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We have a new website! I think.

Do not post video's on YouTube without informing me.

If you are posting video's on Youtube DO NOT link the website or say the website name in your video
(Or the website will be f##ked)

And finally do not invite anyone under the age of 12.

Thank you for reading these rules and have a nice day.

And we're a team of only two admin' s (so dont hate on us plz)

One more thing.

Get notepad++ and edit the scripts that you downloaded! The person who host's the game has to have port forwarded or it has LogMeIn hamachi!

RBX2008 has been permanently shutdown.

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Here is a tiny tutorial on how to use RBXPri! (Ps: Make sure you pin the RBXPrivateLauncher.exe to the taskbar.) (Pps: If by chance you are on windows xp then go to the start menu and click run, then type %appdata% in the run bar and click enter. Click AppData in the top bar and open Local, then scroll down to RBXPrivateLauncher then take RBXPrivateLauncher.exe and put it on your desktop.) Have fun! And you need logmein hamachi for multiplayer! :)

Hello new followers and welcome to The Old Roblox Group! :D

First download RBXPri. This is a 2011 client which can be very fun at times!

And the main server(s) is Building/Crossroads/Happy Home In Robloxia/Nuke The Whales

After you get hamachi and you want to connect to The Old Roblox Group Server Connection Network Then you can play on the main server 4 people only sadly.. :( but here is the info. Network:TORGSCN Password:9966
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