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Name: Union of Asian Stans
Ideology: Socialist
Land: The remaining countries of stan
Soldiers: Starting off with 25.000 troops
Flag: Combination of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan
Government Type: Union.
Goals: Becoming one of the largest socialist states.

Name: Japanese Empire
Territory: Mainland Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indochina, And Indonesia
Manpower: 1 .3 billion
Flag: (Imperial Japanese flag)
Ideology: Monarchy
Capital: Tokoy

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Add Kazakstan to the territory
United Communist Republic of Ragruylia

Capital: Vladivostok

Government: One-party totalitarian Marxist-Leninist dictatorship.

Dictator: Aristarkhov Radomir Vitalievich

Population: 3,000,000

Military: 300,000

Currency: Plieze

Alliances: None

On-going wars: None

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Name: Republic of India

Ideology: Democracy

Manpower: 1 billion+

Industry: Level 2

Name:Persian Empire

Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Ideology: Democratic imperialism

Territories it owns: Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Azerbaijan,Syria and Jordan

Troops: 12,000

Industry: lvl2

Defences: lvl3

Weapons: lvl2

Infrastructure: lvl1


AHOA now

lvl 3 weapons

Name: Chinese Empire

Ideology: Dictatorship

Manpower: 200,000

Industry: lvl2


Defences and forts: lvl2

Weapons: lvl1
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