35.0M 35.0M 0 100% /
tmpfs 13.7M 0 13.7M 0% /mnt/sda
mdev 13.7M 0 13.7M 0% /dev
/dev/mtdblock2 74.0M 38.9M 35.1M 53% /mnt/sd
tmpfs 13.7M 0 13.7M 0% /tmp
tmfps 13.7M 64.0K 13.7M 0% /etc
tmfps 13.7M 0 13.7M 0% /wpa_net/run/wpa_supplicant
tmpfs 13.7M 72.0K 13.7M 1% /home

As with standard linux, any sound sent to /dev/dsp should play (have only tested the rocki internal WAVs on this) - for example:
cat /mnt/sd/dlna_upnp/networkconfig/nettools/status_sound/status_sound_AutoUpdateIng.wav > /dev/dsp

app_led_ctl_alone controls the LED light on the rocki, for example:
/app_back/app_led_ctl_alone 1 2
will make the rocki LED flash green.

I initially thought wireless was the RT5370
however it appears to be the RTL8188

Remote shell:
If you want to get an interactive (albeit very insecure telnet) shell, you can launch /mnt/sd/dlna_upnp/spotify/, then telnet to port 23 using the username root and no password (yes - thats bad, this is 1999 level badness), then you can start poking around in an interactive shell.

My current search is to try and find the method used for volume control, as I get some wildly varying volume out of my rocki, and on one of my sound systems I do not have a remote (it is a valve amp) so really want to be able to adjust it so I don't forget to lower the volume and blow my speakers.
Mark Prior's profile photoMartijn de Jong's profile photo
Hi Mark, thanx for your report, btw, did you manage to control the volume ?
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I note that comms from Rocki themselves is very.... sparse, so I thought I would post a link to my query from the forum here in the hope that the more places it is, the more chance it has of being seen and responded to...
Hey EOppie we are thinking of putting these ideas in. We are working on opening up some API's to the public. So you can build plugins for devices as this. We will release this knowledge in: ROCKI Hack & Build ...
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Mike Zybko

Discussion  - 
+ROCKI I agree with the aforementioned critiques and implied suggestions. The app has lots of bugs. It is not very intuitive, and  difficult to navigate. Google Cast for Audio implementation would change that. I use my Rocki Receivers for a few months but it is just too much work to get my audio to them. Here's hoping for Google Cast. #googlecastforaudio  +Google Play  #Chromecast  
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Adrien Be

Discussion  - 
Spotify now supports ROCKI but it's only for Premium Spotify subscribers :(
Adrien Be's profile photoMark Prior's profile photo
True, it would be a disappointment to drop €50 on it thinking you get Spotify and then find out you have to dish out an extra €10 a month to be able to use Spotify on it.
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graham wigby

Discussion  - 
Any news ...................... Any?????
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Matt Higgs

Discussion  - 
Where is this great API documentation? Would love to test it out locally.  Just bought 2 and would like to get the multi-rocki sync going.
graham wigby's profile photo
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