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That split second on a animation where dan looks more brave then phil.
But the next frame is him running away >.< _
Animation belongs to Jaiden Animations. Check her out
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Got a new phanfiction for you just be warned its pretty long.
I never named it so if you read send me some names and I'll see if I like it.

It came without warning. No dark mysterious clouds or weird signs to show what was to happen, but it did.

The crash though was all, but silent. And Phil stood there stunned watching it. The smoking cars, siren wails and screams of pain and fear all around. He couldn't speak for fear he would scream, couldn't move for fear he would run.

The commotion was horrible and even worse Dan his best friend, his danosour, his unspoken love lay in an ambulance unconscious and close to death.

Phil is stuck in his head unable to move until a paramedic comes over to him.

"We're about to move him, would you like to ride with him?" and all Phil can do is nod. Understanding what his body language mean't she guides him like a child to the ambulance where Dan lay. Other paramedics are already inside, ones sees Phil and immediately moves for understanding his relationship to the patient.

Phil steps inside and watches Dan and the medics stoic and silent. Though his outside demeanor was expressionless deep-seated anger resided within him.

Why Dan? Why couldn't it have been him or no one for that matter?

They reached the hospital relatively quickly. Other doctors wait ready for operation if needed. Few others were injured, but it felt to Phil like bombs were raining down.

The next few hours were a blur, but Phil made certain that he never left Dan's side.

He lay in a hospital bed looking so sad and in pain. Dan was a great person why would it happen to him.

Phil stayed within his thoughts until finally blacking out in one of the rooms chairs.

When he's shaken awake the sun shines to brightly through the window and Louise's face is watching him.

Wordlessly she handed him a coffee and plops down in the chair beside him. They sit there silently for an hour relaxing and thinking.

Then she turns to him.
"The nurse says you ought to go home for time being. You need more sleep and time to think"

When Phil shakes his head she does and unexpected thing. Louise pulls out a camera and hands it to him.

"Then do me a favor and make a video. The world needs to know and it would help coming from you. Plus it might help you along the lines."

He is left alone and then Phil plucks up the courage and turns on the camera.

"Hi, I am sorry to say that Dan Howell was affected by a cat crash yesterday. A crash and the road caused a car to swerve and hit Dan as it road onto the pavement" Phil swallowed his courage as he brought back the memory. He took a breath.

"Dan was knocked back and hit the ground unconscious, since then he has been rushed to a hospital and slipped into a coma, but in steady condition. We have yet to know more." Phil was crying now, but managed to choke out a few more words.

"I promise to keep you updated as time passes and I hope we all would wish for the best" as he choked out the last few words Phil looked over at Dan and his salt rain, became a waterfall. He turned off
the camera.

Seeing Dan there was more than he could handle. The memory was now full force upon him. He could see the crash, Dan and him watching from the sidelines. A reckless driver tries to swerve and go around and Dan wonderfully stupid beautiful Dan shoves Phil out of the way and takes it full force.

Dan bleeding in the street. Dan barely breathing. Phil needed to calm down, but being who he is paced around the room refusing to leave it. When he gets back some courage he turns back on the camera.

He told them what the doctors had said, but then waited for a time after that just filming Dan hoping he'd wake up and say 'Hello Internet'.
Phil walks into the hallway to call Louise. She's there in under three seconds so he guessed she never left.

"Please, stay with Dan while I go get my laptop" he pleaded with her though not necessary.

Phil tore through the hospital not wanting to be gone for long. Dan and Phil's apartment was close by so he didn't bother catching a taxi. He sped up the stairs grabbed his laptop and made it back to the hospital in record time.

The video didn't need editing he wanted all of it to show so he uploaded and posted it immediately.

Almost instantly the video was viewed by thousands and comments of well-wishers and phan-shippers appeared everywhere.

Tumblr, Twitter, G+, Facebook was flooded with how Phil and the world felt about Dan and the crash.

Phil scrolled through some of the posts, but his mind never left the crash.

This went on for days. Phil never left the room, not to eat, sleep or anything. Louise and others brought hime what he needed out of pity and pain.

As he had promised, Phil made videos to keep the internet posted on Dan.

Not much changed withe Dan's condition, but Phil's worsened daily.

When about half a year had passed Phil was on his last shred of hope. That Dan would wake up and they could go home. Th day they would marry passed quickly, but Phil continued planning . Their friends stayed at Phil's side continuously. They helped him keep the wedding planning going so if Dan woke up they would be ready.

The doctor told Phil there may be no hope for Dan. He said Phil should go home and plan instead maybe for a funeral. Phil again refused he wouldn't leave his side until the day they both died.

It took many hands, words and silences to at least to convince him to sleep. Everyone there either went home or slept in chairs. They were exhausted from keeping Phil alive as well. He alone could not keep himself together and relied on friends and family to help him.

The internet supported the bills with things phans had set up. Louise would car for the apartment with help from Cat, PJ, and Connor. Two would stay and clean while the other 2 brought Phil food and clothes. For a while they were happy to do it, but they needed to get back to their lives.

Phil sat by Dan's bedside and a doctor came in. He explained how if Phil decided to they would unplug Dan so he could pass on. When he was done the doctor gave Phil time to make this painful decision.

Phil wanted to refuse again, but what was the point. Dan would leave painlessly to another world. Maybe it was for the best. He would see Dan again when he passed on. Maybe Phil would be able to return both to his life, but his friends to theirs as well.

He had made his decision the best for Dan and no one else. Phil slowly got up taking his time to get to the door.

What he didn't know was as he walked to the door behind him in the hospital bed Dan's eyes slowly fluttered open groggy and disoriented. And as Phil opened the door and took one step into the hallway a weak, raspy, sad sounding voice said a single word. Stopped in the doorway turning slowly around Phil cried with joy, because Dan had said his name.

The end.

I hope you liked it and if it made you cry I'm sorry, but if you liked it tell me in the comments and I'll try to write some more. Thanks

Okay so here's my phanfiction its my first time so please go easy on it and yes I did write it.


Phil walking out the door suitcase in hand. His face blank as paper.

"Don't go!" shouted Dan. "Please don't leave me." He whispered in a weak voice as the front door slams shut and he knows Phil is gone.

"Phil come back" shouts Dan as he awakes from this nightmare terrified.
"You okay Dan?" Phil mumbles still half asleep cuddled next to Dan.

"Yeah, m alright bad dream I guess" Dan of course was lying through his teeth as he thought about the nightmare that had shown him his greatest fear. "Go back to sleep Phil it's to early to be up" and as Dan lays back down to go to sleep he realizes that he is to afraid of waking up to find Phil gone. So he lays there staring up at the ceiling wide awake. Phil wraps his arms around Dan and nuzzles his head in Dan's neck.

Dan strokes Phil's jet black hair and eventually finds sleep once again. When he awakens once more Phil is no longer at his side. In a panic he races to the kitchen to find Phil up and dressed making pancakes.

"Well good morning" he says handing Dan a plate piled with the cakes. "You can go get settled in your couch crease while I clean up here", but Dam still terrified that his nightmare may come true refuses point blank and stays by Phil's side cleaning up the pancake stuff and heading to the lounge together.

Phil turns on their anime, but Dan really isn't watching. He's to caught up in his own thoughts. What if it was showing him the future? Could Phil really leave him? What would- and his thoughts were cut short by the doorbells sharp ring.

" Who would be here at this time?" Phil wondered.

" Probably just the mail I'll get it" Dan muttered. As he slowly walked himself down many flights of stairs his fear inside him grew. He opened the door to find himself right with a pile of mail sitting on the door mat. Dan began his climb up the mountain of stairs once more not bothering to look through the mail. When he reached the lounge he wordlessly handed the mail to his best friend/boyfriend and watched as Phil threw it one the coffee table to be opened later.

Dan walked over kissed phil on the lips and returned to his room only to have Phil walk in and sit down on Dan's bed.

"We should go somewhere today" he said

"Well where do you want to go?" Dan inquired liking the idea of getting out of the apartment.

"Lets just walk around and see what happens"

So they leave. They hop on the subway, get coffee at Starbucks and just do some general shopping. Later in the day they sit in a park eating dinner picnic style. As the sun begins to set and the skies colors start to change Phil asks
"Dan are you going to tell me whats going on"

" Going on?" Dan asks confused

"You've been really sad today and very distant, I'd like to know whats going on."

So Dan told him about the dream and how all day he's been worried about Phil leaving him.

"And so I've been so sad about the idea of you leaving me it's been hard to stay positive."

"Well then" says Phil kissing dan gently on the forehead "Let me put your mind at ease"

" Daniel James Howell, I love you with a my heart and I wish to spend the rest of my life with you"
And as Dan gets up and the sky turns a brilliant gold making Phil look like the angel he is Phil silently pulls out a ring kneels down and says six words Dan will never forget.

" Dan Howell, Will you marry me?" And Dan tackles his soulmate nodding and crying so happy for his nightmare was finally over.

The end.
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