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which social media network do you like the best, Twitter or Instagram? (The poll will be featured in my next YouTube video)

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Did you enjoy the latest Walapple video ("How To Make Soda")? Let me know by voting here:

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This is the Walapple Community. Leave video suggestions, memes, funny stuff, etc. here. There are only four rules:
1. You must be alive
2. You must be lit
3. You must post lit stuff
4. You must be a walrus
Have fun and enjoy (just kidding be bored and disappointed)
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This is a good idea
This is a bad idea

New comparison video (Similar to my Vimeo vs YouTube video) coming soon! I have no idea what it'll be about yet so comment any suggestions. (Btw coming soon means anytime within the next 1 minute-2 months).

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Just saw the trailer for the new horror #TellMeHowIDie
It seems legit
However it cost money so it'll be a while before I can watch it
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