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I'll post something about undertale tomorrow

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Ill just Chisk and a few of my ocs.
With other two people girls I roleplay as, the internet has created... Chisk. What the hell.

*Knowing that this post is shit, it fills you with discomfort

Name: Chisk
Age: Discomfort.
Gender: Discomfortable Female.
Likes: Flowey, Friends
Dislikes: Discomfort
Genocide or nah: DISCOMFORT
How and why you fell in: Discomfort.
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(cant forget me.(
Name: "I do have a real human name, but i've used the name for various murders. So call me Sierra Skullman!"

Age: "You idiot! It isn't very polite to ask a last her age~! So this will stay unknown~ Just know I'm over 18~"

Gender: "Female would be my gender is you haven't noticed."

Monster/Human: "Monsters for life~!"

If monster, what species?: "A demon.... Pikachu.... Human.... Thing.... It's a long story between my deceased mother and my father."

Personality: "I try my best to be polite. But I try my best not to get angry. So in one sentence... Don't piss me off.. That's my only rule"

Relatives: "Lewis is my Father.. We have Uncle Arthur... And then... M-My mother... I hate talking about her okay?"

Powers: "Well... I can turn transparent, decapitate my own head and live, send out ghosts, and control fire."

Theme, if you were to fight me:
Crazy Loop- Mm Ma Ma

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(last one.(
"Aww yeah! Get dunked on bro!"

Name: "Bro. My name is Sera Nunso!"

Age: "Uhhhh.... I think I'm 17."

Likes: "I like lots! Video games, snacks, and skateboards!"

Dislikes: "I hate Toriel.. She's soooooo boring. Sans is way much more fun!"

Powers: "I have mind controlling sometimes! And I have invisibility too!"

"Um... All I know that I was born. That's it.."

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(This one too..)
Name: Stormsty Skull
Age: *Who knows?
Species: Skeleton
Likes: sweets, sleeping
Dislikes: being awoken
Spears- Attk 3, can be blue or orange
Bone block- Attk 5, stay in the middle!
Boom Bombs!- Attk 15, will turn to any attack color!
Personality: Lazy, odd, a little lightheaded
Bio: *Why would I tell you? I don't even know you.
Soul: *Its blue with a green stripe through it. Like my hair.
Battle Themes:
Pacifist (final battle)-
Genocide (final battle)-
Battle theme-
Battle Quotes: "*Ya know what kid? Prepare for the worst time of your miserable life." -Genocide
"*I knew you really were filled with determination."
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