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Looking to get into the next Trillion dollar industry that is Exploding! And With a commission structure NEVER seen before you can be making some serious cash especially if you already have a list. Join me below, the people on my team will get Free software and training...
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I wanted to post a quick thank you for allowing me in the Group.
Looking forward to learning & earning as well as contributing when possible.

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Eben Pagan is currently launching a new product called Digital Product Blueprint. There seems to be a lot of buzz around it. It looks like it's going to be another monster profit maker.
The affiliate will get a 40% commission on a $1997.00 product.
If there is anyone already not promoting and would like to join the JV list go here:

To be transparent I do get compensation for sending a lead, but only if that lead generates a sale! This compensation is not part or your 40%.  I currently don't have a list related to this product but many of you may...As most of you know Ebens products are well done and very welcomed by customers.
To check out the launch go here:

PS. - +Mike Merz  i hope this post doesn't violate this communities rules.

I have a question - It's regarding Joint Ventures. 
There is a piece of software being released...actually as I write this, in the IM space. 
I am in a group that has been given 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel, but I have no list in this niche or even related niche. However, I am trying to get started in this niche and this opportunity may help me grow my list.
My question is what would a good option be for me to do with the opportunity?
Keep in mind I am more interested in list growth than cash flow.
I want to offer the best options for possible JV's (I do realize this would DFY and 100% commissions, but I have little experience in this area (Jv's)
There are a couple technical issues - I can't list the software as my product so I don't control payment pages...which means waiting for funds and of course trusting me. 
Another is that the owner ( a fairly well recognized seller of IM software) of this product will require the customer to give their email for the licence of the software. 
Another is capturing the customers email for my is this done, without annoying the customer having to sign up so any times just to get the software, which of course will be marketed to by them).
I have the opportunity to create a bonus page in the offer platform but at this point I'm not quite sure how that all works?
Of course this will all have to happen fast as the launch and launch pricing started today and ends in  a week.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Oh I am also willing to give up to 100% on any sale (minus payment and platform fees) in exchange for that customers email.

I hope this makes sense....just a bit new real Joint Venture culture etc.
Also, if you have suggestion you would like to keep private...please PM me here
Mark Burns

Hello all,
I have been around the IM marketing for about 5 years now but never doing my own products etc.
Also, I have been a behind the scene kind of guy in past but, going forward I will start producing products and doing some branding in the IM space.
Nice to meet you all!

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Chris X + Ken O - Video Titan Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, July 13th 2015

"Got a Video or JVZoo list? Chris & Ken launch "Video Titan" on JVZoo - this July 13th. Earn up to 60% with $10,000 of cash prizes up for grabs! JV Page (link below):"

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Dori Friend - Page One Engine Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, June 23rd 2015
Launch Day: Tuesday, June 30th 2015

"$150,000 including 3 cars in JV prize pool. $1,000 commissions. PageOneEngine includes software, link networks and 8 week guided curriculum teaching the top 8 SEO business models that are working in today’s SEO world. This is personally my largest launch so will do my best to make you happy! Anik Singal is doing the marketing. Visit the JV Page (link below):"

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Ron Douglas + Alice Seba - WriterHelpWanted Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, June 22nd 2015
Launch Day: Thursday, June 25th 2015

"Fully-tested product offer with a $3.26 EPC plus 50% commission on rebills teaches how to use writing skills to earn a full-time living. Prelaunch starts June 22 with easy promotions for free high-value content. Prizes for top sellers, sales milestones and lead generation. JV Page (link below):"

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Hey all. The next major update to is going to be out next week sometime, which makes it the only service where you have every type of redirect link marketers need in one place. is the  only service with:
- keyword links on the same domains as your websites (multiple sites)
- keyword links on unhosted domains
- domain redirects
- short links
- short links on your own short domains
- QR codes

And, it is the only service where you put in the destination once, and then can have multiple campaigns pointing to it, each tracked individually. Check out the videos on the site. This really changes how you market.

And all the marketing features like split-testing, injecting multiple retargeting campaigns, and scarcity links, are available on every type of redirect link. Nothing else has this.

Check out the new sales site at and if you're interested in promoting, let me know.

We now have a free plan as well, so if you promote, I imagine lots of people will sign up, and there's an OTO to upgrade for half price for life when they do...  or they'll want to upgrade at some point once they start using it. Working on all the onboarding training right now.

Thanks, and check it out!

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