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ER300PPS Rotary Arm Stretch #Wrapper   #WrappingMachine
Turntable rotation speed: 3-15 rpm adjustable
Turntable diameter: 2180mm
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Horizontal Stretch #WrappingMachine
This series machines are suited to wrapping long lengths of product such as PVC and aluminium extrusions, timber sections and other collations. The film holds multiple products tightly together to prevent damage caused by vibration during transport.
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Pallet wrapping machines uses a stretch film to wrap pallets and improve the stability of your products during storage and transport. We provide a wide range of commercial pallet wrapping solutions, including, Automatic, Semi-automatic.

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It is important, when stretch wrapping, not to skip steps that secure the load the pallet. As the load is wrapped, one option is to wrap the pallet with the load. This, however, runs the risk of punctures from forklifts or pallet jacks. When punctures occur they introduce the opportunity for the puncture to propagate, causing loss of containment force, and increasing the risk for load failure.
This is one of the reasons we invented pallet wrapping machine. The bottom few inches of the film web are automatically rolled into a tight cable. The cable is driven down below the top deck boards of the pallet, leaving enough room to clear forks (avoiding the puncture problem) while still being tight enough to lock the load to the pallet.
Human wisdom is infinite, so we have been committed to the new convenient pallet wrapper.

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There are many reasons that we stretch wrap. One of the main reasons for stretch wrapping machine is load unitization. By making many small packages into one large package, the whole shipment is easier to transport and protect from damage. Preventing damage is key to getting loads from their point of origin to their destination in “as made” condition. Stretch wrapping allows us to achieve both goals (load unitization and delivering goods in “as made” condition) in the most cost effective way.

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packing line of eaglepack, we promise to provide high quality machines.
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EAR400PPS –ATR Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper
This machine have powered roller conveyor which is able to transport a load to machine and wrap load automatically. The cutting and clamping unit and the tail wipe system provide a fully automatic wrapping cycle and adherence of the film to the load.
Heavy duty design ensure long life and minimum maintenance

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There are many luggage wrapper in airports. So this is a common sense that at many airports you can wrap your luggage with sheets of sticky plastic. Why on earth would you do that? I only see disadvantages.
1. It's quite simple:
You can spot more easily whether someone has opened it
It can not open by accident
The luggage doesn't get dirty
You don't want your expensive luggage to be scratched!
2. Briefly:
For safety reasons, to protect your bag from scratches and liquid that could come out of other bags.
For safety reasons again, if you travel in not-so-safe destinations, airport staff might open your luggage before delivery and steal stuff.

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Last news, I told you that Choosing the right semi-automatic stretch wrapper for a specific application can be tricky. And I also introduced you can consider 4 things to the choice about turntable Pallet Wrapper and platen Pallet Wrapper. Today I will tell you 4 things in detailed.
1. The Weight of Your Load
Turntable wrappers have a max weight capacity of about 5,000 pounds. If your loads are heavier than that a straddle wrapper would be best.
Straddle wrappers are also a better choice for light or unstable loads. Turntable wrappers usually rotate between 12 - 15 revolutions per minute so the load must be stable with the weight distributed evenly, otherwise it could fall apart as it rotates.
2. Available Floor Space
Sometimes a more compact stretch wrapper is desirable because floor space is limited. In this case a turntable would be best. Straddle wrappers take up more floor space because of the rotating wrap arm and supporting framework.
A turntable stretch wrapper fits nicely between dock doors, which is a popular location for semi-automatic stretch wrappers. They're also portable, you can always move it, if the need arises. A straddle wrapper is more permanent because it needs to be anchored to the floor.
3. Ceiling Height
If you have a low ceiling, the turntable stretch wrapper might be a better solution. Turntable stretch wrappers are typically shorter than straddle wrapper for the same load height capacities.
4. Budget
Budget is usually the very first consideration. Turntable wrappers typically range from $6,000 to $15,000, while straddle wrappers start in the $17,500 range.
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