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Here is a community that I have created. If you can please share this community for those who are interested in this please invite them if you can. Thanks. Also if you would like to join this community that would be wonderful.

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"Me and my Bandurria" COVER , (Happy Together, Turttles).
A +Steven Sharp Nelson +TPG Page (ThePianoGuys) Tribute!

We hope you like! :D

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We have recorded a new cover using our bandurria and other instruments.
We hope you like it

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Admin note:
Google has told me I can only have one business listed at my physical address.
I had to make another page. They suggested I take down my Google+ Local page for Arranger for Hire and put up this one, before I got a penalty of some kind.
That's why I might appear to be beside myself...
Our website is still Arranger for

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Nicholas McCarthy is a British pianist. Born without his right hand, he was the first left-hand-only pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music in London in its 130-year history. He began his piano studies at 14, and by 17 was accepted into the Guildhall School of Music where he won the annual piano prize. At Guildhall he was told to focus on repertoire written specifically for the left hand. McCarthy is member of the British Paraorchestra, an orchestra based in London, consisting entirely of musicians with disabilities founded in 2011.

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My arrangement of the classic standard OVER THE RAINBOW in standard notation and tab with chord diagrams.  In the style of chord melody and fingerstyle.

Does anyone have experience bringing sound libraries other than Garritan into Finale?
I'm currently working on a project where that will shorten the approval cycle substantially.
#makemusic   #Finale   #Soundiron  

Thanks for accepting my membership with your community.  I use Sibelius music notation software for all my arranging needs.  Most of the arrangements I create are for use in church: instrumental arrangements, including descants, string quartet, responsorial  psalms, piano & organ hymn tune arrangements.

Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm a 16-year old freelance arranger, and I work with a wide variety of instrumentations ranging from piano solo to full orchestra. I picked up arranging a couple of years ago (self-taught) and since then have completed one job for a full symphony orchestra and am currently in the middle of my second job arranging music for a small band with a solo vocalist. I'm obviously pretty new to the arranging world, and I'm thinking about potentially working as an arranger until I achieve my ultimate goal of being a film composer. Any tips or suggestions from the pros here? For me, my biggest worry/struggle/confusion is with copyright... No matter how much I study into it, there's so much grey area I always come out bewildered...

This is the first Google Plus group devoted to music arranging, music arrangers, and their needs. Come join the discussion, talk about your work, your challenges, your clients, any problems you might encounter, and any solutions you might have for the group!
#musicarrangements   #Finale   #sibelius   #Logic   #protools   #digitalperformer   #reason   #abletonlive   #music   #musicians   #makemusic   #musicnotation  
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