Theories how the world could end (and how):

1: the suns life cycle. The sun can explode.
2.super volcano. In yellow stone park theres the super volcano. Has a 10% chance of erupting every century. Could happen this year. It can destory most of america.
3.atom bomb. Destroying the whole planet. Happens if an atom is split in half.
4.the earth exploding. It happens before the sun dies.
5.zombies. Zombies can be real due to damage of the brain. warming. When there are too many elements they go throw the shield that keps oxegyn. The north pole melts. And puts poison in the air. hole. Its possible for a giant one that can absorb the earth
8.nuclear bombing. Dont know what happens but it can kill us all.
9.oxegyn. We could lose oxygen.

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4 theories on how the world could end

1.Neutron star
3.the Earth could stop spinning
4.the Earth could get too close to the Sun like it is now
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