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Hello everyone!

Following a long, long pause, I'm starting to work on Communicator again!

The plan is to update it to the newest firmware, including bringing it to the Time Round, dictation, etc.

The loading of the messages from the phone will probably also be reworked.

I will need the help of you all to make this happening, specially feedback about the Time Round and the SMS loading.

Thank you for still using Communicator!

Hi, I installed this app on to my Pebble time and it worked great, but all I get now is that when I start it on my Pebble it just stalls with the loading message.

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Anyone having experience with failing water tightness?

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Hi Luis!
I forgot about the worst bug (for me and Russian community): Communicator can't see Russian contact's names. It just ignore Russian and shown "unnamed" conversations. This problem may be include other non-English languages too. Russian (and many other language) support for Pebble is available with alternative firmware at

I love your app. But I have two big wishes :)
1. Can you please add some "favorite contacts" address book (up to 10 contacts I believe will be enough) in addition to the history?
2. And please! Can you implement the extended template's system - like in AWEAR but editable?
And Communicator will be the best ever! :)

This worked before, but now when i type out a message, or even use a premade message, and send it.  The Pebble reports that the message sent, I check my phone the message is there, but has a status as pending, and never sends.  I am on Sprint, have a HTC One M7, rooted with the Viper One Rom, and as stated before this did work with this setup.

Hello once more!

Important info: I'm still alive and...

From what I've seen, the majority of the bugs come from the method I use to load messages, as it is unofficial. One way is to turn the app KitKat only, as KK has official methods, but 45% of the users use older Android versions.

Btw, new translation link:

Feedback appreciated :D

Hello once more!

Just wanted to say I'm not dead nor have I stopped caring about Communicator. Right now I have lots of work and exams and I have little or no time to work on Communicator.

As soon as I have some time I'll try to fix some more bugs and add new features.

Thank you all!

First of all I really love your work.. It's one of best app for pebble.. I just wanted to report a bug of last sms showing just the phone number that sent the message and not the actual message itself. I am on HTC one m8 and running latest version of pebble and it is steel. Let me know if I can help in any way

Hello everyone!

Just updated the app. Version 1.1.1 supposedly fixes the eternal "Loading..." bug!

If you were affected, try it and give me some feedback!
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