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Main Information
Name Shadows curse
Nickname Shadow
Age 6000
Birthday 3/22
Personal Information
Species demon ( but i look human )
Magic/Abilities can summon spirits, shadows, and dark spells
Disabilities weak against light magic
Family doesn't remember
Crush/Girlfriend or Boyfriend Ban the fox sin of greed, and kill thunder
Interest magic, the sins
Dislikes holy knights, light magic
Personality nice, funny, strong, fast, and can get worked up sometimes
Height "6"1"
Weight 120
Eye Color Silver/ purple
Right Eye Color: silver
Left Eye Color: purple
Extra: scar going over left eye
Hair Color(s)/Style light purpleish blue, down with one braid on the back
Bang Piece(plus color): fire red
Rest of Hair(plus Color): purpleish blue, down with one braid
Long or Short: long
Extra: when i get worked up hair turns a fire blue
Shirt Color/Style: black tangtop
Jeans or shorts* light blue shorts
Dress Color/Style: baby blue (only for special occasions)
Shoe Color/Style: black, boots
Skin Color tan
Extra: hands have blue flames on yhem sometimes
I lived alone in the woods when i was younger i tought myself how to live fight and hunt. I turned outc to be fa c emon when i used some magic and a spirit apeared. I didn't know what was ahead of me till i meet the seven deadly sins....

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Name- Shadows curse
Nickname- shadow
Age- 6000
Birthday- 3/22

Nickname:Sin of Wrath
Species: Shadowflare(Demon)
Powers:Fire & Shadow Manipulation
Disabilities:Has no armor, Is weak to strong light spells
Family:Don't wanna talk about it....
Crush:None, yet
Interests: Swordplay, Fighting
Dislikes:Holy knights, Mean people
Personality: Nice, Can get angry easily
Eye Color:Brown, Red when angered
Hair Color/Style: Black/Spiky
Clothing:Red Shirt, Black Hoodie, Black Jeans, White & Blue sneakers
Skin Color: Caucasian
Extra: Steel Sword, Demonic arm(Wrapped in bandages) Body gets more demonic as anger progresses
Biography: Was the demon king, but underlings reduced his powers and sent him to the mortal world, where he lives among humans, he then became the leader of the seven deadly sins after getting members

We need the other sins

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Quote " I might be short but I still can fight."

Main Information
Name "Luna Winters"
Nickname "....Lulu..."
Age "16"
Birthday "I don't remember"
Personal Information
Species " Shape-shifter, elementalist"
Magic/Abilities " Can shape-shift into anything. Can control the elements"
Disabilities " She is dead in her left ear."
Family " They abandoned me.."
Crush/Girlfriend or Boyfriend " N...No one !"
Interest "I like candy, fighting, animals, and kind people "
Dislikes " I hate bullies, spicy things, and evil "
Personality " I'm kind, brave, sassy, sarcastic, and very protective."
Height "6'1"
Weight "115 pounds"
Eye Color
Right Eye Color: "icy blue"
Left Eye Color: "icy blue"
Extra: "Scar on my left eye."
Hair Color(s)/Style
Bang Piece(plus color): "Bangs cover my eyes and are midnight black"
Rest of Hair(plus Color): " Straight and black"
Long or Short: "Long"
Shirt Color/Style: " Baggy shirt any color"
Jeans or Shorts Color/Style: " Skinny black jeans"
Dress Color/Style: " eww, dresses"
Shoe Color/Style: " converse, black"
Skin Color " pale"
Extra: " I wear oversised sweaters."
 "When I was two my family abused me and then abandoned me. I was raised by wolves and when out hunting I ended fighting a bear cub and got the scar on my eye. I learned of my powers at 12 when I Shape-shifted into a wolf."

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"I don't smile if I want to, I smile if something means the world to me"

"Love is rare, its hard to find it"

Main Information
Name Noah Orani Demaj
Nickname None
Age 20
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Personal Information
Species Neko
Magic/Abilities Can read minds, can hear things from 30 miles away
Disabilities When her tail gets felt she feels pain and nearly collapses, Has athsma
Family Unknown
Crush/Girlfriend or Boyfriend Open
Interest She loves fish, being alone, climbing trees, laying down, walking
Dislikes Running too much, bullies, violence, people touching her tail
Personality Sassy, quiet, hidden, secretive, bossy, pushy
Height 5"2
Weight Let's say she's skinny
Right Eye Color: Gold
Left Eye Color: Light green
Hair Color(s)/Style Red, slightly curly
Bang Piece(plus color):?
Rest of Hair(plus Color): Red, wavy
Long or Short: Short
Shirt Color/Style: Black singlet
Jeans or Shorts Color/Style: Jean shorts light blue, black tights
Dress Color/Style:
Shoe Color/Style: Black ankle boots
Skin Color Peach
Noah had no idea why her parents called her such a boy name, also, she had no idea why they were treating her like a princess. It didn't make sense. At the age of 11, Noah got into a fight and someone bombed her car while she was near. Causing her to have a coma for exactly two years. Once she woke, she remembered very little and forgot who her parents were. She was the only child in the family as well. Turns out, her parents both passed away weeks after the accident. She took care of herself for 9 years and she still does

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