I know this place is dead. I really wanted to bring it back and continue the great story that was once here.

Due to my mounting depression, IRL problems, and stress, I recently gave up on roleplay on Google+. That hasn't changed.

So, I'm letting people know I am leaving. This is my last goodbye, since I could not contact the other moderators/owners.

Well... as the owner of this community. I must say... it was certainly fun while it lasted. The characters created here were some of my favourite and it kinda sucks that it died...

But even still... Haven isn’t dead, just... it’s become more of a personal project now that the amount of people who care has tanked

But in any case, I want to give everybody a big thank you for participating, it was fun while it lasted!

Also, I’m keeping this community existing because I like going back to read up on old RPs

Trapped, in a hunter's hut, just outside her original home in the deep forest. This was fabulous. How she had been caught, she didn't really know. Even in the opinion of her nymphess nurse she was impossible to get ahold of let alone actually keep. But here was Di, locked in a crude but strong steel cage swinging from the ceiling of a musty little shack. She was currently curled up attempting to sleep. There wasn't any sure way to know whether she'd be killed or just sold. It was possible this man thought she was just a grubby child. She tried to think back on how she'd been caught. It was fuzzy... Ah yes, she, the trickster, had been tricked. Imps were always pretty nasty little tricksters but this one was even worse than herself. She had also let her gaurd down considerably after being in certain company. A clatter at the door caused her to sit up slowly and watch.

Is anyone back yet?

Helooooooooooooooo!!! Echoes

anyone interested in RPing?

((Open RP))

Hazon walks outside the perimeter of the United Faction encampment, needing a break from everything and the events of the Fae's journey to the meeting place.

He was tired, frustrated and angry with himself. He didn't want to do what he had to do, but he kept it hidden. He didn't need people knowing what he did. at least, not on the Fae side of things.

He carried his spear heavily on his back, walking directly into a pack of Drakes, the creatures ignoring him as he was merely walking through without even giving off a scent of fear.

Hazon sighed as he sat on a rock near the stream, watching the water flow by him as sticks and twigs occasionally came across him as well.

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[The Fae's arrival]
[Location: Agreed nation Rendevouz]

Hazon Shale flew down to the land where the factions were meeting, he himself being a few miles ahead of the ships as they still sailed towards the beaches as he went to meet up with the other faction heads... or anyone from the factions who could fill him in.

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during the last days of life in haven

hayden made his way to Kora's shop, hoping to catch her before the day ended. It was time for him to ask her a very important question... one that would change both their lives forever

the alpha entered the shop, hearing the bell ring to signal his entry. He swallowed audibly and readied himself


Alrighty! Now that things are moving along... I'm taking this time to sort out the factions roles in the new arc

Due to the mass of people traveling inland, there are many different things required to survive, and the respective factions will manage them. The communities within the factions will remain, but the overlaying job of the faction is not to be ignored

Fae: Care of food, water, livestock and those unable to fight

Pack: security of all factions, with the Fae in particular

Shade: scouting, defence and nightguarding

Citadel: peacekeepers among the factions

The leaders/royalty of each of the factions will deal with both internal and external issues, and will be working closely together during the evacuation of haven. The factions must stick together to survive and should one faction go AWOL...

they will die...

Also, people keep talking about finding a cure for Shiva's blight... there is no cure for a magic infection... there is only one person that is allowed to research a cure and that is becuase we plan on killing them off... so stop trying
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