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To anyone who's new to this community:

-NO GBA, sorry it's not a priority. 
-Need ROMs? Search the ROM title on Google
-Got a question? Scroll down to see if you can find it, if not go ahead and post it.
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The Sing in Option is diabled for not being verified. Someone should fix that

should i actually sign in to googulator ????????????????
im a little paranoid


how to get ur own games??????!!!!!!

Uh Guys Do You Think This Should Be An App For Android Two? It Should! +Justin Loutsenhizer

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Dungeons II is free for the next two days from Humble Bundle!
Dungeons 2
Dungeons 2

-Fixed bug preventing Googulator from working when communication cannot be made with (i.e. if the website is being blocked)

can you load saves

It's telling me that "The website is not functioning correctly" and that I can't acecss the library tab. Is there anything I can do to fix that?
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