Awful app--buggy, inconsistent and doesn't allow me to log into my uBer account. Requesting refund

I need a ride in Corpus Christi

I can't log into my uber account. Please refund my money

cant open the app after purchasing
can't register.don 'accept info.

stupid app wont open and it cost me $4.50

cant open the app after purchasing for £2.99
Absolute rubbish.
Have asked for a refund.

Why is it when I enter the exact address of departure and exact address of destination, which are approximately 15 miles apart I am told "Journey exceeds 100 miles"?

Reaching out to users. is there anything that is not available on the passenger for uber app that is available on the phone app.
ex: messaging. Canyon have multiple rides running at one time.
Ex: 2 family members to different destinations.

Please reach out to if you have any issues, or post here to get community help.
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