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Quote It doesn't matter if you came from a powerful family nor to the poor. It just matter if you don't brag about it..." -Mason
Name Mason
Age 16
Gender Male
Powers All Magic still working on it
Good or Evil Good
Destiny To become the next Dragonlord and help my father
From Camelot
Story Arthurian Story Merlin BBC Show
Family A Mother, A father (Merlin), and Siblings
Are you following your parents footsteps? Yes I am
Living I live in Camelot with my family
Romance status Open as a Book but there is one thing.. but my parent won't allow me to like this person... just a hint I like one of Morgana's children
Likes Magic, Freedom, Druids, Fun, Woods, Hunting, My crush (can not say)
Dislikes Uther Pendragon, Has to hide magic, Not being myself
Eyes- Blue
Hair- Brown
Skin- Pale
Height- 5'7" still growing..
Weight- 135
Personality KInd, Clever, Sweet, Caring, Outgoing, Shy (at times)
Friends Arthur's children and some others
Enemies My Father's and Mother's Enemies
Bio Mason always has been practicing and playing around with his magic. He just doesn't get it why magic isn't allowed in Camelot. But his father always warns him to not use magic in front of people. If he does he knows what will happen to him. He had great friends. He is trying to be just like his father but something doesn't work out. He not as wise as his father but he is loyal. And now he came to Ever After High to learn.
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Name: Emily Pendragon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Parent's story: Merlin
Alliance: Royal
From: Camelot but attending Ever After High
Secret Heart Desire: Not to die at the end of my story
Magic touch: I'm really good with a sword
Oh Curses Moment: Every time I get hurt or beat by someone better than me
Storybook romance status: Just waiting for the perfect guy
Favorite food: Stew, protein and vegetables always builds up strength to be able to fight
Favorite subject: Any subject dealing with swords
Least favorite subject: Princessoligy, well I going to be queen of Camelot but still!
Best friends forever after: Darling Charming, Mason (son of Merlin), Tara
Roommate: Tara
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Name: Kitty Cheshire
Age: 15
Parents Story: Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Roommate: Madeline Hatter
Secret Hearts Desire: to uncover rules. Like a ball of yarn
My Magic Touch: Obviously. I can turn unvisible and POOF place to place without being seen
Story Book Romance Status: Forget boys with the puppy dog eyes. Give me a guy whose cat's meow
Oh Curses Moment: My curiosity gets me in a lot of trouble
Favorite Subject: Geografairy. After memorize the lay of the land. I can appear anywhere I want
Least Favorite Subject: Swim Class in Grimmnastics. Just thinking about it getting my fur soaked makes my fur stand on the end
Best Friends Forever After: Lizzle Hearts. She's my sister from a another littler
Bio: Chaos is keeping people guessing and that makes this kitty purr
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