+Harry Potter 

G: 83
S: 130
K: 150

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Oh gosh, this is terribly late, isn't it?
But yeah, here it is...after months of forgetting that it ever existed, I present to you...
Order in the comments below.

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Can I work here?

+Rayan Moosa 

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3G 10S (Purchase WWW)

I would like a butterbeer, please.

If there are co-owners but the co-owner is not a moderator but wants to edit the 'items list' what to do?

+Annette Silvanus (Scrivenshft Quill Shop: Owner)

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S: 130
K: 150

-7G (For shop)

Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop is a writing supplies store in Hogsmeade set up by Scrivenshaft. It sells various quills, parchment and stationery needed for students at Hogwarts. The shop stock includes stationery such as rainbow ink and extra-large quills. However, students usually prefer to visit Zonko's Joke Shop or Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes when it comes to buying special quills such as joke quills and sugar quills. Scrivenshaft's is visited by Hermione Granger on at least one occasion when she wants to purchase a new quill.

Owner: Annette Silvanus

Hi all, as this is a active community I have to say this: Next week Monday 15th July to Friday 19th July I will be offline as I am on vacation or holiday (Whatever you call it!)

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