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[[ Rules that Best be Followed~ ]]

♬The Strike System♬
You will be given two chances, if the rules below are broken. Each time you will receive a strike, and when you receive a third strike, you will be banned, temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the rules broken.

[♬General Rules♬]

1. No Godmodding.
Godmodding includes bunnying (controlling another person's character without permission), authitting (landing a hit without giving the other a chance to dodge or otherwise react to the attack), and any other shinanigans people like to pull. Stick to the limits set on your characters, which should be written out in your profiles.

2. No racial slurs, sexism, bullying, fighting any of the sort OOC.
If any of the above is spotted, I will personally rip your tongue out of your head and you will receive a strike. Respect, respect, respect your fellow roleplayers and the moderators!

3. Sexual posts, pictures, RP's and whatnot, are a no-no.
Please, keep things here PG 13, I don't want to have to bleach people's and my eyes. If you want to get touchy and all, do take it to a private post, thank you!

4. Profiles are a MUST!
You must have a profile, that has been approved, to roleplay in the community! All profiles need to be approved by two moderators or owners. There is no limit to how many profiles you can have.

5. Two people per canon!
There can only be two people holding the same canon position, one being the main canon and the other, a backup. The backup must have the main's permission to RP as the canon, or if the canon has been absent they are given permission to RP. There will be canon check-ins regularly, so always keep an eye out for when they pop up!

6. Never go seeking mods to their personal profiles, or other posts that is not your own profile, for mod duties!
If you follow a mod into someone else's post, or into their personal profiles to seek approvals, ask questions regarding the community, or for any other mod duties, you will receive a strike.
If you need the aid of a mod, make a post in the discussions section and tag them.

7. Please don not ask to be a mod. If we are in need of mods, I will discuss with our mods to find fitting for the role, and we will be watching for people we find responsible. I will not be promoting just anyone who asks to be a mod.

8. New dust types, and new grimm species must be approved
If you would like to create a fanon dust or grimm, you must make a 'profile' of sort, and tag the mods to look through them. If the mods see them as sufficient, they will be approved.

[♬Profile Rules♬]
Follow the profile template, god dammit.

>> <<

There's the link for you. This is the bare minimum, and while you may add new categories as you see fit, or edit the layout of the template, what is listed in the template must be filled out.

1. Semblances need a limit.
How long the semblance can be activated, how long the person needs to rest before they can activate their semblance again, the radius of effect and such, all should be listed in the profiles. These are a requirement, not an option!

2. Only one semblance.
One character is limited to one semblance. No, a character cannot have more than one semblance, and one semblance may not be four different abilities clustered into one. Also, semblances aren't magic, they don't create stuff out of thin air, remember that when you create your character.

3. Silver eyes are banned.
Characters may not have silver eyes. Period. You can't say, but they don't have the powers of a silver eyed warrior. No. Silver. Eyes. The closest you can get is gray, but silver is a no.

4. Maiden powers are also banned.
The powers of the maiden for the fact that they can become extremely OP, is banned from all members. No one may have the powers of any of the four maidens.

5. Summoning abilities are strictly limited to the Schnee family.
No, unless your character is related to the Schnee family in some way, you may not have the ability to summon. At all. Nothing. Can. Be. Summoned. No demons. No divine creatures. Nothing.

6. Species are human, faunus, or robot.
You can't be half-faunus half-human, that's not how faunus genetics work. You can have portions of your body replaced with machine, but they may not be weaponized.
Faunuses may have only one faunus trait, and may not be a mythical animal of any sort- dragons, phoenixes, thunderbirds, kirins, whatever mythical being you come up with.
Robots cannot have AI, Aura, or a semblance.

7. Relationship to a Canon.
If you want to be related to a canon character in any way, be it friend, girl/boyfriend, or family, the current holder of the canon position must approve of said relationship. If the holder drops the position and someone else takes control of the canon, you must be re-approved by the new canon holder.
Relationships to a canon character is difficult to work with, so it is preferable that you stay away from that in general.

8. Regarding weapon limits
You may have up to 4 weapons, whether it be four individual weapons, a single weapon with four different forms, or a mix and match.
Dual weapons, such as a dual guns or twin knives, will count as two separate weapons.
A 'set' of weapons, such as simple throwing knives, up to 10 will be considered a single weapon. This number can decrease with the type of weapon used- while a set of simple knives can contain up to 10, a set of mini-bombs may be limited down to 5.

9. Dust limits and all
Because I highly doubt all students have the money to run around with every type of dust available, characters are limited to 3 different dust types! The Schnees.. well, they're an exception for good reason.

10. Age and whatnot
To be a student enrolled into any of the schools, you must be 17 years of age. To be a huntsman/huntress, you must be 21 years of age. Anyone below the age of 17 could be categorized as a civilian or a child.

Always do keep in mind, that rules are always subject to change and updates! So do check back frequently, to keep up with changes~♬

Thank you!

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(when waiting for the approval of my OCs, what do I do? MAKE ANOTHER OC! My first villain OC, in fact, ho ho!)

[ Themes ]

[ Name ] Jackson Thistles
[ Nickname(s) ] Jack, Thistles

[ Age ] 27
[ Sex ] Male

[ Race ] Human

[ Status ] Villain
[ Occupation ] “Loose-End Cutter”

[ Alignment ] Neutral Evil

[ Hair Color ] Brownish Orange
[ Eye Color ] Lime Green
[ Other Description ] He wears a hat and a coat with really dark colors.

[ Personality ]

Violent – Ok so here’s an example of this trait – You: take food away from jack Jack: shoves a fucking knife down your throat. Jokes aside, Jack is a violent individual. He doesn’t seem like he gives a damn for diplomacy when it comes to conflict. If he doesn’t feel like killing maybe he’ll just have a nice chat with you.

Perseverant – When Jack wants something, he is very perseverant about getting it. Like when he wants to kill someone. He’s very persistent about that.

Perceptive – He’s a very perceptive person. This is why his victims are unsuccessful at hiding from him. The slightest breath or movement, and you’re as good as dead. It’s a very practical trait for a serial killer.

[ Likes ]

Murder – Well…uh…I think this explains itself. But yeah, murder is one of the only things that make him feel truly satisfied. The question he usually asks others is if he’s really a bad person for pursuing his only source of happiness.

Beaches – He can somewhat appreciate the calm and relaxing ambience of a beach with the ocean tide casually washing up the shore. Beaches are where he used to take long walks with his ex.

[ Dislikes ]

Good – To him, good has always been a bit of a strange term. He’d always think of good as a concept that stood in the way of what he truly lived for. It was something all humans would live for, but it was more limited to him, making him have to defy what is “good” in order to achieve it. Good, simply put, is what benefits us. Nothing more.

Open Spaces – He prefers smaller spaces, because he finds them more comforting than wide open spaces for some reason.

[ Weapons of Choice ]

The Ripper- A long slightly curved mechanical dagger with a hook configuration. It allows the dagger to transform into a hook, or a regular dagger.

[ Dusts Used ]


[ Semblance ]

Predator – This semblance allows Jack to see living things through walls.

[ Semblance Limits ]

It can only be used for 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. He can only see living things and their aura through walls. Anyone with their aura's unlocked are more vulnerable to this ability, because those with unlocked auras "stand out" in his semblance more than others do.

[ Bio ]

Jack has always believed that if you break it down, all we live for is some kind of positive emotion. Anything that satisfies us, is what gives us the will to live.

Most kids are satisfied with things like friendship, art, or jokes because of the happiness it brings them.

As a kid, Jackson wasn’t like this. He never got any sort of happiness from these things.

He grew envious of those who could feel the happiness they talked about.
The options that could bring happiness to Jack expanded as he got older, but none of them could bring any happiness to him. Heck, when he came of age he even tried enrolling into Signal Academy to try to feel some kind of fighting thrill. It didn’t really work out. He wanted true happiness.

Until he met someone.

Ah, yes. At the age of 18 when Jack was attending Beacon Academy, Jack had met a very special woman. Her name was Nicole Maygreen and on a day in town the two had bumped into each other. Jack had tripped, but Nicole was fast enough to catch him before he had hit the ground.

From there the two started a conversation that would eventually lead into a friendship, then a romance. Finally, Jack had found it. Happiness.
After a year of dating Jack had suspicions about whether or not Nicole was cheating. She’d ditch him more often and the two would see each other less and less.

So, one night he decided (somehow) that it would be a fine idea to sneak into her apartment and see if she were really cheating. He was quite good at being sneaky so he figured it would be easy to lurk around her apartment without being seen.

Nicole came into her apartment accompanied by a man that Jack had never seen before. Jack felt a mix of shock and anger, but decided not to assume anything. He was hiding in the closet as he heard the two having a very…suggestive conversation. Then he saw it.

She was getting very close to him…very close. Very touchy.
As the day ended, Jack walked home in anger. He wasn’t sad, but he did feel rage. He felt betrayed. He felt that he might murder her…murder her…huh…that idea didn’t seem so bad to Jack.

Days after, he started to plan for his revenge. He put on sunglasses and wore a wig as a disguise and to avoid being caught and proceeded to stalk her to her house. It was late at night as he lock picked the door open and entered quietly. He closed the door behind him before putting on a mask. Can’t be too careful with your identity. No chances can be taken. He took out his knife and hid inside of the closet.

As Nicole stepped out of the bathroom he ran out of the closet fast enough to cover her mouth and stab her in the gut simultaneously. He then pinned her to the floor, his hand still over her mouth as it all happened too quickly for Nicole to comprehend, and he had penetrated her with his blood soaked knife multiple times in the heart.

She stopped moving after a while, and in that moment Jack felt an odd sense of joy. Happiness. Was it the satisfaction of revenge? Perhaps, but it felt great. He chuckled to himself, a grin etched on his face as his eyes glared at the corpse. A sense of glee that he had never experienced before washed over him like an ocean tide, who’s waters were filled with sugar instead of salt. It was greater than any happiness he had felt so far.
After this, Jack snuck out of Nicole’s apartment and planned to kill the man that Nicole was cheating on Jack with. From there, Jack began his life as a serial killer stalking the streets of Vale. Up until two years ago, where his murder spree ended.

After that, he spent two years in an asylum before getting picked out of it by a certain someone for their own gains. The public still thinks that this killer is still safely locked away in a building meant for the insane. Only few know the truth, and the reasons why. All that you need to know for now is that he currently simply acts as someone’s murder puppet.

[ Inspiration ]
Jack The Ripper. duh

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+Timtam 9000
+Izukα Midσrчíα

Here is;
Pencil art for Tim, and
A colored art for Sundae-

I am SORRY that took absolutely forever,
and that you for being patient with me-
I hope they turn out how you hoped they would!
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[ Theme ]

[ Name ] Nadia Kitrinos
[ Nickname(s) ] None

[ Age ] 17
[ Sex ] Female

[ Race ] Human

[ Status ] Student
[ Occupation ] Student

[ Alignment ] Chaotic Good

[ Hair Color ] Dirty Blonde
[ Eye Color ] Grayish Blue
[ Other Description ] She is somewhat small in size.

[ Personality ]

Hotheaded – Nadia tends to have small issues when it comes to maintaining her emotions. Her wrath may or may not lead to the destruction of property and/or the destruction of the individual(s) who enraged her.

Passionate – Although Nadia often refuses to admit it, she is very passionate about the things she loves. She believes that this trait of hers will make others think of her as soft. This is why she chooses to hide it.

Slightly Prideful – Nadia has a very hard time giving up on challenges or pretty much anything in general. If she does give up, it will wound her pride and make her think of herself as a coward before she shrugs off her loss and gets ready to bounce back up from the rock solid ground of defeat so that she may win.

[ Likes ]

Victory – To Nadia, there is nothing more satisfying than emerging the victor of anything in general. Who doesn’t love to win? She certainly does. The terms of victory are usually irrelevant to Nadia just as long as no sinister action is committed in the name of victory. Winning isn’t worth the lives of others.

Cute Things – Of course she hates to admit this, but she has a soft spot for pretty much anything that can be considered as “cute”.

[ Dislikes ]

Nothingness – The sound of something like nothingness has always sounded like something extremely boing to Nadia. If there were nothing, there would be nothing to do. And eventually, she would die of boredom.

Creeps – Creepy things she can handle, but creepy people? That’s a no. She hates how uncomfortable she feels with creepy individuals lurking around her.

[ Weapons of Choice ]

Perge Ad Metam – A double edged battle axe that also serves as a submachine gun. It is similar to the picture below but with a few changes like an ammo clip. When the submachine gun configuration is active, the blades of the weapon will move out of the shooter’s line of sight.

[ Dusts Used ]

[ Semblance ]

Onward to Glory - Nadia is able to give herself and anyone that is within 5 feet of her a strength and morale boost. This gives a decent boost to strength. This semblance can also upgrade one’s fighting spirit and courage. This is good for her because she can make everyone shut up and stop whining so they can just fight.

[ Semblance Limits ]

The semblance will only last 10 seconds and the cooldown is 50 seconds long

[ Bio ]

In some cases, the places we were born into and the people we were born around were not made for us.

Nadia Kitrinos is one of those cases.

The short tempered warrior was the only child born into a somewhat above averagely financially well off family located in Mistral. Her mother was an actress, and her father was an artist. Although they tried to teach Nadia, she wasn’t good at acting or any sort of arts in general.

To the dismay of her mother, she greatly enjoyed the idea of huntresses and huntsmen and wanted to be one when she grew up. Her father was a tolerant soul and would accept whatever she would want to do with her life, as long as it was not against the law.

At the age of 9, her parents divorced. She didn’t feel too bad about leaving her mother and going with her father. If she had stayed with her mother, the chances of becoming a huntress would look very dim for her considering how intolerant her mother was towards the idea.

Nadia and her father had moved to the city of Vale where she was able to live with her grandma.

When she was old enough, she applied to signal. Back then her fighting skill…well it was quite below average. Being completely unsatisfied with her amateur fighting skill caused her to have a short meltdown before she recovered and proceeded to constantly work out and practice and do pretty much anything that could be done to physically and somewhat mentally improve herself.

The result of years of hard work lead to Nadia Kitrinos becoming one of the top fighters of her class. Eventually she graduated to Beacon Academy.

[ Inspiration ]

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Can I get a clean copy of the template?

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[ Name ] Cye Lesyk

[ Age ] 17

[ Sex ] Female

[ Race ] Faunus, German Shephard

[ Status ] Student

[ Alignment ] Neutral Good,

[ Hair Color ] Light Brown

[ Eye Color ] Hazel

[ Personality ]
Cye was slightly bullied while she was at battleschool, it wasn’t a whole lot and never brought attention to the teachers so she just accepted it and moved on. She wasn’t the best student, nor was she the worst but training always seemed to be on her mind. Cye had made one friend at her battleschool and protected him fiercely. When Cye gets close to someone, or finds someone to care about there is nothing she won’t do to protect them.

[ Likes ] Rain, training, hot chocolate, well kept weapons

[ Dislikes ] Grimm, White Fang, Cherry flavouring

[ Weapons of Choice ]
Sword and shield. Sword is also a rifle.

Sword Length- 112cm (Longsword)
Shield size- 70cm (Width) 100cm (Length)
Shield Design- Heater Shield
Shield material- Steel

[ Semblance ] Read rules, please!
Motion Blur effect. Makes movements have a motion blur to potentially disorient the opponent.

[ Semblance Limits ]
Can only be used for 5 seconds, only targets user. Cooldown 8 hours.

[ Bio ]
Cye grew up in Mistral with her mother, father and brother. Their life was quiet and nothing ever seemed to go wrong. Cye attended the battleschool there and had finished her final year there when their settlement was attacked by Grimm. They fought back but Grimm had claimed the town. Cye and her family fled to a nearby town where the found shelter at the local inn. Cye remembered that day. The day she saw innocent people being cut down by the ruthless monsters. She wanted revenge, so she began her training. Once their family had enough money they moved to Vale in hopes of settling down without the fear of being attacked again. Cye applied to Beacon and was accepted as a first year student.
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<<Open RP, ask first.>>

Several infers drummed on the rickety old table one at a time, the old broker behind the desk at the Vale underground market glancing aside and counting out the number of glimmering stones to the side, having been brought in to be sold to him by his current client. He reached out to lift one of the stones, turning the smooth rock in his hand as the lights above made the crystals glow wondrous arrays of color, from radiant glimmering reds and orange, to vibrant, deep-set purples and blues, and everything in between. The man's eyes turned back to his client, his rough and experienced voice speaking in an astonished and confused tone.

"Are you serious about only wanting 300 Lien a piece for these, miss? I'm not joking when I offer to triple the prices for each one of these gemstones, given the rarity."

"See, Gray, that's the problem..." Elaine leaned against the desk, resting her right arm on the table as it creaked under her weight, her chocolate brown eyes gleaming with mischief. "if I were to sell these at anything more than 300, other people, particularly my teachers, would get suspicious of my wealth and I may be put under an investigation. So... the highest I can go is 300 lien for these five opals, evening out to 1,500 Lien as a whole."

The broker, deemed 'Gray' by Elaine due to his dark grey beard and unkempt hair, sighed before shrugging and setting the gem back amongst the small stack, before holding out three cards each worth 500 Lien. Elaine took the cards and bowed her head to the broker, smiling up at the man who was head and shoulders taller than she. As she left the black market, a skip formed in her step as giddiness filled her every bone, an elated grin plastered to the 5'5" student huntress's lips as she climbed the staircase back to the alleyways of Vale.

In all honesty, what Elaine did was in no way approved or, in fact, legal. While she did actively enroll in Beacon Academy, Elaine often used breaks and weekends to sneak out into the city in order to snag an heirloom or valuable from passers-by, merely to sell it to her chosen broker at a bargained price. Yes, she knew what she did was wrong, but it was all she was good at when it came to funding herself through life. Granted, she had managed to play it off purely because she knew the city streets and alleyways like the back of her hand, having stepped foot in every inch of the city thrice over the weeks she spent preparing for her thievery, learning the escape routes whenever she were to possibly be caught i the act. But regardless, who would think that the person behind so many missing valuables and wallets was a student at Beacon, much less a young lass who immigrated from Vacuo?

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[ Theme ]

[ Name ] Viento Maronateya
[ Nickname(s) ]

[ Age ] 19
[ Sex ] Male

[ Race ] Fox Faunus

[ Status ] Freelancer
[ Occupation ] Outlaw

[ Alignment ] Chaotic Neutral

[ Hair Color ] Blackish Maroon
[ Eye Color ] Brown
[ Other Description ] His skin color is a light brown, and he has a fox tail.

[ Personality ]

Ambitious – He strives to be the best at what he does. If he fails, he’ll take the failure and get back up again to try once more.

Confident – He is always confident in the choices he makes. This confidence is what attracts some people to him. However, he can be a little too confident. He gets an attitude with some of the more powerful people, not really caring about what they could do to him. This usually gets him in trouble.

Vengeful – An eye for an eye. That is his philosophy. He will always end up getting back at others who have wronged him.

[ Likes ]

Music – To Viento, there is nothing like a good song to help brighten or darken the mood. Music in general just fascinates him, despite the fact that he has absolutely no experience in music whatsoever.

Revenge – He loves taking revenge on the people that have caused him trouble, because it grants him a feeling of satisfaction. He will forgive some petty accidents or mistakes, but there are some things just cannot be forgiven…you know, murder, thievery, etc.

[ Dislikes ]

Racism – He dislikes any type of discrimination in general, but he mostly hates the discrimination of faunus. When someone discriminates him specifically, he tends to get a little violent with them.

Authority – He’s a free spirit. He hates being held down by the rules, restricted by people with power for their own gains. He allows a certain degree of authority because he knows that too much freedom will lead to pure anarchy and chaos. Anarchy and chaos are not true freedom.

[ Weapons of Choice ]

Beso de la Luna – A gun that highly resembles and functions like a cowboy repeater. It is a highly accurate rifle without a scope. It is seemingly more modified, having a tough looking lightweight stock that allows a more steady aim by decreasing the weight and an extended tube that holds up to 11 bullets. It also seems to have a moderately fast rate of fire. It has to be reloaded like a cowboy repeater, with 1 bullet for each shot. However, Viento’s fast and agile hands make this easy. This weapon includes a bayonet that is able to be sheathed into the gun to be concealed, and unsheathed so that the gun can be used to cause some melee damage.
Oh, and the gun can also shoot sleep darts for a more nonlethal approach.

[ Dusts Used ]


[ Semblance ]

Run Boy Run - This semblance allows Viento to increase his stamina significantly allowing him to run from the law in case he ends up losing a fight to the law.

[ Semblance Limits ]

The stamina increase only lasts 30 seconds and has a cool down of 5 minutes.

[ Bio ]

Viento Maronateya was born in Vacuo. His family was surprisingly financially well off…but then they were murdered by a group of savage outlaws when Viento was only 8, leaving only him and his sister as the only survivors of the attack.

They were taken in by a cruel old woman who ran an orphanage, a woman as wicked as one could be. The old hag didn’t even care for kids, she just turned her place into an orphanage so that wshe could get others to clean her shit for her. She always kept a gun hidden on herself in order to threaten the children to do what she wanted. She bribed any authority to look the other way.

She wasn’t all bark though, she had a shit ton of bite. She’d beat them with the gun and without any mercy, often leaving them a bruised mess.
Eventually, getting tired of her bullshit, a young 11 year old Viento straight up shot the old hag in the head. Afterwards, he fled the orphanage with his younger sister. He only escaped that day because he got lucky. He eventually, fought, murdered, and stole to survive.

At a young age, he and his sister became outlaws known throughout Vacuo. Only rumors of their atrocities escaped outside of Vacuo and into the other kingdoms. His younger sister could not stand committing anymore of these atrocities. Eventually, she ran away from her brother…where she went or if she’s still even alive is unknown.

At the age of 17, he joined up with a gang once survival got tougher. They all raided and stole to their hearts content. This gang was called the Southern Storms, since they mostly stuck to the southern area of Vacuo.

As a result of a “promotion” within the gang, his aura was unlocked by the boss, who was an ex-hunter.

Eventually when he reached the age of 19, he realized that this gang of outlaws were the same little organization that wiped out his family. They didn’t even remember his face, or name…because they didn’t care who they robbed as long as they had money.

No, it wasn’t them he needed to be mad at. It was their leader. A ruthless fat bastard with the devil’s grin. He planned a munity under the boss’s nose, gathering a bunch of trustworthy companions to help him overthrow the boss and take over the gang. His idea was only to rob the rich, only of some things instead of everything. He would refuse to kill anyone that he deemed innocent. The gang would simply be thieves and not murderers.
The boss didn’t remember Viento’s name or face…but he was going to make sure he would remember. He was going to make sure he would remember everything he did to his family.

Unfortunately, the mutiny didn’t go as planned when someone ratted out the plan and the entirety of Viento’s friends were murdered. He was the only survivor.

Viento didn’t rest after that. He swore that he would kill the boss and avenge everyone that he’s murdered. Well…that’s easier said than done.
Nowadays, 4 months after his friends were all killed, he drinks a lot in order to drown his sorrows when needed. I’m sure he’ll get his revenge…eventually…

Greetings canon and non canon characters

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[ Theme ]

[ Name ] Dana Vioga
[ Nickname(s) ] Vio or D.

[ Age ] 17
[ Sex ] Female

[ Race ] Fox Faunus

[ Status ] Student
[ Occupation ] Student

[ Alignment ] Lawful Good

[ Hair Color ] Dark Maroon
[ Eye Color ] Brown
[ Other Description ] Her skin is a light brown color, she has a fox tail.

[ Personality ]

Cunning – The one most likely to cheat in a card game, Dana is a very sly little fox. She tends to get away with things under the noses of everyone, including her opponent in battle.

Justice Minded – Always stepping in situations if it means that justice is needed. Because we all know that justice ain’t gonna dispense itself.

Family Issues – When someone mentions her blood family, her smile can turn into a stone cold frown at the drop of a hat. If someone mentions her family mid fight, she may become more aggressive.

[ Likes ]

A Good Fight – She may not admit it, but she loves a good fight. Some with a quick eye can catch her subtly smirking with swing and slash of her gleaming blade, each motion she makes with the sword and each moment she is the action pumps her with adrenaline. Why she doesn’t tell anyone is a reason that is somewhat personal to her.

Karma – The occurrence where one receives what they deserve based on the morality of their actions, whether it be a stack of diamonds and gold bars or a sledgehammer to the balls. Dana loves it when this happens. She doesn’t believe that karma will always simply happen to the wicked instantly, which is why she carries out karma’s debt herself.

[ Dislikes ]

Injustice – Dana has a deep and passionate hatred for when people do not get what they deserve, or when they get something they do not deserve. She hates it when the innocent are found guilty due to bias, when people are rewarded with money for building a business built on workers and not giving what the hard workers truly deserve, when the wicked are successful in anything.

Really Bad Puns – She doesn’t hate puns in general, just really bad ones. Reaaaallly bad ones. Whenever that happens she makes this bitchy face and she’s just like: “Really dude?” But don’t get her wrong, she has an appreciation for good puns.

[ Weapons of Choice ]

Justicia Encendida – A curved sword, a saber to be exact, now used only by the user in the name of justice. It has a configuration where the sword can be lit on fire by fire dust, making it a flaming tool of justice.

[ Dusts Used ]

Fire Dust.

[ Semblance ]

Loco Loco – When activated, this semblance increases her speed and agility greatly. Her perception of time is changed, basically allowing her to see things in slow motion for better reaction time. However, her actions are carried out only a little faster than the rest of the world due to her increased speed. A small thing to note, but when she activates her semblance the way she starts to move in a way that seemed like she’s dancing gracefully.

Alternate Semblance explanation for anyone who owns fallout 4: increase the player speed while taking some jet and there you go

[ Semblance Limits ]

Her semblance will only last for 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 7 seconds.

[ Bio ]

Not much is known about Dana Vioga. The only thing she’s ever said about her past is that she is a child born from the harsh sands of Vacuo and that she has practiced fighting ever since she was 10. Anytime someone asks a question regarding her blood family she is known to get irritated and give a very vague answer.

Let’s just say she isn’t related to the most law upholding individual ever and leave it at that.

From observation, one could say that she clearly has had some sort of troubled past that may have involved her family members. She claims that her reason to fight is to bring justice to those who truly deserve it.

All that is truly known is that around the age of 12 of she was adopted by a caring couple that found her hungry and alone on the streets. Why she was homeless remains unknown.

From there she lived her life in Vale, attending and eventually graduating Signal academy to head for Beacon to complete her goal. That goal was to fight so that all may have justice.
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