Hi Guys,
I found your project yesterday and I think it's pretty cool.

Unfortunately I cannot work pass tutorial. I have problems with maven and JS code is not generated.

Could you please share pom.XML for simplest working example? I mean tutorial file was updated one year ago, bridges example package 3 years ago. It's not working at least not in my eclipse 🙁

Also, should I use maven-plugin or stjs-maven-plugin?

Communication channels

In my opinion, this project should have a Google-Group discussion forum / mailing-list.

It is a much better way to exchange about a project. Among others because:

* it has better rich-text support
* copy-pasting code is much nicer
* people without google accounts can subscribe

Additionally, as an extra bonus, I think you should also have a Twitter account to publish your "news" to the world. It seems to be a much more mainstream way than G+ (other than that, I am a happy G+ user; I just think you would get more "social media" coverage using the approaches I mentioned).

Sharing Code?

Exciting project!

Will it be (or is it) possible to share part of the code between server and browser? (some classes with some logic, interfaces, etc.)

Which would mean that a project compiles source-code both for the JVM and for the browser as JS...

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Hello, in javascript it's quite common to modify variables defined outside a function. Does STJS have a common workaround for this?
Take the following code for example: https://gist.github.com/gabor-farkas/d59a83c2bdfe60637bf3 - does this have a better way to write?
Thanks, Gábor

Is there any way to add custom written functionality to code generation?
For eg. i would like to translate import class statements in java files to require calls, so you can use Browserify or other common.js processing tool to bundle up the whole javascript code of the application later.

This is a mainly a bug fix version.

- fix NPE in loops (with cast) and wrong check message with classes extending exceptions (java 7 only)
- fix ClassCastException when using anounymous interfaces within static initializers
- fix Parsing of firefox' stacktrace
- allow to use the GeneratorTestHelper for unit tests in arbitrary packages
- fix run command-line test on linux, fix order of pack files for global classes, source map packing
- Fix NullPointerException when jar file don't have manifest.

I had some delay with the last announcements for ST-JS. Here they are:

This is a minor bug fixed related to the refactoring done in the previous version.

fix #42 - add Array.$forEach method to avoid clash in Java 8 with Iterable.forEach
put back check access to forbidden classes
fix #43 - using stjs and annotation processors
fix #41 build with Java 7
fix #40 - java 8 build (but without findbugs)
fix #36 - allow @Native on methods too
fix #39, non-jar files found in the classpath of the compiled project

This is mainly a bug fix version notably for the source map part.

- added stjs-ext to be able to typefy and stringify POJOs based on type description
- fix source maps
- fix wildcard type name
- upgrade guava lib

Small fixes for HTML and jQuery bridges

Is it possible to use it as a StandAlone tool? So it can be easily integrated in other frameworks like Play?
I mean, how can I use the .jar to parse only specific classes?

The 3.0.0 version of ST-JS is out.
This new major version brings the support for Java8, allowing you to use the long expected lambda expressions. Also the method references simplify greatly the development and make 
the code even closer to the generated JavaScript code. To use these new functionalities, you simply have to compile your project with a JDK 8. ST-JS uses the right parser for the desired Java version.

To achieve this, the generator was completely re-written and uses the Java compiler's AST features.

Now it's also simpler to extend the generator via the @UsePlugin annotation.
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