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Hey everyone, if you haven't had a chance to check out Texpert yet, I really recommend you do! :D It has a lot of awesome features and will be getting an epic 2.0 update soon. Also if you are enjoying the app please leave a rating as it will be a great help to me and will be greatly appreciated :D

There seems to be a limit of 9 icons in a grid sheet. I can add 12 in the icon screen, but only 9 appear in the pop-up.

Is all the plugin data for Snackbar stored in Tasker or in app? As in if I reset the Snackbar app will I lose anything?

Could somebody could give me a hint?

Hi there, I try to get a - buttom sheet - with a flexible amount of Items which are in a text file. The text file have entries in each line(the amount of lines are flexible). this means that when snackbar opens the buttom sheet should show the amount of item which are depending on the amount of lines in the text file. with tasker I am able to read the text file - count the number of lines and split it with a variable.

maybe it is easy to achieve but I wasn't able to find something on the www.

thanx in advance

Material design plugin:
i'd like to set status bar color to transparent, is t possible to chose transparent?
i've tried "dismiss status bar color" but it's buggy: too often i get crash message and there's always a few seconds delay when dismissing..

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Hey all, just wanted to share a post about a project that I CONSTANTLY use. The Display Timeout Tile is a great use case for Snackbar Tasker Plugin. Enjoy! Thanks to Nick for a great plugin!
Well guys, I didn't get a chance to finish the post I wanted to :(. BUT I wanted to give you something in the meantime! Here is an older post and one of my more popular ones.
Display Timeout TIle using #quicksettingsTiles in #Tasker with #AutoNotification and #SnackbarTaskerPlugin. Enjoy!

Support for material icons pack of Tasker 5.0. 😊

Nick, are you resolving issues with components war?

Example: List Activity 1 (infinity waiting) + FAB (two components). List Activity 1 is opened. FAB sends command to AutoApps. Then List Activity 2 should be opened, but it isn't. It will wait until I'll close List Activity 1 manually.

How to solve it? I have great ideas, but can't realize anything due to amazing permanent bugs. 😒 

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hi nick, hope you are you still working on these plugins, because some fixes/new features for navigation drawer would be highly appreciated :)

- html doesn't work in header title
- items with icons "not set" aren't aligned correctly (see "tools" item in my screenshot)
- scrolling indicator suddenly gets longer after scrolling down 1/3
- when the color choser comes up (to enter font color e.g.) the keyboard overlays the ok button, so i can't accept the color. using the "down" nav key to close the keyboard, closes the color choser dialog, too.

feature requests:
- functioning user selection. (clicking the little arrow on the right, only shows a duplicate of the header title)
- circle of profile picture should be transparent if no picture is set
- expandable category sections
- switches! :D

Touch Pass Through issue?

With the latest Tasker Beta's (b4/b5) it seems that any Snackbar actions (particularly showing a snackbar itself) will not run if "Touch Pass Through" is enabled.

Doesn't return an error of any sort. Tasker just hangs and doesn't show a Snackbar or proceed past that Snackbar Action.
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