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He looked different, maybe because of his looks or maybe it was the eyes. It was impossible to not look at him from that entire crowd which filled the room. I said something about him to my friend and giggled, I think he noticed. He looked at me and smiled, I was a bit embarrassed so I looked away slowly.

Post has attachment my blog for love-stories, if your interested.
Share me your comments on my blog....I have uploaded 7-parts till now!!
~Sanjay Nikalje

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Read our writers' blog: Epic Stories. Lots of fun stories and activities by teenage writers for teenage writers.

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Now this popular meet up travel plan for all the artists and writers have become an ongoing trip for every month. S join this journey and meet the writers from different parts of the world along with hearing the stories from remote areas of sikkim and Darjeeling.

My name's Sydney, and I'd love it if you could introduce yourselves to me. I love writing, so I joined this community, and... that's it. xD

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Would anyone like to travel to the most remote places of North Bengal for hearing night time stories from the oldest people of different villages?

Suggestions are ignored, Teachings are forgotten, but involvements are the ones that become a part of this December we invite all the creative souls to make their involvement to this innovative trip and be a part of big news that will locally serve the nature, economy and whole be a writer, movie maker, artist, social worker, traveller, storyteller, environmentalist, culture lover..All at one go
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