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So welcome my fellow Roleplayers to my first Community 
So you know that there must be rules
Don't be mean
No hate
Don't godmodd to much
If you create chaos you will be banned 
No Sexual Sundays (please don't )
Listen to the Queen (Vulpine, and Kailua) and King (Vulture and Kaisi)
You wait for me or the mods to approve your profile 
I also have multiple accounts so if you see +Sukia Yashica​, +Kailua Gerudo​, +Vulture Kumasa​, or +Vulpine Kumasa​ that's me
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(( Profile Update: ))
Name: Lazarus Augustine

Title: Knight Lazarus, Lord of The Dark Soul

Gender: Male

Physical Age: 26

Actual Age: 194(I can call your great-granddad a whipper snapper)

Born: Unknown

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Ethnicity: Undead/Human/Caucasian

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'2"

Class: Knight

Soul Level: 182

Love Interest: Taken

Siblings: Let's not talk about that...

Kingdom: The Abyss

Pets: More like friends with a master/apprentice relationship, with my 30 ft Drake(basically a fucking dragon), and my Riolu, who I'm training to be a bad-ass lil' moe foe.

Detailed Stats:
Vit: 50
Att: 10
End: 55
Str: 55
Dex: 50
Res: 10
Int: 21
Fai: 12
Humanity: 0
Humanity in Inventory: 70
Twin Humanity in Inventory: 15
Hp: 1,898
Stamina: 197
Equip Load: 120.0
Poise: 51
Bleed Resist: 203
Poison Resist: 78
Curse Resist: 40
Item Discovery: 100
Attunement Slots: 1

Sleeping, killing monsters and people who just need to die, getting souls, cold and dark environments, being with my friends,
any alcoholic beverage (especially Smirnoff...or caramel whiskey...mmmmmm...), traveling and exploring around new interesting worlds, cooking, exercising like running, lifting weights, killing things and flying around, and I also love rain.

My brother, getting rudely awakened from my sleep, getting my swords or other items taken or broken, getting eaten, getting
killed in general, bright lights, hot weather, sand, getting my armor dirty just after I cleaned it, and snobs.

Estus Flask +7:
An emerald flask bearing a glowing golden liquid, with an unknown origin. Favored by the Undead as a way to heal themselves quickly and efficiently, fully upgraded, it would heal a little less than a third of the vitality an Undead like me has, and has up to 20 uses. to refill the Estus Flask is to sit at a Bonfire with the ashes of the kiln of the first flame, an ancient enchanted sword from the Lordran and the bones of the Undead to fuel the fire.

Uchigatana +15:
Physical Atk: 467
Bleed Dmg: 300
Once the sword of an annoying Undead merchant...annnd I just happened to get know...totally didn't kill him for his sword...that'd be...ridiculous... It is fully upgraded, and is a standard-looking katana weapon from the east, and deals bleed damage. Deals extra damage once it makes contact 4 times with the enemy.

Divine Claymore +5
Physical Atk: 140
Magic Atk: 170
Divine Atk: 110
A weapon fused with the holy power of the gods and is capable of destroying creatures risen from necromancy magic and deals extra damage to dark/unholy beings, whilst being able to kill immortal beings as well.

Longbow +15
Physical Atk: 464
The standard long-range bow, found anywhere in the medieval world.

Black Knight Shield +5:
Physical Atk: 85
Physical Dmg Reduction: 100%
Magic Dmg Reduction: 25%
Fire Dmg Reduction: 95%
Lightning Dmg Reduction: 65%
A shield from one of the most feared and formidable knights of Lordan, once holy followers of the Sun God, Gwyn, now undead spirits haunting the hollow husks of their burnt black armor, roaming Lordran, and killing any Hollow and Undead alike. When fully upgraded it blocks 100% Physical damage.

Ivory Catalyst:
Physical Atk: 24
Physical Dmg Reduction: +26%
Magic Dmg Reduction: +8%
Fire Dmg Reduction: +20%
Lightning Dmg Reduction: +20%
Stability: +16%
A white catalyst made from the branch of a pure white tree, given to me as a token of thanks, it is a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Oolacile, a kingdom way too long gone. Capable of casting Soul Magic and Ancient Magic.

Soul Magic:
The ideal offense magic. Casting projectile soul beams that are slightly attracted to soul energy, making them slightly tracker missiles, magic shields over normal shields, buffing any weapon, and much more battle magic.

Ancient Magic:
Useful magic for sure. Though, not offensive, it is used for creative ways for fighting, such being disguised as inanimate objects, to lighting up the way in a dark cave, and even confusing dumb enemies such as beasts, and hollows of the sort, by being able throwing a noise to an area you point to nearby.

Pyromancy Flame +15:
A small orange glowing ember that doesn't burn in your hand, or anything for that matter, until you intently use it for attacking. the Pyromancy Flame is a flame that connects to your soul upon contact and some Pryomancers might even say it IS a part a of their soul, this magic is seen as primitive and uncanny for Soul Magic users/Sorcerers, but is it highly formidable to be a Pyromancer in the Kingdom of Lordran, as the mother of Pyromancy resides there. During an little experiment of mine, I just fused the ember into my hand, and linked it to my soul directly, instead of holding like usual.

Thorolund Talisman:
Physical Atk: 14
Physical Dmg Reduction: +28%
Magic Dmg Reduction: +8%
Fire Dmg Reduction: +20%
Lightning Dmg Reduction: +20%
Stability: +16%
Holy magic used by Paladin Knights of the church mainly used for protection and healing, but was then used to purge the Undead, using holy enchanted talismans to infinitely kill the Undead, preventing them from resurrecting. This particular talisman belonged to someone of little importance now.

Dark Hand:
A mysterious dark energy one can infuse into their hand, once the tools of Dark Wraiths, used to pillage human towns and villages, seeking their humanity. It allows one to take life energy out of enemies and suck the Humanity from humans, killing them.

Havel's Ring:
A ring worn by a great dragon slayer with armor made from pure stone, it grants extra strength, increasing the ability to carry more by 50%

Ring of Favor:
A ring worn by a dastardly evil knight, killing whoever he needed for sprites of humanity, it increases stamina, raises the ability to carry more items, and boosts Hp by 20%

Elite Knight Armor:
Helm +10
Torso +10
Gauntlets +10
Leggings +10
Physical Def-
Regular: 95%
Strike: 92%
Slash: 110.2%
Thrust: 95%
Elemental Def-
Magic: 42%
Fire: 45%
Lightning: 35%
Bleed: 53%
Poison: 36%
Curse: 0%
Poise: 48%
Weight: 26.8lb
Knight armor from the kingdom of Astora. worn by only the most eligible warriors. Glorious, and dashing, yet tough.

Technical Skills:
Advanced robotics, lock-picking, can drive (hooray), coding, and good at pick pocketing.

Combat Skills:
Kick boxing, a fantastic swordsman, a very good archer, decent at Soul Magic, Ancient Magic, and Miracle magic, but very good at Pyromancy, and a self-taught fighting style that includes random fighting styles and fighting moves mixed into one style.

Humorous with friends, understanding of most situations, dark, kind to people who deserve my kindness, normally relaxed and calm, can be easily pissed off when the right buttons are pushed, is generally a nice guy though, and loves to have fun.

I come from a long forgotten world. A world of medieval era, and endless suffering. A world of Dark Souls. A great many years in the past, I once lived there...if you could call it living...I meeked out an existence in that world. The first thing I remember was waking up in the burning remnants of a town. The name of the town I do not recall...what the town was to me; forgotten, and bleak. Other Undead like me rose that day, confused, and scared...wandering...lost. The next thing was Silver Knights riding, in on horseback, rounding up the Undead, and killing those who resisted. I ran. Running until I couldn't run anymore. Days past-weeks...past, and ceaseless walking is all I knew, until I ran into another. This...other, was Fos, my "brother". At least he claimed to be, I don't see how he could be. Anyways. He told me that the town I awoke in was our hometown, and told be about the demons that attacked it. I couldn't tell him anything because all I knew was my name...that's it. And for most, that was the luckiest you could be. I guess I believed him because so far, he was the only thing that didn't attack me...and he was wearing the same armor. We were traversing the land due Lordran, a place where we believed that Undead were treated as human beings... We fought, and fought many Hollows and demons, but before long, Fos' human body was becoming weaker, and eventually, he died in combat. Resurrecting as an Undead like myself not too long after. The towns we strayed into, treated us like dogs-no, some kind of disease. They threw stones, and attacked us with their tools, and fists... I think...once Fos did become Undead, he knew me more....and we became closer close as we could be, knowing our fates are inevitable, and the same. We kept traveling, with long talks of thought, and hopefulness that one day our curses will be lifted and we'll be able to die human. Long...talks of how the two us will save the world somehow... Getting closer and closer to out destination, we were captured by the knights of a smaller kingdom, and brought to a prison where Undead were destined to remain and wait for the end of the world. It was the Northern Undead Asylum. We were put in separate, distant cells, and at this point I thought this was the end for sure. Years later...years of sitting in that cell, slowly decaying, and becoming more and more Undead by the day... day, an Elite Knight of Astora, named Oscar, had freed me. Why he freed only me, I do not know...but my first instinct was to find Fos, and get the fuck out of that place. While I was looking for him, I found a sword and shield to help in my fight against the Hollows in the asylum. Then found Oscar. He was lying on a pile of rubble, dying. His last words to me were the words that forever changed the course of my fate for eternity. They were, "Thou who art Undead, art chosen... In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords... When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know..." He proceeded to give me a key, and an Estus flask...both things I carry on my till this day, and told me to go before he did me any harm...the next I saw him...he was Hollow...and was put to rest by my hands... I left to go find Fos, and took a wrong turn, I guess. Ending up in a room with a giant demon. The first real battle for my life. I slayed the demon and continued on. Finding Fos, I told him of the prophecy, and he seemed rather not himself was my analysis, but I ignored it, and I left the asylum with him. The journey after was twisted, and didn't feel right. Fos became obsessed with light, and I with Dark. He believed he should be The Chosen Undead, and contested me at every opportunity. After...well, the journey was pretty lonesome. And, even I developed a deep hatred for Fos, and his artificial light. I followed the prophecy as best as i could. Ringing the bell...two bells actually...but every once in a while, Fos was there, and we fought until one of us died. After a while it became a fight for resources...resources as in souls...and a fight for sanity...yes, I met warriors, and befriended them, but sooner or later they became Hollow...and I had to put them to rest...just as I did with Oscar... Everyday was ceaseless fighting, and death, and every night was paranoia-ridden, and sleepless. If you could consider it day and night...time seemed to be frozen in place...and even time itself was distorted, and disorganized, allowing spirits from other worlds intervene with mine. Back to the main story... I fought massive demons, and mystical beasts. Making myself stronger with every soul I collected. Gaining better current armor, and a better weapon, and shield, again, my current stuff. After a definitive amount of fighting, I met an Ancient Serpent, and he told me more of the prophecy, and defined my role as The Chosen Undead. I went on to fight more grand warriors, and monsters, and beings...finally collecting enough souls for the Lord Vessel...opening the door into the Kiln of The First Flame...the flame from which birthed the Gods and humans... I finally reached the end of my journey...knowing my place, and knowing what I needed to purpose never felt so clear...and my perseverance, never stronger. I engaged in the final fight, against the former, God of Lightning, The Lord of Cinder...Gwyn. In his defeat, came Fos, the fight that truly determined the fate of the world. Fos-komisti of Light, and Lazarus of Darkness. Ultimately, I defeated Fos, and in his death came the death of my world. As shitty as it was, it's gone now. Along with the immediate memories of suffering. I sat in my world...with nothing to do now...dubbed the true Dark Lord, with my...Kingdom of The Abyss...the Dark Wraiths my loyal subjects...and the serpents my royal the darkness of Lordran, I contemplated, and overthought my existence...yes, I ended the cruel rule of the Gods, but their rule kept the world alive...but this is the natural course...and in the death of life will form...the only thing left for me to was sit there...on my throne...staring out into the world that was slowly being consumed by The Abyss...when I came in contact with a new...strange being...we conversed via telepathy, and became friends. Eventually, he was able to summon me to his world, but not as a spirit, as a physical being, myself. This new world was...hard to put in new, and full of curse in sight, just a whole new world to explore, and possibly rule over. first thoughts coming into this new world was to spread The Abyss, and bring the cycle of death and life to this world...but as I found out, that's not how this world works. of can't imagine how out of place I felt in this modern world, but I soon found it the more foes I faced. But apparently...the being summoning me opened a permanent portal in my unstable world, and through the portal, came Fos looking for a fight. he found me, and instantly started trouble, becoming a terrorist in the new world, and with being the only one who can actually banish him for good, I came into action, but it was excessively harder as Fos grew allegiances with my newfound enemies, eventually exacting an army to help him with his world conquest for the ultimate and eternal reign of light in this world, and his thirst for power. Fortunately for me, I gained many allies myself, and we fought these enemies long and hard...but the silent war became a full fledged war, as Fos gained the trust of an intergalactic army, which granted him a select number of ships and soldiers to wage war on the comparatively primitive humans of the new world. In this moment, we are losing the Fos' newfound position and power are too much for my small band of rebels, and the armies of the new world, as much as we fight, and no matter how hard, the fate of the this new world is imminent. At least I had 2 years of peace before all of this fighting least...
As for my wings, well at first, I drank this chemical that was given to me by a friend, then Fos captured me, and tortured me, cutting off the wings and shit, trying to get the blueprints for a machine I built named Elpidoforos. Then I was given a rock crystal by another friend, and walking up to the highest point of a mountain awakens a power inside that gives you wings, I guess. And that's the end of that shit, but I bet there'll be more bullshit around the corner.

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This community sure is dead
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Here's the RWBY profile
Name: (First/Last)

Nickname:  (If none, leave blank)



Race: (Human, Faunus, Other)

Symbol: (This is the characters Emblem, for example, Weiss is a snowflake glyph, Ruby's is a rose, etc. Tell us what the symbol is for your character, and define it's meaning and connection to your character)

Affiliation(s): (Signal Academy, Beacon Academy, White Fang, Other)


The Character’s Appearance



Eye Colour:

Hair: (Colour and Length)


About The Character

Status: (Active, Retired, Dead)

Occupation: (Hunter/Huntress, Student, Teacher)




Outfit Colours:

Physical Characteristics: (What do they look like?)

Accessories: (Key Items the character possesses)


[Be as detailed as you can with your character’s personality. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS! Go into depth with your character.]






Fatal Flaw(s):






Weapon Name:


Weapon Description:


Relationship With Others


(How people view your Character in General)




The Character’s Abilities

Agility:    /10

Swordsmanship:    /10

Long Range Accuracy:   /10

Defense:   /10

Offense:   /10

Aura:  /10

People Skills:   /10


Special Skill(s)/ Semblance:  (For example, a Faunus has Night Vision (skill), Pyrrha controls Polarity(semblance), etc)



Brief History: (Must be at least 200 words / 2 paragraphs)


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