An uncharted planet, forgotten during a previous war. In remnants of historical books, it belonged to Forerunners. Now it is a lifeless shell of a planet, glassed and burned during the war. Only fragments of what used to be can be witnessed here. And it was what I intended to see...I made a personal venture out to this planet, searching for the remnants, and if itself.
(+Light of Illumination the Forerunner Wolf, maybe an introduction of sorts between our characters.)

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(Just wanted to say I look forward to being a part of this community. I hope you like the character! Oh, and the sketch was drawn by me. ^ ^)

Name: Naett Whittiger (Goes by Nae for pronunciation reasons.)

Nicknames/Callsign: Nae 4500, or Spartan Nae

Gender: Male (Appears female upon first glance, or even second glance.)

Species: Domestic Feline

Features: Pure white fur, feminine physique, grey eye color, and a punk-ish hairstyle, when not wearing a helmet.

Skills: Driver, knows a thing or two behind the wheel.

Personality: Straight-forward, but knows not to be a stick in the mud when the need arises.

Age: 24 years

Weapons: "I prefer to carry a UNSC Railgun, and a scavenged Z-180. Standard fragmentation grenades are also among my preferred loadout."

Armor: "Matching Security Armor. I am part of the SPARTAN-IV program, if that helps visualizing my appearance."

Armor Color: "My undersuit is black, and my armor is mostly white, save for just one red band on the thigh armor plate. My visor is standard light resistant gold."

Faction: ONI. May be prone to disband from them however.

Bio: "You need wheels, I need help. I think we can work well together dear."
        Nae is, to put it simply, different. His interests as a child were in alien life, more importantly, life beyond Earth. He had heard the stories of what was out among the stars, the planets mankind had witnessed, and wanted part of it. Several years later upon enlisting to be a naval technician for ONI, he served well. Selected to be part of the SPARTAN-IV program, he underwent several augmentations, but his prominently feminine physique never changed. Due to his physique, he had been given a female undersuit, because it fit him better. An excellent fighter and driver, Nae proves his skill indeed, but does it fulfill his dream of seeing new life and exploring the vastness of space? That is to be determined.
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