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Hey guys, admin Persephone/Psyche here! This place was pretty much abandoned, but we've had some new people join, so I was thinking we could try to bring life back to this place. Let me know in the comments who wants to stay and if you do, how you'd like to make this place active again, such as an event or more promotion, etc.
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Location: Father's Shop

Smiling a pride-filled smile to herself, the petite daughter of the blacksmith looks around the store from the chair her father had insisted she sat in. She was currently proud herself over being able to talk her father into letting her help with the shop today. It was quite the feat considering how against the idea he was since the last time she helped with the shop, she fainted. Her eyes stopped at the little display case not to far from where she was stationed. Inside the case was a few little trinkets her father made every once in a while. She smiled at them, knowing how much love her father put into them.

Throughout the shop was all types of daggers, and other weapons and metalwork her father had put up on the walls and in the display cases.

Throughout the day, she helped her father anyway she could. Whether it was sweeping the floor to talking the customers into paying more than what they came in for, she was more than glad to help. It was about an hour from sundown when her father was called to the back for something she didn't quite catch. She had managed to get him not to close the shop early and to just let her take over until he returned. So now she was waiting for the little bell on the door to ring. Fixing the displays as she waited.

((Open. Please ignore the umbrella and flowers))

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Location: In a her mother's garden

Anthea picks out a flower from the necklace she had worn around her neck since it was given to her. She looks around her mother's garden with a warm smile as she does so. She takes a seat on her knees infront of a clay pot. With care she scoops some of the dirt from the garden and places it gingerly into the pot. Once she had filled the pot most if the way, she places the plant inside of the pot. She picks up the pot and places it on her lap. She starts singing to it

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Location: A small field next to a small pond

Sitting on her knees in front of a small pond, Anthea absent-mindly looks into the body of water. She looks into the pond quietly with not even her breathing being barely audible.

She remains completely still for a few more moments before blinking. She sits back on her behind and picks up the book that sat next to her. It was an old leather back book with a string wrapped around it. Their was a piece or lead tied to the book. She in binds the book and lead then flips through the pages to the next free page. She starts writing in small, neat-ish letters. Unaware of any other presences that may be in the area.

((Open. Please not text talk.))

|Open, preferably to Apollo or someone who has a relation to Artemis or Hera lmao I have a feeling she wouldn't be on the best terms with Artemis |

Artemis was awfully lonely. Yes, of course, she had her followers, her Huntresses, and she could always visit Olympus, but... She felt a sliver of loneliness accompanied by melancholy creep up her spine.

She decided to visit her place on Olympus. See how things were going. Lies. She wanted someone's presence, someone who actually knew her.

And she found herself in the garden when she did arrive, surrounded by different flowers and trees, well tended to. Many of the plants she recognized, but there were also many that were foreign to her.

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Location: Temple of Asclepius

Walking with a large homemade basket filled with healthy white lilies and a blanket she had woven herself. The blanket was woven with the best thread she would find, dying the thread and cotton used herself. The design on the blanket being Asclepius's sign with white lilies in the back of the insignia and the corners of the blanket. Bandages on her hands and fingers due to the injuries she had received weaving. She says a small prayed before entering the temple and properly presenting her offering. She goes onto her knees and bows her head
I do not pray to you for a gain, I solely wish to thank you for answering my parent's prayers and saving my life.

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Quote: I wonder if I'm the only one who hears words in the silence. Maybe I'm just crazy or maybe there's meaning to it. Only the Gods know for sure, no matter how much I guess...

My mother was originally going to name me Chara (happiness) but father thought Lady of Flowers would be more fitting.

Marriage? Probably not going to happen is my parents has anything to say about it. Plus I don't know anyone besides from them so...

Name: Anthea --

Chronologically: 17
Physically: 15
Mentally: Though still considered young by her parents she has the mental age of at least 36
Emotionally: Though she has a high mental age, due to the small amount of human interaction with people other than her parents, she has the emotional compacity of a 12 year old

Consort: None

Residence: Thebes

Parents: A Blacksmith (Father) and a Weaver (Mother)

Siblings: None

Children: None

Weakness: She is afraid of wild fires, often breaking down in tears when she is around an untamed open flame. She also has a weak body, which is due to her being born sickly

Bio: Born sickly, she owes her life to the Gods as her parents constant prayer and sacrifice to the Goddess Hera and God Asclepius saved her fagile life. Her peculiar white hair is a constant reminder of the gift the Gods have given her. Over the years she had grown into quite the weaver, learning from her mother. She also picked up a thing or two about crafting weaponry from watching her father every chance she got. Now in marrying age she and her parents are rather hesitant on her getting married, stating that if she falls in love she can. However this will probably never happen considering she rarely ever leaves her home, much less talk to other humanoid beings. Learning to read and write from her father who was lucky enough to have learned to read and write, if she wasn't helping her parents she was writing what she heard. Though must of the things she hears doesn't make much sense to her, nor does she know what she is hearing half the time, she records it anyway, hoping to make since of it some day.

Face Claim: Picture Attached
Height: 5'3
Weight: 117lb
Built: Petite
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White

Theme: |:|FlowerFell|:| Secret Garden by EmpathP

((Please ignore the umbrella, this picture is the best representation I have of her appearance.))

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⚫Immortal Template⭕

"Magic is not lost. Just hidden."
"The stars and fire dance with me. Will you?"
"There is a reason redheads were called witches."
"My magic is beyond mortal belief. I can do so much more than simple hat tricks."

||Name|| "I am Hecate."

||Species|| "I am a goddess, though due to my lineage I am also known as a Titan."

||Function|| "Goddess of magic and crossroads. Witchcraft and necromancy and ghosts. Many assign me to the moon and night as well, though that falls under Artemis."

||Consort|| "I... have a few. Hermes. Helius. Mormo."

||Residence|| "The Underworld. I have no place on Olympus as a minor goddess."

||Symbol(s)|| "‎Paired torches, dogs, serpents, keys, a black she-dog and a ‎polecat‎, and daggers. Crossroads as well."

||Parents|| "Perses and Asteria, goddess of the stars."

||Siblings|| "I do not have any that are born of both the same mother and father."

||Children|| "Circe, Scylla, Aietes, Pasiphae, Empusa, and Pan."

||Roman Counterpart|| "Trivia is the name."

||Personality|| "I am known as bitter. I am known as unforgiving. And I am both, but I can not be, as well. I am not a goddess whom you would be safe to have on her bad side. I can create plagues with a flick of my wrist, I can wipe out an entire land with just the mere thought. I may be a minor goddess, but I am not weak. I'm hard to love. Hard to hold. I'm not one who's going to settle. Magic and I are one and the same, and we're ever changing."

||Bio|| "I am the only child of Perses and Asteria. My realm, for that reason, extends all around. Heaven, Earth, Sea... even the Underworld. I assisted Demeter with her search for Persephone, using my torches to guide her through the night and through the dark. As they reunited, since Persephone was forced to stay for half the year in the Underworld, I became her momister, and her companion."

||Appearance|| (Either describe what he/she looks like or provide a face claim that isn't already taken.)
•Face Claim »Again, IDK.
•Height "I am around 5'8"."
•Weight "120 lbs."
•Build "Lanky, more than anything."
•Eye Color "Gold."
•Hair Color "Red. Brilliant, vibrant red. I am the reason redheads were considered witches and demons."

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⚫Immortal Template⭕

"Much of the beauty of this world is destroyed by mortals. I see not why I cannot change that."
"The moon and the sun are opposites, yet they hang in eternal balance."

||Name|| "I am known as Artemis."

||Species|| "I am a goddess, and I'd appreciate it if you treated me as such."

||Function|| "I am the goddess of many things; goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. Of childbirth, and the protector of maidens until marriage."

||Consort|| "I am a goddess of virginity. A maiden goddess. Nobody dares."

||Residence|| "Mt. Olympus."

||Symbol(s)|| "Once again, there are many. ‎A bow, arrows, stags and does, the hunting dog and the moon."

||Parents|| "Zeus and Leto."

||Siblings|| _"My twin is god of the sun. I'm sure you know of him, the hotheaded god Apollo."

||Children|| "Ha! I am a maiden goddess. Men do not dare have any place in my mind."

||Roman Counterpart|| "She is known as Diana."

||Personality|| "I am a free spirit. I am not bound by anyone's rules. I am kind, and I am tender, but I am also a huntress. I know how to hurt, and I know how to kill. If you are to offend me, or to harm a woman, I have a duty. I am a woman, a goddess that many people pine after. I know how to break hearts, and I do not hesitate to."

||Bio||  "I was born of the goddess Leto and Lord Zeus. However, Leto went into hiding, fearing Hera's wrath. I was born on Delos, and as soon as I was born I helped her deliver Apollo, my twin."

"I asked my father to grant me eternal chastity and virginity. I never gave into love, instead dedicating myself to nature and hunting. And I did so, taking a seat as one of the twelve Olympians. My true place is on Mt. Olympus, but I only show there when summoned. Where is a goddess to be but her true domain?"

•Face Claim » IDK.
•Height "5'1"
•Weight "If I were to measure, it'd be 95, or around there."
•Build "I'm very petite, but strong. Short, as well. I take the form of a girl no older than fourteen, typically."
•Eye Color "It truly varies. One would classify it as hazel, another as green. Brown. Different to each person."
•Hair Color "It's a very bright blonde."

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