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Hello fellow members,

Welcome to the PEOPLES PARTY! A party for the MUA that holds up the values of Human Rights, Equality and Liberty.
In the MUA, there are wars with these Bats, and wars with Anglerfish— well I say enough to that.

It is time for a new dawn; a change.
Elect me to help run the MUA, and I will help enforce peace, and love in the community.
I see drama every day in the Mappers University of Art everyday, and it's so immature and sad. The MUA wasn't made for drama and war, and we don't want to fall corrupt like The Mapping Community. We will rise to the best mapping spot on Google+, and we will make the community what it was made for!
Peaceful mapping

If I am Elected, I will-

• Bring peace and equality to the Mapping University of Art, and uphold the aims of the Human Rights.

• I will enforce laws to make the community free from drama, by stopping people reacting to these wars. Because there is never a war if the other side doesn't react.

• I will secure the MUA, making it impossible for Bats, or enemies to enter our peaceful place.

• I will listen to your problems and suggestions for the MUA, and will try to make them better, or make them real.

• I will restore peace to the MUA, and make sure that there's no way it can go corrupt.

And all this is happening while you sit back and enjoy your mapping experience.


They are :-

• No profanity
• No drama, by reacting to wars or silly things like that
• Don't rebel
• Respect each other and never discriminate


I understand that you have free expression to reply to war or drama, like the Human Rights say, but I want the MUA to be peaceful, and that means if you don't react, the other side can't react to you.





It's in your hands~
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