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World Congress on Mental Health and Well-being July 25-26, 2018 Vancouver, Canada
Them: Insights and Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing to improve and enhance the Quality of life
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Session on: #Research, Education and #CaseStudies on #MentalHealth

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 450 million individuals with mental, neurological, or behavioral issues around the world (WHO, 2005a). #Psychological #wellness issues are assessed to represent 13% of the worldwide weight of #sickness, chiefly from unipolar and #bipolardisorder, liquor and substance-utilize disarranges, #schizophrenia, and #dementia. In any case, in numerous nations, #emotional #wellness is concurred a low need; for instance, a 2005 WHO examination found that about 33% of low-salary nations who detailed a #psychologicalwellbeing spending plan spent under 1% of their aggregate #wellbeing spending plan on emotional wellness.

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Contact number: +1-800-014-8923

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Hello, everyone!!!

I am beginning a walk at John F. Kennedy High School for May 31st to end Mental Health Awareness Month. I want to make the walk nationwide so if you have an interest starting a walk at your school to raise money for NAMI and awareness for mental health please contact me at my email or the blog below.
March for Mental Health
March for Mental Health

Tomorrow is World Bipolar Day. I will be making blog posts concerning bipolar disorder including a 101 facts about bipolar disorder and a myth vs fact post.
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