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You can run Gowdy, but you can not hide. I can see a interview with Mr Müller in your immediate future.

Thanks +Patches

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The Democrats are in a minority, the stalling is not from them but Republicans. What a total MORON.

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Says the guy throwing a tantrum because he can't get the funding for useless wall, one he promised Mexico would pay for. Secondly, controlling our out of control military spending is a good thing you incompetent and corrupt doofus!

I never posted here, but I noticed again that it is here and thought I'd share an idea: A reality show starring Bernie and friends that's pretty much 24/7. It would have a news component, keeping people up to date with the major upcoming events, needs, action-opportunities, ways to connect to the network, but mainly it would be like a live show with various cool announcers that would keep us up to date with the whole Bernie world, and worlds close to it. An hour with Cornell West, an hour with Susan Sarandon, an hour with TYT, etc... But a whole team with Bernie all the time, always getting his take on things and building his movement, and The Movement, bigger and bigger.

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Trump blames Obama, for something that George Bush Jnr did

Thanks for sharing the information +Antony Warren
So, to be clear:

1. It was Bush who did the relocation deal, not Obama.

2. The central London site is owned by the Duke of Westminster, not the US.

3. South London is NOT a shithole, I lived happily in Forest Hill SE23 for 2 years.

#TrumpianPR #WorldOfBullsit 💩

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These Japanese cars, will be assembled in the USA, to beat import tarrifs. But this helps the globalization, these cars will be sold in USA, the profits go back to Japan. This will be detrimental to USA car makers. These are not American Companies coming back, he is so full of SHIT.

Thanks +Bill Woolen

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Greetings friends,
I have returned for a short while to YouTube again, this will be until late February when I will leave the UK to work in Europe.
For those who don’t know me, my name is Marcus, I like to create videos based around current affairs and of course American/British politics.
From mid 2015 at the beginning of the primary, through to the end of the Democratic convention 2016, my channel was called BernieSandersUK, and I would create videos highlighting and analysing any Bernie 2016 campaign news and the proceedings of the Democratic primary. I gave my own opinions and analysis on many different issues in American politics, as I hold a great interest and passion in the subject.
I found that many Americans respected a friendly quirky British opinion, and that someone like me could have such interest in not only the Bernie Sanders campaign, but in American democracy and affairs.

This is the first video I have made in over a year and I feel like making a lot more videos again, I enjoy creating them and I love the support and feedback that followers and viewers give.
In this one, I talk about some of the things which are circling in my mind; I discuss the current situation of Brexit, and what has been going on in American politics since the Democratic convention of 2016, including what could be the future of the party.
More uploads to come.
Would be great to have some support and feedback.


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Dressing a Black kid in a shirt calling him a monkey isn't "hip" or "ironic." We cannot allow "rebranded" racism to flourish. The racism of the fashion industry is reflected in the lack of Black designers, brands, and models. Clearly, H&M needs Black executives who are empowered to prevent this from reoccurring. They need to hire Black executives now.

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Sorry but this commission was paid for by we the people, it simply can not be erased. If he does this, he should be immediately impeached.

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Donnie Dementia says he is a genius?

Donnie Dementia says he has had to put up with Fake News, since his inauguration?

Donnie Dementia,compares himself to Ronald Reagan?

Donnie Dementia lost $1 Billion in a year GENIUS
Donnie Dementia believes Fox the original FAKE NEWS.
Donnie Dementia does not know Reagan had Dementia.

Can we have a real President now?

Thanks +Robby Sobel
Donald Trump just compared himself to Ronald Reagan in his latest attack on Michael Wolff over allegations that he's not mentally fit to be president, which quickly resulted in mockery across Twitter.

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