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Not an update necessarily for everyone, but I made a Discord server for The World God Only Knows. Join if you want.

EDIT: So this Discord server has actually been really successful, and to be honest, is where I've mostly redirected my TWGOK focus. I might be on G+ occasionally, but if you want a bit more consistent conversations and stuff, you really should join on here, since this G+ Community gets posted on very rarely.

If you don't know what Discord is, it's just a sort of messaging/ social media platform where you join servers and just interact on those, check it out, it's one of my favorite social things.

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Sometimes a security question will ask me who my high school idol was.
That answer didn’t take much thought.
Almost four years since I first saw TWGOK and I’m still here to celebrate Kanon’s birthday.
Kanon's birthday is in two days- March 3.
Not too far from now is Elsie's... March 14.
A ribbon revolution indeed.

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Elsie and Haqua as idols. They look very lovely.

January 2 is Mio’s birthday.

Seriously waiting for the season 4 to be released very soon and people are assuming that the anime would release on early 2018

Do y'all ship anyone with keima or no? If so with who and why

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It’s that time of year again.
Happy birthday, Chihiro!
December 3 is Chihiro's birthday.
In the end, she really did find her first love, didn't she?

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Hi, so today is November 7th.
2024- Sword Art Online was cleared.
Ironically, Asuna shares the same Japanese seiyuu as a character from Kami Nomi whose birthday happens to be today.
Happy birthday, Lune!

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Kanon my favorite girl. Whatever happened to her spin-off series where she was a magical girl?

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Happy birthday to our resident reverse trap, Yui Goidō! (Oct. 10) For real though, she’s alright.

Fan art by khai90.
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