Love the app a lot! It sits right next to my homescreen and view it  all the time. My only issue is once I exit viewing something it automatically scrolls back to the top if i don't catch it fast enough to hold my spot. Is this a settings issue?

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Here's some more feedback after having used the Beta for a week

Firstly, thank you for your response earlier, and work so far! I am happy to say that Reddinator is now my default Reddit app on my phone. It has proved to be a better experience than my previous app.

In regards to the widget suggestion I made earlier, I wanted to help a little and follow up with my suggestion for a 4x1 version of the widget. I have attached two screenshots. The first is a view of Reddinator resized to 4x1 next to my previous widget at it's default of 4x1.

You'll notice that as you mentioned earlier, 4x1 is a bit cramp with Reddinator, so the second screenshot is a photoshopped image of a possible way to offer a 4x1 widget. Essentially, I decreased the size of the header by 25%, scaled the story image to fit into the window, and decreased the size of the source text, comment count, and upvote count by 25%

The next thing that I noticed, which is a bit cumbersome for me. I tend to use the widget as my entry point into reddit/Reddinator. I like scrolling through the stories until something that draws my interest beyond the headline (Another win with Reddinator over my previous widget, in that the previous widget required me to click to next stories. I like being able to scroll). When I find something that I like , I click through and read more.

The frustrating part is the back button at the top of the app "< Reddinator." When I click on it, I expect to got back to the feed, where I can further enjoy reddit, either by scrolling through more stories, or often by switching to a different subreddit. Instead the back button takes me to my home screen. And hey, that increases retention too! Bonus :)

Next, I noticed the change to the comment button. Great stuff!

Lastly, when the content of a reddit story just links to reddit its self (such as with an AMA or AskReddit), I get two tabs, in Reddinator, Content and Reddit, which is a little confusing, as technically they are both content, and both Reddit. It would be nice if in such cases it only showed the Reddit tab.

There is a further issue that is cleaned up with a single tab in such cases in that under the Content tab, Reddit prompts me to "Log in" in order to interact with it (obviously being that it's Reddit's site doing it, not Reddinator), but it does add a bit of confusion to the user who may not understand why they have to log into reddit twice (Once with the app, and once again with the site). This of course becomes a non-issue with a single tab.

I believe I have seen some session/cookie issues with the in-app browser, but can not yet confirm. I will do some testing and see if I can reproduce.

Again, thank you for all your work, and such a great app!
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Initial Feedback. I currently am using a different app that handles reddit on my device, so much of what I provide is from the perspective of what it would take to switch to Reddinator.

Initial Impressions:

1) I like the interface It's simple and gives me most of what I want

2) I like the dropdown to switch between subreddits, much easier than other apps I have used

3) The font size of the feed is too large (Samsung Galaxy Edge) I looked through the settings, and while I did find places to change font sizes (yay!) for some fragments, I did not find any to change any for the feed.

Starting to Use the App:

4) While I appreciate the simplicity of providing a default view for the unauthenticated user, I could not find any way to log in with my account. Had I been simply trying the app from the play store, as opposed to helping with a Beta, I would have stopped there, and moved on, convinced that I could not use my current account. It wasn't until I up-voted a thread that I was prompted for my credentials. It would be much simpler if there were an account section at the top of the options fragment, above "widgets."

5) Once logged in, the list of subreddits were still the default list. Once again, had I not been Beta testing, I would have stopped, as my subreddits are one of the most important ways I use reddit. I did notice the "Import" button. I didn't understand what it did, but I tried it all the same, and was pleased to see that I got my subreddits. I would suggest automatically importing a user's subreddits once they authenticate. Not only do I believe it will help with retention, it also steam lines the app, reducing the amount of setup required by the user.

6) On another note, I wasn't really sure what I was importing, or why. I just clicked the button hoping it would do something useful. I would suggest something more descriptive.

7) I really love the tabbed interface to switch between content and reddit. This alone nearly convinces me to switch to Reddinator.

8) Each comment takes up too much real estate, which makes it difficult for me to quickly scan through and enjoy the discussion. Some suggestion in this regard
    A) Make the initial comment block smaller. Possibly even a button to add a comment, as opposed to a large text input. At least in my case, when I view the comments in Reddit, I am more interested in reading the discussion than I am in posting a top-level comment.
    B) The box that shows replies ("hide replies", "Load 707 more", etc) is on a line by its self, surrounded by a lot of white space. If it were inline with the reply, and planet icon, you could condense vertical space, and use previously unused white space in the margins of the replies button

On to the Widget

The widget is a make/break for me when choosing an app to access reddit for me. I love having top stories and feeds on my home screen.

9) The default dimensions are 4x2. The app that I have been using has a 4x1 widget, which I really like, as I tend to have a crowded screen. While this is not a deal breaker, it does make it more difficult for me when I have to consider removing other useful icons and widgets from my home screen

10) Again, the default font size is too large

11) I absolutely love the ability to switch between subreddits in the widget. That is something my other app does not have, and it's a huge win for Reddinator!

12) Clicking on the text for the subreddits pops up a window to choose a subreddit, however clicking on the down arrow does not pull this window up. Initially, I thought the option was broken, as that was the logical place for me to click.

So Far
So far, I'm really liking the app! There are a few elements that are a huge win for me. But there are just a couple things that make the transition difficult. With a few tweaks Reddinator is primed to become my new default reddit app.

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