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Download it ,print it ,read it !! You will learn more and understand even more about what's happening ....teach it or preach it ....
Your "public" school has never told the truth about history ...the one who controls the print shall write history how he sees fit !!


+Timothy Taft Remove me from here please my IPad won't let me leave.

Wow! What happened to this place?

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Caravan To Midnight -- Episode 520 The Finicum Family : God , Freedom , and Family 

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Shawna Cox Gives Testimony As Enhanced Video Shows Murder of LaVoy Finicum

WHATCH and share this video to get this info out ... 

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-U.S.A. +U.S.S.R. ♥

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Jaw-Dropping Update:

The Following Truly Astounds Me & Is a Blatant Move on the Part of Our President! Be Aware, he's very Calculated:

DICTATOR Obama tells States they "Have NO Power to STOP Refugees" & then threatens to Stop Federal Funding to States that Continue to do so!

Seems he's forgotten about the "Commandeering Doctrine" & has turned straight DICTATOR! This is an unprecedented announcement & it shows that Obama wants to cause as much unrest in our Country as possible! It's as if he WANTS a Civil War!

Liberals say this is Fear-Mongering, even though this is a direct reflection of Obama's actions & words! Like I've said, Liberals won't address the truth until it arrives at their doorsteps, then they'll be asking Conservatives for protection!

Obama has truly become a Dictator through his Executive Orders & he continues to trample Congress! Our Constitution means NOTHING to him & this is only the beginning! Our Country will be devastated by his actions in the coming year!

Lock & Load Patriots!



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Join the Ted Cruz 45 community! Help us Reignite the Promise of America!

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Hey ya'll! I wants to take a break for a moment and ask that you all come here to support my campaign for President of G+. I am running as a nerd so I hope to encourage political posts and such. All that I ask for is your support in this first straw poll and until the last poll. Thank you!

--Timothy Taft
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