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Following on from posts from both Paul and I, there are both events at BETT 16 - presentations by 4 groups of Digital Leaders on the Friday 22nd January, and a DLKidsmeet on the Saturday 23rd.  Information for both here:
And please sign up for the Kidsmeet to see you there...

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Hi all! Thanks to all of your links and advice I've got digital leaders up and running at my school - I've written a quick blog post about it! Please do read if you have a chance...

Thanks again! I'll keep you posted with any new developments and I hope you won't mind me asking more questions as they arise :) x

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You've been quoted in my #Storify "#DLChat: 8th Oct. 2015 - Getting Digital Leaders Out and About" by  James Gibbons @ThatEdTechGuy 

Hi everyone!
I'm a primary school Computing Lead and I really want to start Digital Leaders for the children at my school. I really don't know where to start and was hoping you lovely people would be the ones to ask!

I'll have a good sift through this thread, but if anyone was able to point me in a good starting direction that would be marvellous :)

Thanks for your help, Grace

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Great article by Sal Mckeown describing Highfield and Lady Lumley's Digital Leaders and the impact DLs can have. 

Hi #DLChat community, just have to share with you how proud I am of our DLs (our Tech Ninjas) at Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus. They have really stepped up to support our school while our Computer Coordinator has been out of action. We have also been very fortunate to have the support of the best DL in our state... Nick Patsianas - who is in Year 12 now but still very generous with his time, knowledge and support, and has been mentoring our Ninjas. His strong Digital Citizenship message has also been very much appreciated. A lot of authentic learning going down at SSCBC as our Ninjas face the challenges of supporting BYOD in our school. #levelledupbigtime

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I spoke with the people from BETT this afternoon about the potential of a BETT DLKidsmeet. They were interested to find out which day teachers would prefer. Can you please make a choice below to show a preference if you're interested in attending? 

They also mentioned that they would like some suggestions of format and activities that you would like to see at the Kidsmeet. Please feel free to share any ideas that you have for the event on this page. 

We talked broadly around some carousel activities for the kids, drawing on expertise from some of the exhibitors at the event to accompany some presentation time for the students.

It sounds like it could be a very exciting event to be involved with!
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Friday 22nd Jan
Saturday 23rd Jan

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We're currently working with Julia Skinner to help with the delivery of the weekly 100 Word Challenge next year. It's a free creative writing initiative and if you're interested in taking part with your Digital Leaders, then you can sign up here...

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I will be speaking with somebody at #BETT16 tomorrow about the potential for us to have a DLKidsmeet during the conference. It would be great if you could post your interest in taking part if we were able to organise this. I will post a summary of the meeting on Friday morning, with some more details...

Previous event in 2013:

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to say a quick hello and looking forward to taking part in the Google+ group.

I will be doing my best to continue to spread the #DLChat  word - SUCH a great community!

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