Hello Debatable Lands! Just a quick note to say congratulations to Lord Ronan, who received his Award of Arms, to Master Clewin who received his Fleur d'Aethelmearc, and to Duchess Morgen who received a writ for Chivalry, all yesterday at the Donnan Party! Vivant! 

Unto the Barony, greetings from Kameshima!

Once again, we will be running the “White Elephant” Gift Exchange at BMDL 12th Night this Saturday. However, to try to streamline the process of gift “registration” we will be running things just a smidge differently this year than in previous years.

This year, there will be blank pieces of paper and a bag (or basket, or whatever I decide to bring) at the gift drop-off table. When you drop off a present, write your name on a piece of paper and drop it into the bag. Then, when it’s time for the exchange, instead of counting people up and putting numbers in, we’ll simply draw names one by one out of the hat. No more strategizing based on your number, MWAHAHA!!! ^_^

The rest of the rules remain the same:

- Bring a present (or more than one, if you want, but remember to put your name in once for each present) of approximately $10-20 value. Please remember to mark your present as kid-focused, kid-appropriate or adults-only.

- When your name is drawn, you have the choice to take a present from the table or steal an already-claimed present from one of the other players, who when has the choice to steal or take from the table, and so on until someone takes a present from the table.

- Each present can only be stolen once per round.

Any questions? Email me at cadell at gmail.com. I look forward to seeing everyone (and their presents) on Saturday!

In Honor and Service,
Kameshima Zentarō Umakai

Please note that the Fiber Arts Guild Meeting tonight is cancelled due to weather. It will be rescheduled later.

Hello Debatable Lands!

Our Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship Throw is this Saturday at Agincourt! We hope to see throwers of all ages compete! Our outgoing Champion, Master Clewin has prepared a fun time for you all.

The Championship throw will be at 2pm. Loaner gear is available. The range will be open earlier for warm ups, courtesy of our industrious marshal, Lord Kuma. Thanks!

Read more at the Debatable Blog: http://debatablelands.org/blog/?p=476

See you all there!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers,
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

And don’t forget, both Queen’s Rapier Champs (10:15 am) and Kingdom Youth Fighting Champs (1 pm) are that day as well…. let’s show the Kingdom what Debatable Landers can do!

Today is Hilda's Birthday! So, please everyone wish my lovely wife a happy day!

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The September Barony Meeting will be held on Sunday, 18 September 2016 at 1:30 p.m. at the Environmental Charter School (829 Milton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218). Martial practices will be moving to the ECS to share the space with us and be able to participate in both the meeting and the Guild Hall.

The September Barony Meeting has traditionally been our Newcomer's Meeting and this year is no different. This year we will be featuring a Guild Hall to highlight our various Guilds. If you're a new member, long-time member, or something in between come join us that the Environmental Charter School and learn a little bit more about the kinds of activities available in the Barony.

THL Elss of Augsburg is coordinating the Guild Hall. If you would like additional information about participating in the Guild Hall or have any questions, phone or text Elss at 724-759-3333. If you would like additional information about the Barony Meeting, please contact Meesteres Odriana at seneschal@debatablelands.org.

Hello! We need your help! The Debatable Lands is responsible for providing gate guards for the Kingdom camp on Sunday, the 7th, at Pennsic. We only have 2 volunteers, plus the Baroness of the Hael agreed to help. Can you please spare an hour? Anyone available? You just stand there looking official. It can be lots of fun, too! There are chairs, and you can be in shade if you like. Help for an hour? We need coverage for 11am to 5pm

Want to know what Baronial and Kingdom stuff you should know about at Pennsic? Check it out! http://wp.me/p7b7L5-6d

Hello to any Rapier and Heavy fighters whose eyes rest upon these words! If you or any of your friends find yourselves unattached to a unit at Pennsic, but wish to be a part of one, you are invited to join the Debatable Lands war units. You can comment here, message me, or contact our unit commanders: Sir Isenwulf Steve Lampo for Heavy (knightmarshal@debatablelands.org), and THL Jorundr for Rapier (herald@debatablelands.org). Even if you reside outside our lands, you are welcome. (Plus you get a cool towel). ~Baroness Hilda and Baron Brandubh

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