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Name: Leonightis (Leo)

Age: 17

Gender: male

Species: Hydrus

Weapons: claws, fangs, or a knive

Personality: quick, wary, sociopathic, and angry

Likes: swimming, fish, crocodiles, battle, and hunting

Dislikes: being made fun of, and being taunted

Class: Moon

Abilities: he can turn into a human, breathe under water, and super fast in water

Weight: in primary form he is 10 pounds, in human form he is 120 pounds

Height: in primary form he is 3 feet tall, and in human form he is 6 feet
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Name: Leo 

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Zodiac Wielder

Powers: Able to talk to animals, has the bravery of a lion, strength of a tiger, speed of a cheetah and stealth of a panther

Weapons: Claws, daggers
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((open)) is prowling around the field, on all fours. My tail wagging and my ears pricks up as i hear footsteps behind me

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im as high in a tree as I can get watching the students spar and fight in the training fields its been awhile ........I remember training for the wars
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Name: Claire Beta 2
Gender: Female...xD
Joshua Beta 1 is her husband and soul-mate...xD
Species: Genie. Looks like an indigenous Mexican...xD

She has the same powers, skills and abilities that Joshua Beta 1...xD


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I was really disappointed when I learned earlier that "Tokyo Ghoul" series isn't finish yet. :3
Hahaha..So I really need some recommendations,you guys! Help? :>
Please put good and short anime's only! Thanks!*


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Student Profile

Name: Cecilia
Nicknames: Cecile
Age: Her body has aged only 17 years
Gender: Female
Species: Aeroan (A humanoid species that contains magykal abilities)
Powers: The ability to control the flow of air, specifically wind, and manipulate soundwaves. (Fun Fact: Cecile is mute, an irony to the fact of what her species is, and the common ability to manipulate sound waves.)

Appearance: Cecile has skin as pale as parchment, and eyes nearly as black as the ink of a music note. Her hair is a soft brown, wavy, with large, loose curls. Cecile has a natural beauty that does not need to be assisted by makeup, and she tends to wear the plainest of dresses with the simplest of fabrics.

Personality: Cecile is a rather introverted person, shying away from others. She prefers the company of an instrument rather than a person, specifically a piano.

Bio: Cecile could never remember exactly what happened, but it was speculated she fell from the floating capital of her homeland at a very young age. The trauma beset her with a sort of amnesia, and at this point in her life there would be no regaining those memories.

Cecile's first memories were of falling. The wind was cold and bit her skin, screaming in her ears. But then... Then there was a man. She couldn't remember his face or his name, but she remembered the fact he was there. He was sharply dressed, and did not speak either. He simply played piano, and taught Cecile how to as well.

Thus was Cecile's life for a few years, and all that she remembers. Falling, a man, and playing piano.

Then, things changed. The man decided that Cecile should not stay there any longer. He showed her the way to leave him, the way through a forest. Every day, for about a month, while the man played piano, Cecile would stand there, staring at the trees. The man would always join her in standing there. Until one day, the day she would leave, Cecile stood there alone. And she began to cry. She did not want to leave. The man kneeled by her and placed a hand on her head. At this point, he had said something, but Cecile had no idea what it was that he said. But at that point, she decided to leave.

Cecile went into the forest, and the years that passed were a blur. She experienced pain and loneliness in silence, and lived off the land. Of course, she had no idea where she was, but she didn't mind. She was comforted by the music of nature.

When Cecile came across this school, she never felt more at peace. Upon reviewing her powers and her skill at using them, Cecile was almost immediately accepted.

Class: Star
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Cecile had arrived at the Academy late in the day. She stood there, staring up at the large building in silence. Her heart pounded in her chest, the muscle seeming to flutter erratically, like the wings of a hummingbird. Nervous, Cecile caused a chilled breeze to whip through the area, her brown locks rippling in the wind. She had brought hardly anything with her, just a notebook and pen, nothing else.

+Origani Saito

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after a long day she takes her dress off and drops herselve on her bed This was so exhausting... 

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Name: Darcy Lorea 
Age: 17? 
Gender: what if I say male? XD
Species: fire demon
Powers: fire, speed, flying, has 2 hearts, one on each side of the chest
Class you go to: Star

Lefft picture is me, right picture is my clothe style 
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