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Body-Love.. Sensuality.. Feminine Radiance..

How do you feel when you see these words?

In the past I had hardly met any women who totally loved her body from within.. regardless to say me being one of them. The more I engaged in to the teachings of the Divine Feminine, the more I learnt about how much l I had not been for there my magnificent body.

This ‘Sensual Gratitude’ Exercise is a beautiful guide to deepen your body-love and witness becoming magnetic to your desires..

Our body is our sacred temple and when we begin to practice gratitude towards it in this deep profound way, we become radiant, we become aware of our body’s wisdom, we become emotionally & physically healthy besides experiencing better orgasms😉

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The month of October is considered to be ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month. I am beginning to see that ‘tickled pink’ logo everywhere around – shops, adverts, train stations, even people’s profile pics..

Although this is an important topic, it never sat right with my heart as it felt very fear-based…

With new statistics of women dying, increasing numbers of women diagnosed, new treatment methods, mammograms, etc.

The other day outside of a train station, there were volunteers with charity money buckets shouting something that broke my heart. They said – ‘1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.’ It was their way of raising awareness! But is it really?

If you have been in the personal growth space then I am sure that you know –
‘What you energise, expands ..’

So why are we energising Breast Cancer Awareness rather than Breast Health Awareness!

I know my statement will trigger some of your beliefs but I am here to speak in integrity with what feels right to my heart and soul.

This October I decided to make a small contribution in inspiring women contribute to erasing the fear of breast cancer and instead promoting the concept of breast love.

Here are my favourite 6 Natural Ways to Cultivate Healthy Breasts.

#breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastlove #selfcare #selflove #exploringfemininity #naturalways

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Until 8 years ago, I was what I like to call ‘a walking dead’. In fact, if we look around most of humanity is ‘walking dead’. By ‘walking dead’ I mean the classic trap where our job becomes more important than living, where a relationship overshadows our own needs, where expectations rule our emotions and where one can’t pace life to their own style.

It was through one of the dark nights of my soul I was plunged to find out the true meaning of being a woman in this modern-day world.

I went on a spiritual quest and spent several years learning from various teachers all things Divine Feminine and integrating those practices in my everyday life.

In one of the sacred shamanic ceremonies last year that I received a divine download of a special feminine archetype that I was called to initiate myself into.

This is the feminine archetype that we modern day busy women are called to embody in order to step in to our personal power, heal our feminine wounds & own our sacred pleasure.

Introducing to you – the FEMININE EMPRESS

A Feminine Empress TM is a living example of beauty, sensuality, creativity, deep nurturing and authentic self-expression. Her empire is her BEING.

Read more here -

Would you like to meet your Feminine Empress TM ? Type a ‘yes’ and allow me to show you how..

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Would you like to take an intentional creativity class? Join Danie May for an hour of delving into the Art of Receiving and expressing through creativity.
This is part of our 12 day FREE ONLINE RETREAT for awakening women.
Are you ready to hear the call of your soul?
Danie is also offering a crystal oracle deck as a giveaway. Yay
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Hello Lovelies.. This week we will witness a potent feminine time.. the Autumn Equinox!

I love equinoxes!! In the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth (which is where I am right now.. in London, UK!! ) , September 22nd marks the Autumn Equinox.

The autumn equinox is a mysterious time. This period plays an important role in our spiritual enhancement and is often overlooked.

Mother Nature is the greatest teacher of the Divine Feminine and tuning in to its cycles can be deeply healing and transformational for us women.

I have created a downloadable playsheet for you to gift your feminine some playtime.

Go here to get your copy –

#autumnequinox #exploringfemininity #rituals #divinefeminine #fallequinox2017

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Dear friends,
People understand that soul exists in human system and the same has to be understood. Because of ignorance, the concept of the soul remains unclear. An attempt is made to analyze the principle and process of Soul and also questions like how the soul looks like? How to understand the real nature of soul? Whether soul and ego are the same? How to have glimpse of soul? And how soul gets expanded? In addition, Different steps of Raj yoga for understanding the soul and ego, scientific analysis of meditation, the advantage of meditation, and the journey of soul towards absolute have also been explored. Please find the below links for more details.

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Lovelies.. Recently I had a profound experience of walking the labyrinth where I felt a rebirth in my sacred purpose.

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of the feminine archetype with its spiralling circle into the centre (the womb). The many turns to the left and the right along the path stimulate all the dualities in our being and facilitate an integration of body, mind, and spirit to engender a sense of wholeness.

Read my unfolding here -

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Hello Lovelies! Those who know me know how much I love smudging.

Here's a video that I created on some easy guideline to start smudging.


In this short video, I explain –

💐 What is the ancient art of smudging
💐 Benefits of smudging everyday
💐 My favourite smudge – sage & its origin
💐 5 simple steps to smudge

I would love to hear from you –

Do you like this idea of smudging?

If you already smudge, what’s your favourite smudge?

#smudge #sage #spiritualcleanse #rituals #getridofnegativeenergy #ancientwisdom #exploringfemininity #emotionalhealing #opentoreceive #sacredplant

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Is the craziness of the world getting you down? How about some time in bliss, some time just for you. Don't leave home, it comes right to you. An online retreat. Make an "I'm in Time Out" sign and get ready for some relaxology. This is a retreat for women to celebrate being a woman.

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