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The team is very excited to announce that CakePHP 3.6.0 is now available! This is the first stable release of 3.6.0 and provides a number improvements both large and small to CakePHP

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Have you purchased your CakeFest 2018 Tickets yet? If not, hurry to get yours today! We are 86 days away! June 14-17 in Nashville!! The early bird discount will only last a short while longer

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CakeFest 2018 CFP is now open! It's closing soon - 15th March so if you are keen to be a speaker this year then submit! Not sure what to submit? Come bounce some ideas with us!

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Just in! CakeFest 2018 Tickets now on sale!! Who's going to be joining us 14-17 June in Nashville, TN?? We've also put the CFP live so if you are keen to speak at CakeFest then submit your topic!

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Don't miss out on this training course! If you are keen to get into CakePHP 3 or are looking to improve your CakePHP 3 game, then this one is for you. The costs of the tickets get donated back into the project costs (so its a great way of making a donation!)

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¿Qué patrones de diseño implementa CakePHP?
En mi pequeña búsqueda solo he encontrado los patrones:
- Singleton
- Observer
- Factory

Si pudieran ayudarme con ejemplos donde se evidencie la implementación de estos y los otros patrones que este framework implemente. Gracias adelantadas.

Hi every body.
I would like to create a blog by using angular framework In my admin prefix
Q: how I cake use this technique with crud in both angular and cakephp?

Good night guys
I am reporting on an article on open source sofwtare I would like to know there is a cake community dashboard with commits info among others

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