Hello Denny,

is there a possibility to export the 'notes' field into the Excel file? This would significantly lessen the time to use the Work Tracker information in our company system.

There are some small mistakes in the app, but overall I would be willing to pay for the app.

I have just published the new version of WorkTracker to the Google Play Store with the following new features:

- backup/restore data to/from google drive to allow copying date to a different device
- task duration may now also be displayed as decimal value (8:30h -> 8.5h)
- new reports "days by task" and "tasks by day"
- new option to define the first day of the week

With Work Tracker is there a way to change the first day of the work week? For example my work week starts on Monday and ends Sunday. When I go to reports and select Week --> Tasks report my hours from Sunday appear on last weeks hours. This is not a huge deal, just would be nice.

Other than that I LOVE the app and use it daily. Thank you for your work.

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I have just released to redesigned version of my Android Game "Darned Five" to the Google Play Store.


Have Fun!
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A new version of Work Tracker has been released to the Google Play Store that fixes a bug caused by spaced at the end of a task name.


Hi Denny!

Your Work tracker is really the best! 

Just a minor improvement idea: You should trim the whitespace from the end of task names. Autocomplete puts a space character after the word, but sometimes the user just puts the word correctly, without the following space.

So "Task" and "Task " are different in the aggregated view.

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I have released the new version of WorkTracker!

This release includes the following changes:
- updated layout to new material design
- updated the UI for tablets to better use the available screen size
- support for tracking times in different timezones (to show the timezone, you need to enable it in the settings)
- you may now choose between light and dark theme
- better right-to-left support
- several bug fixes

Hi :)
I travel a lot and this means i am working in multiple time zones. The problem i have is the app is changing the start and stop time to the new time zone. Example in Perth i started at 8am. When i get to Sydney it now shows i started at 11am. When i get back to New Zealand it will show 1pm. Can we get this fixed so the app ignores timezones?

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I have just released a new version of WorkTracker.

Changes to the previous version are:
- switched to light theme
- new layout for the new/edit task screen
- added note field to the task
- added shortcuts to quickly set the duration of the break
- show total time of a task in the edit screen
- allow override of the tasks total time
- better right-to-left support
- several bug fixes

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I have created this community to provide the users of my apps a simple way to give feedback, request new features or asking questions.

There are also plans to provide previews of new features to get early feedback.
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