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Rules are the same as AHOUSA

This is dead I think. Now can we finally have an Alternate History of Yugoslavia? (I claim Dalmatia if we do!) +ThatFilipinoCommunist 

Treaty of Patong
- The Holy Neutral Khmer Kingdom shall annex Thailand.
- The Holy Neutral Khmer Kingdom shall change its name to the Neutral Khmer Empire.

Signed by

----------------------- ------------------------
Prime Minister of Thailand King of Khmer

Battle of Bangkok
Khmer troops reach the capital of Thailand. 10,000 troops have been lost so far, 7,500 in the Battle of Chiang Mai, 2,500 marching towards Bangkok, either because of starvation, suicide, or killed by Thai troops. But this looks to be the bloodiest battle yet. The Khmer have the element of surprise, but soon they have to face the might of the Thai army. It is all over by the end of the day. The Khmer have lost 10,000 more troops, but the Thai have surrendered. The Khmer flag is raised in the city, as soldiers and their families dance and sing the Khmer national anthem. There is still the issue of Thailand's south, which was under de facto control by Islamic rebels, who proclaimed an independent Emirate of Patani Darusalam. While they could easily be crushed, it is likely an insurgency will continue. Khmer is still deciding on what to do with them.


-10 points for weapons research, Khmer makes the Ibuen, A gun that can shoot 5 times faster than a regular gun.

Meh, I declare war on Thailand. -1 point.

Name: Japanese Empire
Territory: Mainland Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indochina, And Indonesia
Manpower: 1 .3 billion
Flag: (Imperial Japanese flag)
Ideology: Monarchy
Capital: Tokoy

As +Titanicman300 previously mentioned, the rules are the same as AFOUSA but for anyone who didn't play that, here are the rules-
Originally posted by Mexican Mapper
Welcome to the alternate history of USA
The current year is 1800, the only thing you need to do is to choose your state and its goverment ideology, every day you gain 10 pts
For 1 pt you recruit 1,000 soldiers
For 2 pts you improve infastructure (START FROM LEVEL 1)
For 3 pts you upgrade Your industry (START FROM LEVEL 1)
For 5 pts you upgrade your fortress or state defense buildings (START FROM LEVEL 1)
And For 10 pts you research better weapons (START FROM LEVEL 1)

Also, can we do an Alternate Future of Yugoslavia next?

Full country profile-
Name- Holy Neutral Khmer Kingdom
Ideology- Absolute Monarchy
Land/Territory- Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
Soldiers- 100,000 to start off with.
Flag- current flag of Cambodia without Angkor Wat
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