Hello everyone,

Does anyone know the name of the textbook for ITEC 8500?

Structrured FE for 7430 is the implementation of your ELL project, 15 hours.

Does anyone remember when the next synchronous session is for 7430?

Hello all,

For 7430, were we supposed to do something with Google docs, other than explore?

Hi Everyone. Quick question. I posted my blog post in D2L. Do I also need to post it into Weebly? What about Chalk and Wire? I have not put anything into C&W yet. Thanks.

How's everyone doing?

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Piloting this with my kids... Any ideas to ramp it up?

Such an awesome idea. Surviving August at work and KSU was tough. It's nice to have this support group.

Thanks for creating this!

Tips and tricks - One of my teachers recently completed the program. Her advice is to create a folder on your desktop for each class and to backup often. For me, I have to print each module and highlight as a complete a task, so I don't spin in circles.
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