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[Title: The Fae Exodus]
[Location: The Fae. Gotcha!]
[Time: 3:30 PM]
[Status: Open]

Hazon Shale stood at the docks with the beginnings of the stone army, putting himself at risk so as to screen the civilians as he evacuated them on the ships.

It was a risk, but he could identify the sick and cure it if it was fast enough, but other wise, there was no chance. He had to make sure he got as many people off the islands safely.

"How... how did it spread so far... even to us." He said, mostly to himself as the last of the civilians got on board that vessel, before he flew off to the next vessel, preparing to help the civilians there as well. He would land just at the docks, the civilians only just starting to begin the boarding.

Those that were infected were left on the island, given food and water to last a few weeks, for those that might even possibly survive that long. Otherwise, many belongings were left due to the possible spread of the infection.

The only supplies on board the ships: water and food, only the purest and easiest to preserve of both in order to keep everyone on board healthy. Should a ship become infected... he might have to kill them all.

As the last ship began to leave, the fleet forming outside the cities, the stone armies boarded on smaller warships to assist as a defense from possible pirates. the three massive guardians got off the island, sinking below the surface of the ocean to follow in suit, the water would be having killed off their sickness after underneath for so long.

Hazon flew over the ships, occasionally flying down to them to inspect the populace aboard.

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||Location: Banshee's Marsh||
||Time: 15:33||
||Weather: Unknown||
||Fog Density: High||

In the Neutral Zone, many had found Location to call home, and many of these had herbs that would prove helpful to the plague of Shiva. It has even drawn the call of many to find the Herbs, and some were rather treacherous.

Even a member of the Citidel has been drawn here. A young woman, who has been trying to find a way to cure the plague, and those effected by it. She has many soldiers with her, and some have even found leads to help her. She was brought before a village elder, an old elf who has been effected by time.

Elder: "We know of what you seek, and we know of a woman... or actually a creature who may help. However you must enter the Banshee's Marsh alone. It may be full of Marsh Hunters, but they will not attack you, not without reason. Speak your words carefully child, as the Blue Banshee of the Marsh roams often."

Given the advice she dares enter the Marsh, upon reaching its edge she orders her soldiers to wait outside as she travels in alone. A few hours have passed and she has seen nothing but Marsh. Eventually however she found a large amount of Marsh Hunters. They were laying Infront of what seemed like an old crypt, and what seemed like a woman entering the Crypt with a spectral being...

//Closed RP for +Vanessa Kuran​//
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With the faction leaders agreeing for a mass exodus of the citizens of Haven, I head to my hometown to see my parents. I knew it was a very slim chance that they would leave into uncharted territory, so I traveled there with the mindset of saying goodbye to them.

When I arrived it was silent, which was unusual as the stars were beginning to come out and most vampires would be out and about to begin their tasks for the night. I walk into the town and look around, seeing nothing until my eyes fall on a shadow in a side street. I head towards it and see a vampire leaning limp against the wall, not breathing. Black blood coated his bottom lip and chin and stained his shirt. I take a step away from him

Shiva's Blight...

I continue down the street with more urgency, heading towards my parents house

~Please... help me...

I falter at the frail voice and see a woman on the ground, reaching out to me. Her arms were covered in black blood that was coming from murmurous bite marks on her arms. Not even her demon could beat the sickness


I can't do anything. I'm sorry...

I turn and keep walking, not knowing if it was the sickness or the bites that took her life first.

I reach my parents house and burst the door open, a sour scent filling my nose. I rush to their bedroom, a sinking feeling in my stomach. When I open the door I see my mother dead on the bed and my father motionless on the floor with a chair beside him. He must've been sitting with her as she died. I stand frozen looking at the sight, forgetting that the smell in the air could be the poison that would kill me next.

((+Skye Jacobs maybe?))

Man... I haven't visited this Community in ages. It's good to see it's been booming. Yeah so I am thinking about hoping back in and becoming reactive in this Community, although what happened while I was away for almost 2 months? 

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2 weeks after Lucas' death

It was around 3 in the morning and Jordan was knocking loudly on the Alpha's door to wake him up

H-Hayden... I need... Please let me in...

Jordan's voice was desperate and broken, a familiar glazed look in his eye

((+Qrow Branwen))

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[The Banishment of a god, the Celebration of a people]
[Location: Island in the Fae Territory, solitary and separated from actual Fae territory]
[Time: Evening]
[Open to all, bring a partner or yourself]
[rules: No fighting.]
[hosted by: Hazon Shale, ruler of the Fae]

It was time... the people's celebration dance, a festival of food, drinks, dancing and fun, this was the time of people to celebrate the end of a god's rule, and the beginning of peace once more.

The island itself was guarded by a contingent of the stone army of the Fae and the royal guardsman in formal wear in case they were offered a dance, as they prayed they would be offered. An escort line was created, made of the stone army to allow people into the large open area's with strung magical lighting, tables adorning the edges and area's of the island that centered around the dance area, and many more private locations for couples to sit in and gaze at the ocean around...

There was one thing that was new, in comparison to the other Celebrations that had been created: a surprise had been apparently "prepared" by the Fae's leader, as a token of thanks for the peace they had all been granted.

Does my character have to be one of the species in the bestiary? 

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(( +Vanessa Kuran wouldn't stop annoying till I came back))

"The Dead don't stay dead"

"Suffer me NOW!"


[ Name ]
Talion/ Celebrimbor

[ Faction ]

[ Age ]

[ Race ]

[ Occupation ]

[ Appearance ]
Talion wears a wore-down ranger set of armour; holding the insignia of the Citadel; a torn cloak which holds both his sword and dagger, his actual chest piece holds many pockets and sleeves which he can small knives or items in.

His cloak holds two sheaths, one for his main blade and another for a broken blade which he uses as a dagger. Talion when in wraith mode, either half or whole of his body is outline in a blue glow which represents a high elf, his wraith form has transparent elven armour, still being able to see through to Talion main body armour.

[ Powers/Skills ]

Mastery in sword to sword combat: Talion is master with any blade, able to take many foes at once, keeping his agility and strength to his advantage to take multiple or even bigger foes than himself, Talion is a hard hitter yet fast fighter.

Incredible skill in stealth: Due to his background as ranger, Talion is able infiltrate and take down foes in darkness and shadow, he is able to move around quickly without the slightest of noises and is hard to find and detect to normal beings.

Wraith Augementation: Having the powers of a wraith grants Talion several buffs and abilities, he is stronger and faster than normal humans, able to take more hits and best of all, he is extremely hard to kill, Talion cannot die to normal weapons, but must killed with any weapon of magical origin or supernatural.

His wraith counter, Celebrimbor, gives Talion a new set to add to his already deadly arsenal:

Wraith Bow: Talion can summon upon a bow, which he can use in battle, while in usage, Talion can perceive time far slower than normal beings, as his enemies go at normal speed, Talion moves lightning speed to unload his arrows with deadly accuracy.

Shadow Pull/Kill: This power allows Talion to close the gap between him and anyone he sees, He can either pull them towards them to make it close and personal or teleport to them for a quick strike. If Talion overuses this skills, he will grow tired extremely fast.

Branding: One of Talion's more powerful abilities, He can corrupt the mind of any he wishes, creatures and men, He put them to his will and follow his orders. The more branding he does, the weaker Talion will get.

[ Biography ]
Born in the Citadel, Talion was a ranger, guarding the south east, he watched over the lands till one day, when Lithania raised her sword, Talion was caught in crossfire, he fought but soon later fell to darkness, he died but not without returning due to return of the Shiva and her evil. A power of wraith named 'Celebrimbor' was bestowed as he wanted revenge against Lithuria, but as Shiva died, he had no purpose of killing Lithuria no more, he now wanders, the land of the Shade, no where to be found.

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((Closed to +Vanessa Kuran​))

Earlier on today, Glacium was told by Hazon to go to the citadel. He was told that Lithuria was still alive. He didn't belive it. Theres no way. Yet, he still went to the Citadel as Hazon requested. He had nothing else to do now and.....part of him...hoped thar He was wrong and Hazon was right. Some small part. He flew in, landing in the center of the city
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