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Edit - DISCLAIMER Be aware that what I describe here is risky. Do not upgrade to a testing release. They are not suited to any productive environment and should only be used for testing.

I upgraded to 18.04 today and my saved 17.10 custom panel layout got borked.

The indicator applet was only showing network and volume. I tried switching to traditional in Mate Tweak, and I noticed that the default indicator applet had changed quite a bit, so this might explain why my saved panel layout wasn't working properly. I tried switching back to my saved custom panel layout, and now everything was showing on the panel twice. 2 menus side by side, 2 calendars side by side, 2 worplace switchers, trash cans, window lists, a double dock, etc. I tried removing the menu and both disappeared.

I ended up switching back to traditional, rebuilding my custom panel layout from scratch, and resaving it. It all works fine now. It's not exactly as it was before. The new indicator area with it's shutdown/user menu replaces the old (Indicators->Calendar->Power) layout I had before, and the dock now seems to use a light backround that matches my windows rather than matching the panel colour, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change it.

Fair warning to anyone who has a saved 17.10 custom panel layout that is modified from "Traditional." Upgrading to the beta might not be a perfectly smooth transition. Edit - Duh.

A minor nitpick. I liked the power statistics panel on the old power indicator that opened up from the context menu and showed me battery stats, charge history, etc. The new battery indicator now has a toggle option to show % or timeleft in the bar and the indicator seems to crash if I toggle them on and off again. (notice the missing battery indicator in the screenshot) Especially now that tlp is no longer packed with the default install, this useful feature is sorely missed. I can still access Power Statistics from the menu, but not from the indicator apparently.

+Martin Wimpress Any way to make the new Brisk Dash Menu navigate through programs vertically instead of using a scrollbar when you have a lot them? Can also make it so that when you reach the end of one category you can jump to the other one just by using the mouse scroll wheel/swiping if using touch screen.

That and a sort of transparent theme.

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my pc desktop screenshot I am back using my favorite Linux distro.What is yours?

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this is the adapter I need for my headset to work on my laptopI use a Lenovo g585 model but , the headphone port is not dual jack I think its mono with one port plug.

While installing Ubuntu mate my laptop start booting again and again .How can I fix this error.please help me .
I downloaded Ubuntu mate properly from their official site.
Please help me.

Tried to load 17.10 and at the very end, it said that a fatal error had occurred and the grub could not be loaded. I had just erased Mint Mate from the HD with no previous problems. Should I simply try again or download the iso again? Any suggestions?

How stable is Mate 18.04 Daily build? Can't wait for it to come out! Hearing a lot of good things about it. I am thinking about trying it on a spare hard drive to check it out.

+Martin Wimpress Excited to see the full-screen menu for the Mutiny layout on Ubuntu Mate 18.04. Any chance that this menu will be available for the other layouts and horizontal panel orientation? #pleasepleaseplease

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Installing Ubuntu Mate on my new Threadripper :-P

Did I miss something? I bought a used T420, and put a fresh install of 17.10.1 on it, I installed my software, etc. I ran tlp stat to check my battery, and I got a message that tlp was not installed.

Is there a reason that tlp is no longer installed by defult on Ubu Mate? using an different power management package?
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