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The Islamic world is more gay than you think

Homosexuals are persecuted in many Islamic countries, but there is an active scene in secret.

It started as a timid offer in a water pipe cafe, sometimes as an offensive tack at the taxi booth. One said clearly what he wanted. The other whispered, "Let's just see what happens." The talk is of encounters with men who wanted to meet me for sex. But not in Berlin or New York, but in Aleppo, Cairo and Amman. I have never received so many offers for same sex as in Islamic countries. I have never experienced male friendships, which are also physically intimate, as among Muslims.

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The other side marched with a storm rifle armed into a queer club in American Orlando and shot 49 people (bento). In Iran, the bodies of homosexuals are hanging on building cranes, in Saudi Arabia, gays of religious beliefs bury their heads, and in Syria the self-described "Islamic state" plunges homosexuals from high-houses.
Islam is, in the understanding of many, a homophobic religion: Muslims simply do not like gays. But even if Islamists are demonizing homosexuality today, same-sex love in the Islamic world was self-evident for centuries. And even if homophobia is regarded today as a typical Islamic, as a "medieval" problem from the Western point of view - in reality it is a fairly modern phenomenon in the region. An overview:

How did Muslims deal with gays?

Physical love between men was so self-evident in the Islamic world between the eighth and eighteenth centuries that the "gay" label did not exist. The division of love and sex into a "homosexual" and a "heterosexual" sphere is a fairly modern phenomenon - also in the world.
As in Christian Europe, sexual morality in the Islamic world declined for the most part in individual sexpractices rather than in the sexual identity of men. And like today, there was also a lot of stereotypes about Islam and homosexuality in the pre-modern Europe.
Only the difference to today could hardly be any greater: Massively, European travelers to the Orient brought stories about sexual success with back to the Christian-bounded West. Harem stories and paintings fascinated the Europeans. Muslims were regarded as liberated and sexually uninhibited. A stereotype from the Turkish goatfucker goes back to those days.

What did the loose handling of gays show?

Whoever wants to know how unhindered Muslims once with the love of their own sex around, must read poems. For centuries, Muslim poets translated their homoerotic fantasies into verse form in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman. Probably no other culture could have produced such a variety of homoerotic literature as the Islamic.
The verses of the most famous Persian poet at all, Hafiz, are full of homoeroticism. On his affection for well-built Turkish slaves, he wrote:
"Shake the Shiraz My heart in his hand, For the Hindumal I gave him Bukhara and Samarkand."

And if today's Islamists pretend to call on the time of the first Islamic caliphs, they should perhaps first read Abu Nuwas. He is considered to be the most famous poet in the Arab world, and in the 9th century he was enthusiastic about the sexes of his sex partners:

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