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I like that our ethical and moral self can be learned. We concentrate more on the CV version rather than the moral component of our personal growth.
I hope it begins to be included in courses at colleges and universities!

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I think we all knew it. But looking at the physical benefits seems like icing on the cake.

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Hello all! We are EMF Clothing Shop and we provide electromagnetic protection, the opportunity for people to shield themselves and their families from Electromagnetic radiation whilst minimizing disruption to everyday life. Our clothing will be of particular interest to pregnant women concerned about EM exposure to the unborn child; those who are sensitive to EMF's, and increasingly, those that are suffering from unexplained health symptoms that may be linked to EMR exposure.

Welcome to visit our website -
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What is Electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitivity, also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is condition which can develop when people are exposed to things like mobile phones, mobile phones masts, computers, WiFi routers and other wireless devices, powerlines, substations, DECT phones and other household appliances.

Symptoms of electrosensitivity - headaches, dizziness, unusual heart palpitations, or insomnia, around wireless technologies or electrical devices.
The most common symptoms - head or ear pain when using mobile phone, redness on the face or arms when using PC, headaches, memory loss, depression and sleep disruption when living near a mobile phone mast.
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