Does anybody have the beta version for multiroom, rocki wont respond to my email. :( And I am still hoping to get a multi speaker system with my two rockis. Or do anybody know a way to do it without the rockiapp? I would be so happy :)

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My Rocky blew up its cover (battery inflated). Do you think it is safe to keep using it?

Thought I would post this since this community and the general information around Rocki is becoming very very quiet. Basically I am still looking at getting my own basic Linux OS onto the Rocki, I now have 2 devices I can play with, as I am not using either of the ones I purchased, if I can get them working, my main focus will be getting something like shairport-sync working on them, then worry about other things. Thankfully nothing on the device is protected, so I have worked out how to reuse their spotify developer key to have that working, but will be lower on the list.
The big kicker is though that I am not as focused on this as I now have 3 Chromecast audios (for the same price as two Rockis) and they work perfectly out of the box (and as a bonus I have 2 on analog and 1 on digital optical - the thing I have been waiting on Rocki to deliver for so long), simple to use they stay in sync, they are ready to go when I am, basically no fiddling like the Rocki currently is.
So to get to my point, what would you actually like to see the Rocki deliver? If you have given up at this point, thats ok, it's now a background hobby for me. My list so far is:
1. Reliability
2. AirPlay (in sync through shairplay sync)
3. Logitech Squeezebox
4. Spotify
I will try and update on how I am going, but may be more spoty then the Rocki team updates (but I certainly won't promise as much as they do).

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The chromecast audio released multi room audio today, device is cheaper then rocki, has not promised the world and under delivered.

A new month about to start and the same question.
Is Rocki still alive? 

Can somebody help me with the upnp commands for the rocki to use them via my LOXONE domotica system

I can't get it up and running.

So I think these: will sound the death knell for the rocki. They are cheaper, backed by Google, already support many more services and when they say multi room sync is coming, somehow I believe them more then the rocki guys. So much for the ride, I really was backing you guys to deliver, but consistently failing to deliver will only bring you so many followers :(

One quick example of the lack of care the rocki guys have shown, it is super simple to get a root shell on these devices, it was reported many months ago, yet nothing. They haven't even renamed the file in a lame attempt to hide it, it's simply still there :(

Next example the api info was only just released, 2 years after being promised. So many reports of volume issues but nothing delivered to attempt to fix this (like some form of volume control).

And still the one thing I got two of these devices for is not working, the multi room sync. I wanted it for my local music (not Spotify) and here I am no closer with the rocki then I was when I got them, well I am in the regard that I rolled my own solution.

Anyway I think these things for $35 are really the device I have been after:

Hi,i bought Rocki for using in my car with spotify, i received it today and tried to use recommended setups at Rocki guides page. First i updated latest firmware, but i cannot use neither Rocki's hotspot nor phone's hotspot. i make guides steps with no problem but in Rockie's hotspot mode spotify connect icon appears but nothing happens when i press, in phone's hotspot mode, there is no spotify connect icon appears. i tried in home network and i can use smoothly but i cannot use it with phone in my car. My phone is Sony Xperia V. i need support. Thank you. 
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