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Hey there !

I have some noobs questions. First, when Gnome devs killed Gnome 2 to give birth to Gnome 3, AKA Satan-Himself-yes-i-m-serious-I-ll-kill-your-love-for-linux-based-operating-systems, I switched to KDE. As excpected, blood came out of my eyes and nose. So I tried Mate but it was young and had some youth issues (asking for a car, taking drugs, stuffs like that, you know how they are...). Anyway, I thought it will never be abble to be as cool as Gnome 2. I tried Cinnamon, wich is quiet nice I have to say, but a pain in the ass for customization. And then, I went back to Windows.
Several years later, well, today, I saw a video of ubuntu Mate 18.04. WTF IS THIS AWESOMNESS ???? I need that stuff right now !!!
But (yes, I talk to much) how do we customize it ? Long time ago, in a far far memory, I used to go on and downloaded Gnome 2 theme, icons sets, and voil脿. But with mate, what is the good way to get a beautiful theme ? What kind of theme do I have to get ? gtk-2 themes ? gtk-3 ? None of that ?
I'm downloading Ubuntu mate as I type (I've got a slow connection, sorry guys), and I'd love to customize it as soon as it's installed.
Anyone could help ?

Thank you. Peace, Love, Hummus <3

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ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS PowerPC with the RC6 of kernel 4.17 in a virtual e5500 QEMU 2.12.0 machine with a VirtIO graphics card:

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Good morning, people!! Thanks to the team for Ubuntu MATE (all versions are great).
Any news about when the newer Raspberry-Pi version is going to be available?

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Anyone else is having this error at startup and after reloading it works, I did not find out the reason, any ideas?

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ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS PowerPC in a virtual QEMU machine with an e5500 CPU and a VirtIO graphics card:

qemu-system-ppc64 -M ppce500 -cpu e5500 -m 2048 -kernel /home/christian/Downloads/uImage-4.17-without_corenet -drive file=/home/christian/Dokumente/ubuntu_MATE_16.04.3_LTS_PowerPC_QEMU/ubuntu_MATE_16.04_PowerPC.img,index=0,if=virtio -net nic,vlan=0,model=e1000 -net user,vlan=0 -append "rw root=/dev/vda3" -device virtio-vga -device virtio-mouse-pci -device virtio-keyboard-pci

Im Glad Ubuntu Mate exists, and is gaining popularity.
I wasn't a fan of the new menu structure in 18.04, so I regressed to version 16.04. In mate-tweak I was unable to restore the look of version 16.04, which more closely matched the gnome2 perspective I was familiar with.

If there is a way to get that gnome2, Mate16.04 version look in 18.04, surely I would like to know.

I updated all my 64 bit laptops and desktop with Ubuntu 18.04 , only to install Mate in the end because gnome have become way too bulky. The only system running Ubuntu is an i5 laptop. Is Ubuntu on it's way out?. The new kernel is taking even longer than windows 10 to boot up. What is going on Linux?

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Take a look at Ubuntu MATE 18.04 through the eyes of +Linux Scoop

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this episode covers the decision for Ubuntu MATE and other flavours to drop the 32-bit ISOs
On this episode of This Week in #Linux, we check out some big distro release news from Fedora, CentOS, CoreOS, KaOS and more. There's new versions of Firefox, Kdenlive, GNOME and Cinnamon available.

Lubuntu announces their switch to LXQt by default. If you're interested in learning Python, Humble Bundle has a great Python Development bundle available. Ubuntu 18.10's codename was announced and some of the Ubuntu Flavours might be dropping support for 32bit ISOs in the 18.10 cycle.

Google confirmed that Linux Apps are coming to ChromeOS. Then later in the show we'll look at some gaming news from Atari and Valve, also some mobile news from and Android. All that and much more!

also on the +TuxDigital website at

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Something for our Italian language members 馃榾
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